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SYSTEM SAFETY SOCIETY ANNUAL REPORT. Submitted by Larry Jones August 2006 (For Society Year July 1, 2005 through June 30 th , 2006). Organization – 2005-2009. President Larry Jones 2005-2007. Past President Paul Kryska 2005-2007. Executive Secretary John Livingston 2005-2007.

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  1. SYSTEM SAFETY SOCIETY ANNUAL REPORT Submitted by Larry Jones August 2006 (For Society Year July 1, 2005 through June 30th, 2006)

  2. Organization – 2005-2009 President Larry Jones 2005-2007 Past President Paul Kryska 2005-2007 Executive Secretary John Livingston 2005-2007 Past President’s Council Administrative Secretary Cathy Carter (Staff) Executive Vice President Melissa Emery 2005-2007 Treasurer Mary Ellen Caro 2005-2007 SSS Founder Roger Lockwood Dir. Education and Professional Development Steve Mattern 2004-2007 Dir. Government & Intersociety Services Geoff McIntyre 2005-2009 Dir. Member Services Russ Mitchell 2005-2009 Dir. Publicity & Media Ann Waterman 2005-2009 Dir. Chapter Services Jerry Banister 2004-2007 Dir. Conferences Jon Derickson 2004-2007 2003 Conference Chair Gary Einarsson Ottawa, Canada OVP Chapter Services Asia Onn Eng Ling OVP Individual Membership OVP Awards Steve Mattern OVP Education Larry Gregg 2004 Conference Chair Niles Welch Providence, RI OVP Chapter Services West Coast Jerry Banister Liaison Reps ANSI 01.1 & ASTM E34 RAMS ASSE Committee OVP Development Material Jim Gibbons OVP Corporate Membership Warner Talso Technical Editor – JSS Niles Welch OVP Chapter Services East Coast Dave Rice OVP Prof Development Marty Sullivan 2005 Conference Chair Perry D’Antonio San Diego, CA BCSP Representative Larry Jones OVP Chapter Services Canada Bob Fletcher SVP Science & Tech 2006 Conference Chair Paul Kryska Albuquerque, NM SVP Int’l Activities Bay Area/Mike Jeung-Wesoloski Los Alamos/Terry Fogle Sierrra HD/Stephan Bussell Central CA/Dan Strub New England/Norman Gauthier Singapore/Michael Tan Eastern Canada/Bob Flecter New Mexico/Darrell Stokes Tenn Valley/ Don Swallom Georgia/ Odell Fevell Northest/John Hinckley Twin Cities/Bill Blake German/Peter Ladkin Sacramento/Lee Flint Washington DC/Warren Naylor Houston/ Chris Pickrell Saguaro/Bob Cade Winners Circle/Niles Welch SVP Information

  3. Goal ST1 – Create an international system safety network that focuses on bringing the connectivity to the latest technological developments and how they will affect system safety. Build broad foundation of membership in diverse technological fields and product area 24th ISSC: Number of attendees at conference = 393 attendees 24th ISSC: Number of new memberships granted = 155/393 new members 24th ISSC Technical session included : Aviation, Software, High Consequence, System Engineering, Weapon Systems, Environment, Medical, Public Health, Semiconductor, Space Systems, Surface Transportation, Facilities Safety, Accident Investigation, Risk Management, Hazard Analysis, Human Factors, Nuclear, Biological Safety, Safety Management, Safety Tools Develop partnerships with major industries, universities, etc.. and sponsor S&T advancements 24th ISSC Co sponsor with Navy 24th ISSC New sponsor/exhibitors = System Engineering and Laboratories (SEAL) and Apogen Technologies Increase in corporate membership this year MOU in work with International Association of the Advancement of Space Safety (IAASS) located in Europe Director of Government & Intersociety Affairs traveled to Bangkok to be guest lecturer at Mahidol University Science & Technology (ST)

