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Disaster Risk Management PowerPoint Presentation
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Disaster Risk Management

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Disaster Risk Management - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Jordan Engineers Association(JEA) Role in Disaster Risk Management Prepared by: Eng. Moh’d Abu-Afifeh Assistant Secretary General. نقابة المهندسين الأردنيين. Jordan Engineers Associatio n. Disaster Risk Management. Contents. About JEA. Objectives. Statistics. Committees.

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Disaster Risk Management

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    1. Jordan Engineers Association(JEA) Role in Disaster Risk Management Prepared by: Eng. Moh’d Abu-Afifeh Assistant Secretary General نقابة المهندسين الأردنيين Jordan Engineers Association Disaster Risk Management

    2. Contents About JEA Objectives Statistics Committees JEA Role in Disaster Risk Management Training and building capacity of Jordanian engineers and sectors Co-operation with SDC

    3. Objectives: • Organization of the profession's practices in such manner as will raise its scientific and professional standing • Defend the members interests and dignity and uphold the profession's ethics and honor; • Promote the scientific and professional standing of engineers and activate and support research in the science of engineering; • Participate in planning and developing educational and training programs in engineering, industry. • Participate in studies of inter-Arab nature, and exchange with the Arab countries information, expertise , and publications covering engineering subjects; • Provide a decent life to engineers and their families in the event of disability, old age, and other emergency cases;

    4. Statistics • Number of engineers up to date: (103308 engineer). • Number of engineers for each engineering section:

    5. JEA Numbers of engineers according Gender:

    6. Committees: Association Committees: The following committees are formed to assist and organize the functions of the Council activities: - Training and Unemployment Committee. - Communication and Information Committee. - Energy Committee. - Certificates Equation Committee. - Female Engineers Committee. - Profession Practice Committee. - Engineer Magazine and Library Committee. - Standards and Specification Committee. - Engineering Education Committee. - Sustainable Technology. - Environmental Engineering.

    7. JEA Role in Risk Disaster Management Training and building capacity of Jordanian engineers and sectors Checking & Auditing the Design Co-operation with SDC

    8. Co-operation with SDC • Translation and adaptation of Bachman publication. • Steel Reinforcement Detailing Manual for buildings.

    9. Results - Needs • The awareness of the seismic risk, the needs for good preparedness and mitigation measures must be raised up among which and of most important ones is the design of buildings to resist the earthquake forces. • But it seam's that the lack of guides and publications in Arabic language, which help engineers and designers in implementing the Code requirements to design buildings to resist seismic hazards, forms an obstacle in rising up the awareness of using this code to the needed level to help in the mitigation of earthquake hazards as expected.

    10. Seismic Design of Buildings Translation and Adaptation of Bachmann Publication SCOPE OF THE PROJECT • The scope of this project is to translate the publication named "Seismic Conceptual Design of Building – Basic Principles for Engineers, Architects, building owners and authorities" by Hugo Bachmann to Arabic Language.

    11. What is this document?Seismic Conceptual Design of Buildings – Basic principlesfor engineers, architects, building owners,and authorities. by Hugo Bachmann 1. This document offers a broad out line of the art of designing earthquake resistant building. It describes basic principles guiding the seismic design of structures. These principles govern primarily the conceptual design and the detailing of the structural elements and non-structural elements of the building. 2. The basic principles are intentionally simple . Calculations and detailed design are only marginally introduced. 3. The outlined principles are applicable to new buildings . But , it is quite clear that they may also used for the evaluation and possible upgrading of existing buildings .

    12. JEA Steel Reinforcement Detailing Manual for buildings

    13. Steel Reinforcement Detailing Manual for buildings

    14. الدليل الإرشادي لتفاصيل فولاذ التسليح الإنشائي للمباني STEEL REINFORCEMENT DETAILING manual FOR buildings

    15. الهدف من إعداد الدليل: توفير وثيقة عملية ارشادية في الخرسانة الإنشائية والتي يمكن استخدامها لتفسير تعليمات المهندسين المصممين على شكل مخططات وجداول يمكن استخدامها للتواصل مع الموقع. Purpose of the Guide:Prepare Guide for the structural engineers that provides designers with the mechanisms and norms to help them to increase the vurlnability design.

    16. Resources And Codes • Main Source For Guide: “Standard Method For Detailing Structural Concrete – published by the Institution Of Structural Engineers, UK – last edition”

    17. جدول المحتويات Table of Contents 1- المقدمة 2- الحاجة إلى مخططات وتفاصيل التسليح 3- طريقة عرض المخططات 4- جداول أطوال التثبيت والتشريك 1- Introduction 2- The need for plans & structural details 3- The method of plans 4- Development Length Tables

    18. 8- Indices: • Index1: General Defect/Mistakes Details • Index2: General Seismic/Mistakes Details • Index3: Quality Control • Index4: Requirements during construction Stage

    19. JEA • WHO SHOULD BENEFIT • The purpose of preparing this manual is to benefits the following positions; • 1- Civil @ Structural engineers • 2- Architects • 3- Quantity surveyors • 4- Graduate @ post graduate students in engineering colleges • 5- Draftsmen @ foremen

    20. Future planned Cooperation JEA & SDC plan to a third phase of cooperation : • Extend the training on the Steel Detailing to the Steel Fixers on site with the Cooperation of the Contractors & the Vocational training Corporation. • Work on the Assessment of Structures for earthquake resilience features .

    21. JEA Thank You