How to Recover Data Without iPhone Backup Password
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How to Recover Data Without iPhone Backup Password - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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How to Recover Data Without iPhone Backup Password

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Presentation Transcript
How to recover data without iphone backup password

How to Recover Data Without iPhone Backup Password

Data security is a big concern to every body. So it is a great thing that Apple adds

Encrypt Backup feature to iTunes so that we could use password to protect and

encrypt our iPhone/iPad/iPod Touch backups. However, it happens when we forget

the password of our iPhone backup and since there is no "find your password"

option, we have no way to recover the backup. Therefore, this post is not just about

how to encrypt your iPhone backup, but also how to recover your iPhone data

without backup password.

Part 1: Encrypt iPhone Backup in iTunes

It is very easy to encrypt your iPhone backups in iTunes. You just need to turn on the

Encrypt Backup feature, set up a password and check if the encryption feature is

enabled successfully. Here is the specific steps.

Step 1 Turn on Encrypt Backup

Open iTunes on your PC, if you have the previous version of iTunes, update it to the

latest version. Then connect your iPhone to iTunes via USB cable. After connecting,

click the connected device and choose "Summary" on the left column. On the Backup

section of the screen, tick "Encrypt iPhone Backup".

Step 2 Set up A Password

A window pops up and requires you to create a password for your iPhone backup.

Enter the password and make sure you remember or keep the password safely cause

without the password, you are unable to recover your iTunes backups as well as turn

off the Encrypt Backup feature.

How to recover data without iphone backup password

Step 3 Check If Your iPhone Backup is Encrypted

After you have set the password, iTunes will immediately begin to make a encoded

backup of your iPhone and encrypt your previous backups. You may go to "Edit" >

"Preference" > "Device" and make sure your backups are encrypted with a lock icon.

When your iTunes backups are encrypted, the backups are not just locked by

passwords but also include information that backups without a password don't have:

Your saved passwords

Wi-Fi settings

Website history

Health data

Part 2: Recover Data Without iPhone Backup Password

How to recover data without iphone backup password

If you unfortunately forget your iPhone backup password, you can still get the data

back by recovering the data from a iCloud backup via FonePaw iPhone Data


FonePaw iPhone Data Recovery enables you to recover both deleted and existing

data on your iPhone from your iCloud backups. Unlike using iPhone to recover a

backup, you don't have to erase the data currently on your phone in order to restore

a iCloud backup. With the FonePaw program, you can keep your current data while

selectively recover the data you need from your previous iCloud backup.

Free download the program and have a new experience of iCloud backup recovery.

Step 1 Sign in Your iCloud Account

Start the FonePaw program on your computer, on its mainpage, navigate to

"Recover from iCloud Backup File" and sign in with your iCloud account.

Step 2 Choose File Types to Recover

After signing in, you'll see all your iCloud backups. Find the one you need and click

"Download" button. From the pop-up window, choose the file types that you want

to recover. For example, if you only need the photos from the backup, you may tick

"Camera Roll", "Photo Library" and "App Photos" to recover only the photos. Click

"Next" to continue.

How to recover data without iphone backup password

Step 3 View Your Backup Files can still get the data

The program will get your backup quickly and display the files you need in different

folders. Choose different folders to view the files. If the data information is red, it

means this file is deleted from your iPhone. Tick all the files you need and click the

"Recover" button on the bottom right corner. The data you need will be recovered

and stored on your computer.

Recovering data with FonePaw iPhone Data Recovery is easy and effective. Have this

software installed on your computer, you don't have to worry about data loss