  4. Goal IN1: Create a 24-hour, on-demand system safety information resource Develop a data entry, archiving and on-demand distribution system (lesson learned, best practice, training, Q&A, etc.) Webpage completely redesigned Technical Resources Links Latest Standards/Reference material Training and Education web space Best practices Bee hive (Q&A’s) EJSS (electronic Journal of System Safety) Exchanged weblinks with other safety related organizations Create an on-demand virtual broker system Nothing to report. Create a keyword, searchable system safety bibliography on the web Nothing to report Information (IN)

  5. Goal IN2: Improve HQ response to customer needs Upgrade HQ telecommunication system (computer, voice conference, tele EC) New computer for HQ and hi-speed internet New email addresses for HQ and EC Complete offsite back up Establish office procedures and responsibilities for office staff Secretary procedures Review of Constitution, By laws and Operations Manual underway Conference Planning Guide available Chapter Management Guide available Webpage has: EC documents, stationary, logos, letterhead and presentation templates Set up tracking and retrieval system for official communication and membership status In work--Actions assigned Develop profit sharing program for chapters participating in conference planning In effect: 50 % of first 5K, 10% of 5-75K, 25% greater than 75K Information (IN)

  6. Goal ED1: Integrate products of the S&T and Information branches to create the knowledge base and capability to enable our customers to develop the best design solutions for their customers’ system, product or process safety problems. Develop a guidance document for creating a system safety standard Nothing to report. Develop system safety principle that defines the framework for evaluating the affect of S&T advances Nothing to report. Develop a system safety fundamentals course Course training data base on website under professional development. Education (ED)

  7. Goal ED2: Provide professional development opportunities for the members Conduct annual international conferences 24th ISSC held July 31st in Albuquerque, NM Develop professional certification program Road map for professional development Transportability of Credential MOUs Australia UK (ISOH) Canada Singapore Graduate Safety Practitioner (GSP) designation for graduates of safety degree programs Establish mentoring role for Fellow members Nothing to report. Education (ED)

  8. Goal ED3: Increase national and international influence Integrate the system safety discipline into university engineering curriculum TVC Chapter has Educational Enhancement Committee Several chapters have CSP study groups G-48 Standards Committee Develop and provide system safety educational training System Safety Management Training held in Singapore, 60 attendees Develop SSS POCs with organizations that complement our vision and strategic objectives SSS has POCs for the following G48 BCSP RAM Education (ED)

  9. Goal ED3: Increase national and international influence (cont.) Explore the market pull or organizing the Institute for Design Assurance (the “ilities’ of systems engineering) Nothing to report. Participate in international standards development, develop national safety policy statements Mayor of Huntsville, Alabama declared Huntsville Alabama to the International Center of Excellence for the practice of System Safety Engineering. Create international infrastructure for conducting annual conferences Canada Chapter hosted/supported Panel and Workshop—An Exploration of Safety Culture First Helicopter Safety Symposium in Montréal Canada Canadian Aviation Safety Symposium in Halifax, Canada 24th ISSC conference planning/organization Offer to help with 26th ISSC in Vancouver Singapore Chapter New corporate member: Defense Science & Technology Agency 2nd SAF Seminar Supported 2005 Asia-Pacific Conference on Risk Management & Safety Offered to host System Safety Conference in Singapore in 2007 Education (ED)

  10. Goal ED4: Institutionalize continuous improvement program Seek customer input, identify gaps and identify remedial efforts. Article by Director of Member Services appeared in Nov/Dec 2005 Journal of System Safety requesting assessment of Members benefits Invite strategic thinking guest speakers to international conferences 24th ISSC guest speakers: Office of the Under Secretary of Defense Head of Product Assurance and Safety Office, International Space Station Utilization/Operations/European Space Agency (ESA) Chief Defense Scientist, Ministry of Defense, Government of Singapore Captain, United States Navy (retired) Create Past-Presidents Council as an advisory committee See organizational chart on page 2. Create focused intersociety task teams for peer review, to pursue mutual goals and for cross fertilization leaning SSS President attended Intersociety Forum in Chicago, March 2005 Create benchmarking program to improve business operations Nothing to report. Education (ED)

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