Human activity scripts and queries for video databases
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Human Activity Scripts and Queries for Video Databases - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Human Activity Scripts and Queries for Video Databases. Principal Investigator: Jezekiel Ben- Arie , ECE Dept. Prime Grant Support: NSF.

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Human activity scripts and queries for video databases

Human Activity Scripts and Queries for Video Databases

Principal Investigator: Jezekiel Ben-Arie, ECE Dept.Prime Grant Support: NSF

This project is focused on the development of methods and interactive tools that enable efficient querying, recognition and retrieval of video clips in a video database of human motion. Natural and symbolic languages are not suited to accurately describe human motion.

An Example of a query composition of human activity along a trajectory. The humanoid then animates it for visual feedback.

Our Approach: is to represent human motion by novel temporal scripts that define the 3D pose and velocity of important body parts. The human body is represented by an hierarchic structure. This enables not only efficient representation but also robust recognition from any viewpoint. The user is also allowed to interactively compose practically any desired motion query and to view it.

  • An innovative method for human motion Recognition by Indexing and Sequencing (RISq) was developed. The RISq requires only few video samples. An interactive GUI based tool for composing articulated human motion was also established.

  • This project has also broader Impacts. Since our interactive-graphic approach does not require reading or writing, it could be also applied to enhance the creativity and educational participation of groups such as children in authoring animated plays and movies.

  • Our future goals is to extend the range of activities and the number of persons that can be composed. We are also extending our activity recognition system –RISq (which is currently patent pending) to include speech and object recognition.