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9 Simple DIY Wedding Craft Ideas PowerPoint Presentation
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9 Simple DIY Wedding Craft Ideas

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9 Simple DIY Wedding Craft Ideas - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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9 Simple DIY Wedding Craft Ideas

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9 simple diy wedding craft ideas

9 Simple DIY Wedding Craft Ideas

Congratulations on the wedding! Now here is where the fun begins, right? It doesn’t matter if you have creative and crafty skills like Martha Stewart, or that of a frog—believe in yourself, because you can do this! If you take Car Service Phoenix recommends home from work every day, why not stop by your nearest craft store to pick up some items for these fantastic DIY ideas?

Make easy table numbers from painted blocks of wood. Add some glitter for fun!

Before you throw your bouquet and look up a Party Bus Near Me to hop in, consider making your own bouquet wrap. Some couples even make this out of the material from a sentimental item.

9 simple diy wedding craft ideas 1

9 Simple DIY Wedding Craft Ideas

Bridesmaids gift basket. It’s always easy to go with the weather, for winter add leg warmers and ear muffs, in the summer, sun lotion, fun sunglasses, and flip flops might be appreciated.

Get crafty and create your own headband, crown, or veil.

Did you know that you can customize your Phoenix Party Bus ride?

Make your wedding guest books meaningful by creating your own. You can even encourage friends and family to bring photos along to glue beneath their signature.

9 simple diy wedding craft ideas 2

9 Simple DIY Wedding Craft Ideas

Zen centerpiece and table toppers. These are super easy and inexpensive too. Pick up stones, votive candles, sand, and glass votive containers from the dollar store, add them all together and poof! You’ve done it!

Feeling like Cinderella? While you might not be able to wear glass slippers, you can still bedazzle those heels! A new trend is to glue glitter to the soles of high heels for a little extra “oomph.”

Make your own invitations. It’s easy, especially if you own a printer and have some of that left-over glue after bedazzling those heels!

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