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Incident Free Starts With ME

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incident free starts with me

“Incident Free Starts With ME”

Day 2 –

JO 2010 Field Safety areas of Improvement

PTW – Areas for improvement

( based on 154 field surveys)

improvement sought
Improvement Sought

Permit Issuing

  • Complete site preparation section.
  • Write your name and contact number in addition to signature in Permit approval section.
  • Inspect the worksite before issuing the permit
  • Close the permit immediately after completion of the job.
  • Retain the 2nd & 3rd copies with the Permit Issue section
  • Hazard Recognition
improvement sought4
Improvement Sought

Hazard Recognition & Control

  • Using the Hazard ID Tool.
  • Completing Field JSA at site.
  • Making JSA specific for task being conducted.
  • Involving the work crew to identify hazards at the site.
  • Provide PPE as identified in JSA
improvement sought5
Improvement Sought

Confined Space certificates

  • Perform the initial gas test (MUST be done by the Operations staff) and follow up test ( by Permit User representative)
  • An Entry(Safety) Watch MUST be assigned for working in a pit deeper than 1.2 meter. He MUST sign and MUST understand and execute his responsibilities.
  • Prepare Rescue Plan
improvement sought6
Improvement Sought

Hot Work Certificates

  • Initial gas test MUST be done by the Operations staff
  • A Fire Watch MUST be assigned, MUST sign and MUST understand and execute his responsibilities diligently.
  • Check the fire extinguisher condition and inspection tag before putting in service
improvement sought7
Improvement Sought


  • Provide proper cave –in protection ( sloping/ benching/ shoring)
  • Identify the underground utilities (cables , pipes etc.)
  • Provide sufficient means of access/ egress
improvement sought8
Improvement Sought
  • Isolation of hazardous energy ( LO TO)
  • Complete Isolation check list.
  • Use P&IDs to verify isolation.
  • Contractor to verify the isolation before starting the work.
improvement sought9
Improvement Sought

Lifting & Rigging

  • Prepare Lifting plan
  • Use pre-use inspection check list for crane
  • Reject the lifting equipment if found damaged( especially web slings)
  • Check the validity of third party certificates for lifting equipment
  • Barricade off swing radius
improvement sought10
Improvement Sought


  • Suspend other work permits
  • Use calibrated survey meter for areasurvey and film badge for individuals
improvement sought11
Improvement Sought

Vehicles/ Equipment

  • Use pre use check list
  • Check ELCB( GFCI) condition before use.
useful information on field safety
Useful information on Field Safety
  • A “ Field Safety-Tools Webpage” containing over 54 necessary documents is available concerning Safe Work Practices, related JOSOPs, and Frequently asked questions.

Link to the website

  • We have two full time Safety Trainers, regular safetytraining classes are being conducted in English and Arabic. Please check the jopweb page for regular updates on safetytraining and participate in this training.