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Pigmy marmoset monkeys

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Pigmy marmoset monkeys. Where they live. Environment. Habitats. In the understory of the forests is where you will usually find Marmosets. They rarely scavenger to the underground because of all of the predators. Even if they are fast to get away they can still get caught.

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where they live
Where they live



In the understory of the forests is where you will usually find Marmosets.

They rarely scavenger to the underground because of all of the predators. Even if they are fast to get away they can still get caught.

They live in the trees of the rainforests, and are rarely found on the ground.

  • Most pygmy marmosets live somewhere in moist, tropical areas.
  • Very few live in Southern/Eastern Africa, while many of them live in parts of Central/South America.
what they eat
What they eat
  • Pygmy marmoset monkeys eat the sap and gum from the trees, by digging a hole with their claws.
  • If they can’t get enough of sap and gum they will eat plants, and different types of fruit.
  • Grasshoppers are the pygmy marmosets favorite food.
  • Pygmy Marmoset Monkeys are omnivores.








  • The pygmy marmoset monkey is the 2nd smallest monkey in the world.
  • The average height of the pygmy marmoset is 5 inches.
  • Their hair looks similar to a mane, it can grow to be as long as their whole body length.
  • Their life span is 8—12 years and can get up to the speed of 24mph.


  • Color- tawny
  • Tail length- about 6-9 inches
  • Weight- 3.53-4 oz.
  • Life Expectancy- 10-12 years
  • Claws- claws on fingers and toes
  • The pygmy marmosets tail is almost as long as their body.
  • Their tawny color helps them camouflage in the trees.
  • They have fingers and toes that look just like humans.
sounds they make
Sounds they make
  • Pygmy marmosets communicate by making high pitched clicks, squeaks, and trills.
  • Some of the noises they make are so high pitched that humans can not hear them.
  • These monkeys have very

unique ways of communicating.

  • Some people buy or breed pygmy marmoset monkeys.
  • If they grow to dislike their owner they might bite or through feces at them.
  • Being so small can be harmful.
  • Because of their size it is easy for their predators to come at them and eat them for lunch.
  • Their long neck helps them see their predators coming by turning around.
  • They do not have opposable thumbs so its harder to run up the trees.
  • The biggest predator of these monkeys are boa constrictors. They can hang from the trees while waiting for their prey. The boa constrictor can swallow a pygmy marmoset whole.
  • Pythons can squeeze the marmosets and then gulp them down.
  • The harpy eagle can swoop down and pick up the little monkey and take it to wherever its going.



  • Pygmy marmosets live in groups of 2-6.
  • They each have a territory of about 100 acres. They protect their territories like most animals protect their young.
selling buying
  • Pygmy marmoset sellers are difficult find.
  • They are priced at a high amount because of their rareness.
  • Many people want a baby pygmy marmoset as a pet, until they realize their unusual behaviors of biting and scratching people.


  • Their main prey are tree sap, fruit, insects, and spiders.
  • Its hard for them to get fruit because they stay high in the trees.
random facts
Random Facts
  • Their hair grows to the same length of a squirrels.
  • Their eyes are a caramel brown color.
  • Their “groups” are lead by the eldest female.
random facts1
Random Facts
  • Pygmy marmosets are omnivores.
  • They live 11-12 years in the wild.
  • In the zoos they live around 20 years.
random facts2
Random Facts
  • Nicknames: “little lion” “pocket monkey”
  • Their incisor teeth are as big as their canine.
  • Pygmy marmosets are not endangered.
random facts3
Random Facts
  • Marmosets usually have twins; triplets and quadruplets are also common.
  • Newborns have to be fed every two hours around the clock.
  • The word marmoset is adapted from the French word meaning grotesque image.

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