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PICALO. is a data analysis application, with focus in fraud detection and data retrieved from corporate databases. It is also the foundation for an automated fraud detection system.

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is a data analysis application, with focus in fraud detection and data retrieved from corporate databases. It is also the foundation for an automated fraud detection system
  • is currently focused on data analysis for fraud and corruption detection. However, it is an open framework that could actually be used for many different types of data analysis: network logs, scientific data, any type of database-oriented data, and data mining.
Picalo is released in two formats. First, as a pure-Python library that is used by simply "import picalo" or "from picalo import *" in any Python script. Python programmers will be primarily interested in the library version. This format is installed in the typical Python fashion, either as an .egg via setuptools, or via "python install" from the source


Second, Picalo is released as a standalone, wx-Python-based GUI environment that allow end users to access the Picalo libraries. This version is packaged as a Windows setup.exe file, Mac application bundle, and Linux rpm and deb files. The user may not realize Python is even being used when running the full application environment.

 The main screen is split into three areas:
  • The project browser (left side)
  • The work area(top tabs)
  • The shell (bottom tabs)




The project browser

shows the tables, database connections, saved queries, and scripts available in this project.  These correspond to a directory on the user’s machine.

The work area

shows the tables or scripts that are currently open and in memory.  It provides a spreadsheet-type view of the data and filter capabilities along the top.

The shell

provides a direct interface to the Picalo engine.  As the user interacts with tables, menu options, etc., Picalo shows the actual commands being run behind the scenes.  The user can simply use the graphical menus or type commands directly into the shell.  The Script Output and History tabs provide feedback from scripts as well as a full history of everything done in the project.

Function composer

Picalo contains a large library of functions that help users analyze their data. The Function Composer (pictured above) lists all the available functions with their documentation, parameters, and return values.

Detectlets are one of the most exciting parts of the Picalo architecture. They allow non-programmers to run analysis routines created by others. See the detectlets page for more information.

Detectlet Wizard: This open source wizard provides access to all detectlets installed at your location. It guides users through the use and application of detectlets in fraud analysis.


Example uses of Picalo:

- Analyzing financial data, employee records, and purchasing systems for errors and fraud

- Interactively analyzing network events, web server logs, and system login records

- Embedding controls and fraud testing routines into production systems