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Car Tax Benefit PowerPoint Presentation
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Car Tax Benefit

Car Tax Benefit

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Car Tax Benefit

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  1. Car Tax Benefit

  2. Car Tax Benefit - • Every year, we have the burden of paying different kinds of taxes. The most popular kinds are income tax and car tax. • Actually, there is one car tax benefit that you should know about. That way, you won't feel so burdened by the expenses and you can understand why this has to happen. In UK, the amount of car tax depends on the amount of carbon dioxide emission your car has. So, the more pollution it lets out, the higher price you have to pay.

  3. Car Tax Benefit - • The benefit here is that this will encourage people to buy fuel efficient cars. This will reduce the harmful pollution our environment has to endure every day. Imagine emitting tons and tons of carbon dioxide each day, just because the cars people use are the wrong kinds for the environment. There are hybrid cars currently available, which are much more environment-friendly since it doesn't emit as much CO2. There are also electric cars. These are cars which run on electricity, so you don't have to spend a lot of money on fuel. People need only choose these types, and they can enjoy lower car tax and help the environment towards a brighter future.

  4. Car Tax Benefit - • You should know how big an impact car pollution has on the environment. In UK, 13% of the total greenhouse emission comes from personal car travel. If you think factories are the only ones dirtying our surroundings, think again. • Basically, the best benefit car tax has is to the environment. This could have a domino effect on us. Because of the car tax rates, people would unlikely buy cars which emit lots of CO2. In effect, the air we breathe is cleaner and fresher, which can then help us be healthier. So if you think about it, the car tax benefit is for all of us, and not simply for car owners or the government.

  5. Car Tax Benefit - Mike KelleyCar Tax Benefit Buy Fuel Efficient Cars