МОУСОШ №6 г.Ипатово Выполнил: Горелый Владислав
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The short list of names 1860 Village Chemrek . 1880 Village is renamed in Vinodelnoe . - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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МОУСОШ №6 г.Ипатово Выполнил: Горелый Владислав ученик 9А класса . My city - Ipatovo. The short list of names 1860 Village Chemrek . 1880 Village is renamed in Vinodelnoe .

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МОУСОШ №6 г.Ипатово Выполнил: Горелый Владислав ученик 9А класса


  • The short list of names

  • 1860 Village Chemrek.

  • 1880 Village is renamed in Vinodelnoe.

  • 1935 Village is renamed in Ipatovo in honour of the participant of Civil war Peter MaksimovichaIpatova who was lost here in 1918.

  • 1979 Village has received the status of the city.

  • But my story will be about the person in which honour my city bears a present name - about Peter MaksimovichIpatov.

Peter Maksimovich — the grandson of the serf, the son of the poor man-carpenter was born in with. PetrovskyBlagodarnensky district of the Stavropol province. In 1899, after death of the father, the family has moved to village Kevsalu

In 1909 it is called in army. Served in 206th Saljansky infantry to a regiment, located in Baku. For three years of service has grown from the private soldier to the corporal. Command repeatedly marked its pedantic relation to the duties.

I world war

In 1914 1st world war has began and P.M.Ipatov has been sent to front. At the front he spent propaganda and explanatory work among soldiers, read them Bolshevist newspapers and literature. After a severe wound in autumn of 1915 it has been recognised by unusable to military service and is directed by the carpenter on the Izhevsk small-arms factory where it has selected in structure of factory committee RSDRP. Here he spent revolutionary propaganda among workers of factory and soldiers of the Izhevsk garnison.

Civil war

In December, 1917 P.M.Ipatov has come back in village Kevsala. In March, 1918 P.M.Ipatovwas selected by a member of Blagodarnensky district executive committee. For struggle against counterrevolution it has generated красногвардейский group in which some hundreds persons have registered.

Group Ipatova has received the first baptism of fire on August, 7th, 1918, having crushed group of White Guards of general Stankevicha and having released village Big Dzhalga. P.M.Ipatov has made rearrangement of the group, having created from it regular fighting unit - a regiment which was a part of 2nd Stavropol division, and has been appointed by the commander of this regiment. He was killed in battle under village Vinodelnym on December, 29th, 1918

Detachment of P. Ipatovo.

In the centreP.M.Ipatov and R.I.Apanasenko