2010 youth exchange officers preconvention meeting montreal canada june 19 2010
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2010 Youth Exchange Officers Preconvention Meeting Montreal, Canada June 19, 2010 - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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2010 Youth Exchange Officers Preconvention Meeting Montreal, Canada June 19, 2010. Re-invigorating your Youth Exchange Program. What are the challenges?. Challenging students Students not mixing in the local culture Early returns Lack of focus and student goals

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2010 youth exchange officers preconvention meeting montreal canada june 19 2010 l.jpg

2010 Youth Exchange Officers Preconvention Meeting Montreal, Canada June 19, 2010

Re-invigorating your Youth Exchange Program

What are the challenges l.jpg
What are the challenges?

  • Challenging students

  • Students not mixing in the local culture

  • Early returns

  • Lack of focus and student goals

  • Students not involved in the Rotary club

  • Frustrated clubs/YEOs

  • Disengaged clubs

  • Disengaged district RYE committee

  • No host families

Philosophy tools l.jpg
Philosophy & Tools

  • We’ve been there too

  • We have some tools that can help address the challenges that we have all experienced

Back to the basics l.jpg
Back to the Basics

  • What are the goals/aims of the Rotary Youth Exchange program?

  • What is one guideline that we all use to prepare our students?

Our program challenges l.jpg
Our Program Challenges

  • 4 D’s

    • negative, a message of what not to do

    • made fun of

    • students were challenged to break them

    • did not give students problem solving tools

    • How does not drinking promote world peace? How does not driving foster cultural understanding?

Here is what we did l.jpg
Here is what we did....

  • SWOT Analysis – realized our greatest strength was the passion of our committee

    • Willingness and need to do something different

  • Strategic Planning Session

    • Purpose: to improve the world by inspiring our youth and all participants to be outstanding ambassadors

    • Vision: having fun, working with the best, enriching lives!

  • Shifted our focus/paradigm

Here is what we developed l.jpg
Here is what we developed...

  • The Creed (our philosophy)

    • The 6 Be’s

    • The Rotary Youth Exchange Tree

    • Monthly Reflection Exercise

    • Be Curious Project

District 5370 rotary youth exchange creed l.jpg
District 5370 Rotary Youth Exchange Creed

This is my experience.

Many have been here before

And many will follow -

But this time is mine.

My journey will present

numerous doors to

Unlimited opportunities.

Some of these doors will be open,

Some will be closed.

But one thing I know for certain,

The key to all doors lies within.

6 be s of d5370 rye l.jpg
6 Be’s of D5370 RYE

Be First

I am a person of action!

Be Curious

I seek to understand!

Be on Purpose

I am certain of my outcome and move steadily toward it!

Be Grateful

I focus on things I can be thankful for!

Be of Service

I give of myself!

Be Here Now

I live in the moment!

The d5370 tree of youth exchange l.jpg

TheD5370 Tree of Youth Exchange

Why do some thrive while

others just survive?

Slide11 l.jpg

Phase I:Living Within – this is the foundation of your exchange.


- function in the language

- establish rapport with counsellor & host family

- respect, understand and observe local customs & laws and the 4 D’s

Slide12 l.jpg

  • Goals:

  • -Regular speaking roles

  • Extensive contact network

  • Deep understanding of local culture

  • High level of functioning in local language

  • Engaging others first about their host & home country

Phase II:Ambassador – growing, sharing and developing – branching out.

Slide13 l.jpg

Phase III:Leaving a Legacy – “fruits” of your exchange year are born – giving back.

  • Goals:

  • - Freely sharing passion, gifts and talents for a greater purpose

  • Initiating an endeavour or project that contributes to others

**While not every student’s progression will look the same, the 3 phases described are hallmarks of the students who best represent the program’s objectives.

Be curious project l.jpg
Be Curious Project

  • Inspired by D5020 in Washington

  • A positive spin on the “research assignment”

  • Equipping outbound students with valuable knowledge to manage cultural shock, set goals and prepare for their year

  • Used for public speaking events and preparation for their powerpoint

What this has done l.jpg
What this has done...

  • Provided a positive action-oriented framework

  • It’s our decision making tool – will it help with “the climbing of trees”?:

    • Travel approval

    • New training programs

    • District sponsored trips

  • Increased Student Participation

    • Participate in Rotary club meetings, not just eating!

    • How to act at club, school, community and district events

  • Led to clubs and host families buying in

What s happened l.jpg
What’s happened...

  • District Committee Impact

    • Attracted engaged district committee members

    • Gave us selling features to encourage committee growth & attraction

    • Allowed Rotarians to bring their strengths to Rotary

    • Shift from “administrating” to “inspiring and living” the program

    • Shift from authoritative figure to that of a mentor

    • Opportunity to engage on a deeperlevel with students

What s happened17 l.jpg
What’s happened...

  • Student Impact

    • Equip students with a much bigger vision for their year, given them tools for success

    • Create a compelling purpose – goals for exchange

    • Become a conversation tool for early returns, homesickness, host family conflicts etc.

    • Is a way to tackle life’s challenges (goal setting, confidence, self esteem etc)

    • Builds their trust and relationship with the committee very quickly – shows them we respect them on an individual level

    • Increase Rotex participation and their desire to

      truly be there

What s happened18 l.jpg
What’s happened...

  • Club & Counsellor Impact

    • Provide an understanding of how to interact with a student

    • See student’s personality emerge much quicker

    • Framework for clubs to the engage inboundstudent and become proficient at outbound student selection

    • Fosters cultural understanding (be curious)

    • Moved the YE program into the new generation (updated paradigms)

    • Counsellors and clubs are stepping up

What s happened19 l.jpg
What’s happened...

  • Community Impact

    • Raised the profile of Rotary in the community

    • Instills confidence of the community in the new generations (the future of Rotary lies in their hands)

    • Promoted cultural sharing & understanding (i.e. Japanese lessons in Northern B.C.)

Moving forward a journey l.jpg
Moving forward – a journey

  • What’s next?

    • Club presidents and club members familiarization with the program shift

    • Integrating these tools with our Senior Rotex

    • Inbound-rebound mentoring program

    • Host Family Training –DVD?

    • Ongoing Club Recruitment – having every club touched by the program

    • Having all trip leaders using the new tools

Finely tuned program l.jpg
Finely tuned program

  • Students, clubs, YEOs, families, community, exchange partners & district committees are all contributing (all gears in the “system”)

  • When in doubt...look no further than your area of the program (be it the district, club or student level)

Be centered l.jpg
“Be” centered

“Be the change you want to see in the exchange”

– District 5370

For more on the YEO’s role in this, join us in Workshop D at 11:30 am today!