assistive technology software and devices
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Assistive Technology Software and Devices

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Assistive Technology Software and Devices - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Assistive Technology Software and Devices. Mini Mouse. Designed for child size hands. USB connection. Helps students navigate a mouse that will fit their hands. Headphones with Mic. Lightweight, adjustable headphones. Use with voice activated software or for use as just headphones.

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Presentation Transcript
mini mouse
Mini Mouse
  • Designed for child size hands.
  • USB connection.
  • Helps students navigate a mouse that will fit their hands.
headphones with mic
Headphones with Mic
  • Lightweight, adjustable headphones.
  • Use with voice activated software or for use as just headphones.
about switches
About Switches
  • Switches allow students with physical disabilities to access computer programs without the use of a mouse.
  • A switch adapter is needed to connect the switch to the computer. Some switches have this adapter built into the device.
joggle switch 5
Joggle Switch 5”
  • Pressure Adjustable
  • Markings to adjust quickly to each students pressure settings.
  • Hexagon base allows many switches to sit neatly next to one another.
  • Binary “on” and “off”.
  • Used with scanning switch software.
switch adapter 5 ports
Switch Adapter - 5 Ports
  • Attach 5 switches at once.
  • Connects switch to computer through USB port.
  • Necessary adapter to use the joggle switch.
Switch on Zoo
  • 2 Joggle Switches
  • USB Switch Adapter
  • Alphabet Track
  • Picture Builder
  • Matching Skills
  • Sequences
  • Face Paint 2
  • Leaps and Bounds Switch
sensitrac pad with suction
Sensitrac Pad with Suction
  • Mounting device for a switch or other device.
  • Suction bottom pad will hold the device to any flat surface.
sensitrac flipper
Sensitrac Flipper
  • Mounting device for switch.
  • 180 degree rotation about one axis.
  • Sensitrac Pad easily slides on/off to switch for individual students.
sensitrac pad with angle arm
Sensitrac Pad with Angle Arm
  • Any degree of rotation available.
  • Mounting device for switch.
  • Attached to Sensitrac pad for mounting on any surface area.
  • Trackball mouse.
  • Two large buttons prevent unwanted mouse clicks.
  • Use with children with small range of motion - navigate the mouse though the use of just fingertips.
protrack 60 plus
ProTrack 60 Plus
  • Configurable to the individual student.
  • 3 pressure sensitive buttons for use with computer software applications.
  • Backlit with inviting blue glow.
  • Built in switch adapter - plug and play.
  • Two additional switch ports - potential for use as a switch adapter for joggle switches.
mounting tray for protrack 60
Mounting Tray for Protrack 60
  • Tray supports the Protrack 60.
  • Tray attaches to Sensitrac Suction Pad to keep it on the surface.
  • Suction pad included.
touch screen add on
Touch Screen Add On
  • Available for lap top or desktop.
  • Control movements and applications by pressing on the screen.
  • Works wonderfully with software designed for Touch Screens.
  • See Touch It Series and Touch Games!
touch monitor
Touch Monitor
  • Desktop monitor with built in touch screen.
  • Available for use with a mouse of use with contact on the screen.
  • Take a look at Tool Factory’s Touch Bundle!
Touch It Series - 5 CD Set
  • Touch Games- 3 CD Set
  • Magic Touch Screen Monitor
  • Making Creatures
  • Picture Builder
  • Sequences
  • Memory Skills
  • Leaps and Bounds 3
  • Tool Factory Beep!
special education product finder
Special Education Product Finder
  • Use Tool Factory’s Special Education Product Finder to find the software programs that fit your student needs.