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Carsinyankee - Lagos Cleared Cars

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There are many different techniques that you can choose before buying the Lagos Cleared Cars as you can search by Model, Make, Year, Price and much more.

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Save Money Buying the Amazing Imported Cars

Driving a high end luxurious car is always a dream for everyone and people like to buy the best car in the current

market. Budget is one of the biggest problems for buying the luxurious car so that people think that their dream

shattered. Of course not here is your best chance to buy your preferred used car at the lowest cost. Cars in Yankee

offer you the professional help for selling your car and buy the car in the amazing manner. Sell Cars in Lagos at the

best price and it is convenient to save more money in the extensive way. No matter any kind of vehicles that are

searching for Cars In Yankee is the best convenient option for buying in the unique quality. There are many different

techniques that you can choose before buying the Lagos Cleared Cars as you can search by Model, Make, Year,

Price and much more. Buy the best condition New Cars, Naija Cars, Tokunbo Cars and must more as you could find

lots of variants.

Buy Used Cars:

Cars in Yankee online have many newly added cars in the amazing performance so that you can save more money

buying the luxurious used cars in the higher extent. No matter what type of Nigerian used cars you are looking to

buy starting from Sedan, Saloon, SUV, Jeep, Pickup, Truck, Hatchback, Convertible, Minicar or Sports car, here is

your best chance to save more money. User friendly website brings you the best West African car buyers for the

United States automotive market so that it is the leading destination for the car shoppers in the extra ordinary

manner. Imported cars are available with the better performance at the affordable cost and the specification of the

vehicles is listed on the website. Reviews and ratings of each car is also available on the website so convenient to

read them.


What Is The Right Time To Sell Your Vehicle?

While you invest in a vehicle, you may not consider the resale value of your vehicle. Car is considered to be one of

the biggest investments and this remains same until the period when you decide to sell the vehicle. But after owning

the vehicle for a few months or for a few years, selling the car becomes one major factor that can’t be ignored. Still

while it comes to preparing the vehicle for selling, we often become confused thinking about the right time to sell it.

In this article, you will find some details that will surely help you in this regard:

The depreciation factor of the vehicle: Depreciation of vehicle value starts from the very moment while you drive

off the vehicle from the forecourt. The values of different vehicles depreciate at different rates and therefore, it is quite

difficult to know precisely how much the vehicle will be worth in. Still, there are some key points that you need to

consider while it comes to putting Used Cars for Sale in Nigeria Toyota. To make the most of the new vehicles, you

should keep these as long as possible. It is not likely to be financially viable to sell the vehicles after the first or





On the contrary, in case you are already driving used vehicle, make it sure that your vehicle is maintained

immaculately so that the depreciation value can slow down until you decide to sell it off.




Seasonality-another major consideration: Yes, seasonality is one of the major factors. Different seasons, holidays

and events play major roles to find out the right time to put used or Volkswagen Cars for Sale Lagos. Convertibles

sell for higher prices during the summer and spring months. The demand for sports vehicles, roadsters and classics

come up as the temperature goes up. On the other hand, winter and autumn make SUVs, off-roaders, and 4x4s

really attractive. Besides, cars also work as wonderful gifts in the special events and holidays. Therefore, selling your

vehicles at the most appropriate time can greatly increase the scope of attracting prospective buyers.


Sell the vehicle while it no longer serves the purpose: In case you are not concerned about driving the newest

and flashiest vehicles always and depreciation of vehicle value doesn’t matter to you, then the right time to sell your

vehicle will be when the personal circumstances change as well as the vehicle no longer serves the purpose

properly. Most of the owners love their vehicles and therefore they don’t look for the return on investment. In this

case, the best time to sell the vehicle will be when they will not like their vehicles anymore.

Selling Cars Online- A Guide

These days, the Internet has geared up as the next shopping mall, which works as a convenient option to purchase

each and everything from the comfort of home. Now even the automotive industry has also leveraged this online

trend and as a result, numerous car advertisements for sale and Classic Car Listings Online are posted from different

users, who are willing to sell their vehicles.

Selling a used vehicle online is comparatively easy compared to selling it in the shops or junkyards and this also

saves the money of both the buyer and seller. But this doesn’t mean you can sell your scrap vehicle at the cost of a

moderately new vehicle. So, before you decide to Used Cars Dacia Nigeria, you need to be honest and open about

the vehicle and whether the vehicle has any damage or not including the scratches or dents. Also mention in case the

car has any flood damage or whether it has ever listed as salvage. Besides, in case you are not the original owner of

the vehicle, then you must run a report on the vehicle history to uncover all the damages caused as well as the

maintenances done on the vehicles. The same is true in case you are considering Daewoo New Cars Dealers


Now let’s have a look at the benefits that you can obtain by choosing to sell your car online in Nigeria:

You have to invest a little to advertise online

Online listing will help you to reach to a bigger audience within a short time

Selling cars online will result in less stress





Tips To Write an Ad for Selling Your Car

After rounded up the key details about the vehicle that you are planning to sell, the next thing is to create an effective

and quick ad, which will make the vehicle stand out from the rest. With a detailed and good description, some good

photos and with the right keywords, it is actually possible to draw the potential buyers, who will be interested to

purchase your vehicle.

Like any other advertisement, a classified created to advertisefor your Jeep Dealers in Lagos should be engaging

and informative to appeal all the potential buyers. Remember that the ads that are written like “a highly sought after

model” or “the vehicle will sell like hotcake” never work until and unless you are actually touting a limited version of or

rare vehicle model. So, here are the details that you need to add to the advertisements for putting your Cars Aston

Martin Used Car Abia.

Add an honest and clear description: The majority of the potential clients are not “car people” and they are

not even interested to the technical specifications and jargons of the vehicles. But there are a few things that

they like to know and these include the year, make, models and the color of the vehicle.


Add photos: After reading the description, the next thing that the buyers like to know about the vehicles is

whether these run or not and how the vehicles look like. No matter how many lines you write for the

advertisement, or how many photos you add from stock, it will not matter. So, don’t forget to add as much

photos as possible from every possible angle.


Ask for the price clearly: In case you are ready to negotiate the value of your vehicle, feel free to include

required verbiage in the ad. But before writing, be aware of the facts that you are going to include. But in case

you don’t want to negotiate the value, then also mention that clearly in the ad. This thing will make it easier for

the buyers to make well informed decision whether they will be able to afford the vehicle or not.



List all the features and benefits: Cars are actually expensive. So, while selling vehicles, you have to

explain the buyers why they should purchase these from you and not from anyone else. So, you must not

make any general statements for your vehicle. Rather, be specific and don’t forget to mention the details like

navigate systems, air conditioning, leather seats etc. Include each and every detail. The buyers like to know

whether your car is worth of investment and here every detail matters.


Cars in Yankee is one of the companies in Nigeria from where you can get information on writing the right ad

campaign for selling your vehicle. Visit for more info