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Increasing Brotherhood Conversions PowerPoint Presentation
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Increasing Brotherhood Conversions

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Increasing Brotherhood Conversions - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Increasing Brotherhood Conversions

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  1. Increasing Brotherhood Conversions Created by the Wag-O-Shag Lodge Training Committee for LLDC (Based off of the Lodge Leadership Development presentation)

  2. Requirements • Memorize the sign of OA membership • Understanding your Ordeal • Serve your unit • Have your dues paid to the lodge • Write a Letter to your Lodge Chief

  3. At the National Level

  4. The “I” Keys To Brotherhood Conversion • Here are some “I” keys to take into account: • Inspiration • Impression • Inviting • Incentives

  5. Inspiration • It is important to have an internal drive. • Striving to become Brotherhood is not a bad thing. • It shows that you are committed to the program.

  6. Impression • It’s all about image! • Show the best sides of the Lodge. • Make Unit Election count! • Guide new members through a well done Ordeal. • Show new members what the Lodge does through cheerful service.

  7. Be Inviting • Availability: Make testing and Brotherhood ceremonies available to fit all members needs. • Attitude: Be the embodiment of cheerful service and brotherhood. • Approach: Don’t force members to become Brotherhood. Explain the perks and importance and let them decide.

  8. Incentives • The ability to become a better person through service. • You can become a better leader through the LEC and this training weekend.

  9. At The Wag-o-Shag Level

  10. Ask A Brotherhood • We asked people who, in the Lodge, have become Brotherhood: • 1. Think back - Why did you become Brotherhood? • 2. If an Ordeal member asks – what’s in it for me – how would you answer them?

  11. Colin TetkoskiCurrent Lodge Chief • 1) I became Brotherhood to become more involved in the OA because I was fully curious on what it was and I wanted to take more a leadership position in it. • 2) Leadership, duty. The chance to become a better leader and truly understand what it means to give up a lot for the good of others.

  12. Aaron KuenstlerLodge Chief Elect • 1. I become Brotherhood because I wanted to seal my membership in the O.A. I also thought the bars looked pretty neat. After I had converted, I realized there is a lot more to the O.A. than I had realized. • 2. You get out of the O.A. what you put into it. If you don’t put effort in, you will get it back through other means.

  13. Mitch MufflerActivities Chair • 1. I sealed my membership in the OA by earning Brotherhood because I wanted to become more active in the OA and continue to help others through cheerful service. I also wanted to one day earn the Vigil Honor and in order to do that, you must first earn Brotherhood. • 2. I challenge others to go for the Brotherhood honor because it shows that you are dedicated to the OA ad that you didn’t just go through your ordeal to earn, ad wear a sash. The sash can only mean something if you continue to be active with the program. If you don’t continue to be active, then there was no purpose to go through your ordeal. Your peers nominated you to be a part of this organization for a reason, and it sure wasn't to simply earn a sash.

  14. Jordan Heller Communication Chair • 1. I really enjoyed all that the lodge had to offer as an ordeal member, so becoming a Brotherhood member reflects on myhard work ethic and desire to be rewarded for doing cheerful service. • 2. Being a Brotherhood member is a great mark on your Scouting resume and helps to earn you recognition within Scouting and the OA. Even on a professional resume, employees look well upon OA members. I have also met several Brotherhood members in college and we have shared some great stories!

  15. Nick SchmudlachTraining Chair 1. I became Brotherhood because I unlike others in my troop, wanted to give the OA a chance. Though my involvement as my Troop Rep and by serving on my Chapter committee, I found a drive that helped me make my decision. 2.  If you give the Order a chance, there is little probability that you will be disappointed. I’m sure that you will find the same drive I found. The best way to find this drive is to get involved! Becoming a Troop Rep, attending events and making new friends helped me make the decision to seal my membership in the Order. Take the time, participate, and cheerfully serve.

  16. Max Czechowski Camp Promotions Chair • I got my Brotherhood this past summer at camp. The reason that I got brotherhood was because I really wanted to know more about the ceremonies that go on higher up than the ordeal ones. • I really think that the reason that someone should get brotherhood is so they can learn more about the order. I feel that the higher you get the more you can know which is always cool but there is more to learn and understand. It is another way to get involved and you can experience the order in different ways that just the ordeal view.

  17. Brad SingerLodge AdvisorVigil Member • 1.  There are a few reasons why I earned Brotherhood.  First, I wanted to seal my membership by earning the two red bars on the sash.  It looked cool to me, and I know that when others saw the sash they knew I have taken the next step.  Second reason, was that my friends did it so I wanted to do it too.   • 2.  Besides sealing your membership, earning Brotherhood shows commitment.  Taking on the challenge to write the letter and memorize the "secrets" of the OA shows your dedication to the program.  When you make the dedication you take ownership in the program.  With that ownership comes the excitement to get involved. Go to NOAC, attend NLS, become a Troop Rep. in your troop, or be part of the LEC are all things that can come from earning Brotherhood.  Not to mention the further you go, and the more you do in the program, the better it all looks on a resume.