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Windows Vista: Overview and Roadmap PowerPoint Presentation
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Windows Vista: Overview and Roadmap

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Windows Vista: Overview and Roadmap - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Windows Vista: Overview and Roadmap
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  1. Windows Vista: Overview and Roadmap Thomas Lee Chief Technologist QA plc

  2. Agenda • Challenges and Trends • Security and Reliability • More Effective at Work • User Experience • Mobility • Deployment & Manageability • Platform and Outlook

  3. Challenges TodayStagnating Productivity, Escalating IT Costs, and Security Risks Security threats and breaches divert time and money to protect business systems and information Increasing IT spending to support users, maintain the existing desktop environment, and avoiding downtime for employees Employees are overwhelmed with information and struggle to be productive in teams and on the road

  4. New PC performance x64 goes mainstream performance and efficiency Multi-core CPUs Ultra-mobile Compact PC Devices & CE x86 proliferation Moore’s Law for disks Flash invading devices Storage (Moore’s Law)³ & smarter Graphics processors Larger Faster Memory Ubiquitous Wireless Radios in all devices PC = intelligent switch Network new Fabs = bigger, cheaper& higher resolution LCD’s PC Technology Trends

  5. Windows Vista Greater confidence and control More security and reduced operational costs Next generation platform for connected living Connecting people, information, applications and systems Start, run and stay more secure High performance and more reliable Cost efficient to deploy and manage More effective at work Information empowerment and enhanced productivity Smart, intuitive information management Easy to collaborate and share Streamlined user experience Anywhere mobility and device synchronization Supports existing & latest hardware, software and services Build next generation applications faster and easier

  6. Protecting Against and Responding to Security Threats Most organizations allocate 1-5% of total IT budget to securityTop 3 causes of losses due to computer security incidents – virus, denial of service, and theft of proprietary information(Source: 2004 CSI/FBI Computer Crime and Security Survey) Greater Confidence And ControlMoreSecure & Dependable Feedback and Trends Constant and growing threat of hackers, viruses and malware Patching takes too much time and resources Protect against loss or theft of confidential information High cost of lost productivity and downtime

  7. More Secure & DependableKey Investments Security Isolation & resiliency Updating & monitoring HW-based security Reliability Built-in diagnostics No hangs Driver model Performance Quick boot & resume Optimization Responsiveness

  8. Security • Parental Controls • User Account Protection • Custom Authentication Mechanisms • Firewall • Internet Explorer • Data Protection • E-Mail • Protection from Malware • Network Access Protection • Windows Services Hardening

  9. Reliability • Fewer Application Restarts • Detects Impending Features • Automatic Recovery • File Shadow Copies • Faster Startup • Multi-Tiered Data Protection • Rapid Reflexes • Data Synchronization

  10. Information Management More than 80% of enterprise's digitized information reside in individual hard drives and personal files (Source: Microsoft) Companies spend up to $18K/yr per employee trying to find hidden data (Source: IDC) More Effective At WorkVisualization and Organization Feedback and Trends Basic tasks still to difficult Minimize downtime Information overload

  11. More Effective At WorkVisualization and Organization Desktop Enterprise “Stuff I’ve Seen” Search Organize Lists & Auto Lists Filters Stacks Share Sharing P2P Meetings

  12. Experience • Visualizations • Glass and Animations • Flip and Flip 3D • Thumbnails

  13. Organization • Windows Sidebar • Folders & Virtual Folders • Properties • Navigation & Preview Panes • Quick Search Box and Column Headers • Internet Explorer Quick Tabs / RSS

  14. Connecting Teams Employees get 50%-75% of their relevant information directly from other people (Source: Gartner) Mobile & Connected Feedback and Trends Laptops Communications devices Connect anytime, anywhere

  15. Sharing • Computer-to-Computer Search • Computer-to-Computer Synchronization • XML Paper Specification Docs

  16. Mobile • Power Management • Mobile Settings • Networked Projection • Windows Mobility Center • Group Collaboration • Tablet PC • Safe Sleep & Quick Resume • Windows SideShow • Wireless Networking

  17. Deployable & ManageableKey Investments Deployment Fewer images Fast distribution and installation Scriptable migration Management Patching improved Automation Group Policies for all new features Servicing Remote Assistance Configuration lockdown Improved Help

  18. Deploy and operate Windows Vista™ • New Security Features • Deployment • Visualize, Search, and Organize Information • Easy Sharing • Improved Performance • Reliability • User Interface

  19. Object-based command line language Created using: .NET interfaces to management objects Thin Cmdlets/Providers for a rich experience Integrates command line, COM, and .NET Uniform data access Download Beta from now! Monad Command Shell Monad Scripting Languages(Python, Monad) Shells (MSH, MMC) Monad Runtime & Services Monad Commands .NET

  20. Next Generation PlatformKey Investments Programming Model Take advantage of new technologies and hardware advances Builds on .NET and Win32 Deploy & manage applications centrally & more securely Presentation & Graphics Unified UI approach Vector-based composition engine Brings designers directly into application development Messaging Infrastructure Unifies today’s distributed technology stacks Cross-platform interoperability Maximizes productivity for Service Oriented Apps

  21. Developing for Windows Vista™ • WinFX • Windows Presentation Foundation • Windows Communication Foundation • Windows Vista User Experience

  22. Streamlinedmanagement Server rolesfor improvedagility Responsive androbust infrastructure IT operational efficiency Information worker productivity Next generation developer platform Common code-base Most secure highest quality release of Windows ever Integrated Windows Platform

  23. Windows Release Cycle • Base platform releases update full line of products • Windows 2000, Windows Vista • Product release updates targeted • Windows XP Home, Pro, Tablet PC and Media Center PC ~ 3-4 years ~ 1-2 years Platform Release Product Update Platform Release Product Update Platform Release

  24. Windows Vista Timeline Sept 2003 Developer engagement April 2005 OEM & IHV engagement July 2005 Platform beta, IT engagement Winter 2005 End user engagement 2H 2006 Broad availability

  25. Ask The ExpertsGet Your Questions Answered You can find me at the Microsoft Ask the Experts area, located in the Exhibition Hall: Wednesday 16 November 12:30 – 14:00

  26. Community Resources • Community Resources • • Most Valuable Professional (MVP) • • Newsgroups • Converse online with Microsoft Newsgroups,including Worldwide • • User Groups - Meet and learn with your peers •