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Multiple Disabilities Chapter 10

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Multiple Disabilities Chapter 10 - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Multiple Disabilities Chapter 10. By: Shannon, Laura, Mike, Ashley, and Kathleen. Multiple Disabilities.

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multiple disabilities chapter 10
Multiple DisabilitiesChapter 10

By: Shannon, Laura, Mike, Ashley, and Kathleen

multiple disabilities
Multiple Disabilities
  • “Multiple disabilities means concomitant impairments (such as mental retardation-blindness or mental retardation-orthopedic impairment) the combination of which causes severe educational needs that they cannot be accommodated in special education programs solely for one of the impairments.” (pg. 272-273)
partial participation
Partial Participation
  • Rejects an all-or-none approach under which students either function independently in a given environment or not at all.
  • Instead, it asserts that students with severe and multiple disabilities can participate, even if only partially, and indeed can often learn and complete a task if it is adapted to their strengths.
peer buddies
Peer Buddies
  • Peer buddies was designed at Vanderbilt University to promote social relationships among students with severe disabilities and their same-age peers without disabilities.

Establishes long lasting relationships.

Improves academic achievement.

thinking about peer buddies
Thinking About Peer Buddies
  • 1. What do you see as the benefits of participating in a peer buddies program for students with and without disabilities?
  • 2. Peer buddies was set up at the high school level. Do you think the program could be adapted to the elementary level? If so, what changes would you recommend for using this program with younger children?
  • A process that customizes students’ educational programs to their specific visions, strengths, and needs. It is especially effective in planning transitions from school to post-school activities.
  • One of the most popular people-centered planning approaches
  • Five major things to discuss:
    • DREAMS
    • FEARS
    • WHO is…?
    • NEEDS