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Thailand. The red stripes represent the blood spilt to maintain Thailand's independence . The white stands for purity and is the color of Buddhism which is the country's main religion . Blue is Thailand's national color and it represents the Thai monarchy.

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    1. Thailand

    2. The red stripes represent the blood spilt to maintain Thailand's independence. The white stands for purity and is the color of Buddhism which is the country's main religion. Blue is Thailand's national color and it represents the Thai monarchy. The National Flag of Thailand is also known as the “Trairanga” meaning Tri-colour. It is one the oldest flags. Thai flag

    3. The culture of Thailand incorporates cultural beliefs and characteristics to the area known as modern day Literature in Thailand is heavily influenced by Indian Hindu culture Thai people usually don’t show affection in public as they find it disrespectful. Thaipeople strive towards refinement, in their every day life. This has been a strong part of the cultural identity. This is shown by their good manners and their soft spokeness. Thailand culture

    4. Khun Bang KlangThao and KhunPhaMuang founded thailand an area of 514,000 sq km (198,456 sq meters The Thais settled their home land in the 6th century It was formally called Siam and it has never been colonized by a foreign country. Thai history

    5. It is influenced primarily by Animism, Hinduism, Buddhism, as well as by later migrations from China, and southern India. Buddhism= 94.6 % Muslim = 4.6 % Christians/catholics = 0.7 % 1% islam,etc Freedom of religion, government respects their religions. religion

    6. Thai cuisine is famous for the blending of four fundamental tastes. sweet (sugar, fruits) spicy hot (chilies) sour (lime juice, tamarind) salty (fish sauce, soy sauce) Thai people eat their food with mainly chopsticks and don’t use knives. food

    7. Tuktuk: tuktuks hold about 2-4 people in them and have no meter so you can bahter with them before hand. Sky train: in Bangkok they have the sky train witch takes you all around Bangkok because Bangkok is always heavily jammed in traffic. Transportation

    8. Thai is the national language. Standard Thai, also known as Central Thai or Siamese, is the official language of Thailand, spoken by over 20 million people (2000) language

    9. The wai: consists of a slight bow, with the palms pressed together in a prayer-like fashion. If u put your hands about face height it means you are bowing to a god witch can sometimes be disrespectful. . The wai is also common as a way to express gratitude or to apologise. And when u meet new people or friends. Someone other customs are no feet on the table because it is the dirtiest part of your body Thai people believe. it is rude to touch other peoples heads, and to shout loudly because thai people think your trying to get attention. customs

    10. In thailand it is against the law to be negative about how you feel about the thai royal family it is regarded as disrespectful. Royal family

    11. Many Thai people were sarongs. Many thai people wear silk shirts and cotton pants to work the dress up for festivals mainly. Thai houses: parts of thailand are very modern with many modern buildings and condos. Some traditional houses are made of teak wood and some houses are built on poles near the waters edge. Clothes, houses

    12. The currency name is called baht The currency is the responsibility of the Bank of Thailand The baht, like the pound, originated from a traditional unit of mass Thai money

    13. visiting temples Theme parks National zoos,parks Riding on elephants Orchard garden in changmai Thai site seeing

    14. Your worst enemy cannot harm you as much as your own unguarded thoughts. Buddha saying.

    15. bibliography