Basic Knowledge About DFU Mode on iDevice
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Basic Knowledge About DFU Mode on iDevice - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Do you want to know more about DFU mode? If you do, please continue to read.

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Basic Knowledge About DFU Mode on iDevice

As a user of iPhone, iPad or iPod touch, maybe it wouldn't be strange for you about the DFU

mode. DFU, the acronyms of Device Firmware Update Mode, is a mode to upgrade or downgrade

the firmware of iOS device. It allows you to choose the firmware you want to install and you can

solve some system problems while your device is in this mode. For most users, you can fix some

system problems through Recovery mode. Compared with it, the DFU mode is much more

comprehensive. If you are not good at solving the system problem of your device, it would be

better to ask someone else that can do that because it is complex process that requires technical


Do you want to know more about DFU mode? If you do, please continue to read.

Part 1: When to Use DFU Mode?

Users would enter the DFU mode in the following situations:

1. iOS device can't enter the system. For instance, iPhone is stuck into white Apple logo screen, or

iPhone keeps restart. In this situation, you may need to try to enter the Recovery mode first. If it

couldn't help, DFU is the second choice.

2. Make your iPhone or iPad jailbroken or SIM unlock. It requires the custom firmware that is

suitable and need to access DFU mode to complete the operation.

3. Users can use DFU mode to upgrade or downgrade iPhone, iPad or iPod touch.

Part 2: How to Enter DFU Mode?

Please follow the steps to enter DUF mode:

1. Plug iOS device into computer via USB cable that is matched and run iTunes on PC.

2. Power off your iPhone by pressing the Power button.

3. Press and hold down the Power button for three seconds.

4. For the iPhone 6s and early, hold the Power button and Home button for 10 seconds at the

same time. After that, let go of the Power button. But for the iPhone 7 or 7 Plus, hold the power

button and Volume Down button together for 10 seconds, and then release the power button.

5. Keep pressing the Home button or Volume Down button (for iPhone7/7 Plus) as long as you

get a messages as below on the screen.

6. If there is a completely black screen on the device, then your iPhone/iPad/iPod touch is in DFU


Note: If there is an Apple logo or iTunes logo on the screen, your device is not in DUF mode.

Part 3: How to Exit the DFU Mode?

While it is a little complex to enter the DFU mode, you can exit this mode easily. Please keep your

connecting device and PC, and then hold both the Home button/Volume Down button and the

Power button until the Apple logo is displayed on your iPhone's screen.