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Pritha Mehra Vice President, Mail Entry and Payment Technologies PowerPoint Presentation
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Pritha Mehra Vice President, Mail Entry and Payment Technologies

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Pritha Mehra Vice President, Mail Entry and Payment Technologies - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Mail Entry and Payment Initiatives. Pritha Mehra Vice President, Mail Entry and Payment Technologies. Agenda. Agenda. Structured Releases Mailpiece Design Support June 26, 2011 Release Nov 6, 2011 Release Seamless Acceptance Enterprise Payment. Structured Releases.

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Presentation Transcript

Mail Entry and Payment Initiatives

Pritha Mehra

Vice President, Mail Entry and Payment Technologies



  • Structured Releases
  • Mailpiece Design Support
  • June 26, 2011 Release
  • Nov 6, 2011 Release
  • Seamless Acceptance
  • Enterprise Payment
structured releases

Structured Releases

Structured Releases
  • Predictive Changes
  • Release Management starting January 2012
    • 2 Major Releases
      • FAST and PostalOne!
    • 2 Minor Releases
      • FAST and PostalOne!
    • 6 Facility Updates
      • Mail Direction File
      • City/State File
      • Labeling List
      • Zone Matrix
2 major 2 minor

Structured Releases

2 Major, 2 Minor

* This schedule does not represent critical or high priority bug fixes, and patches that may occur on an as-needed basis.

mailpiece design support process

Customer Support

Mailpiece Design Support Process
  • Revised MDA Support Process
  • Robust Tracking of All Customer Requests
  • Walk-Ins, Phone, Email
  • Frequent Caller Program
  • Knowledge Base
  • Improving Tools & Support from BME
  • Training
  • Communication Process
  • MTAC Task Team
automated business reply mail abrm tool

Customer Support

Automated Business Reply Mail (ABRM) Tool
  • Tool for BRM, QBRM, CRM
  • May 25, 2011 Software Upgrade
    • Mail service providers create artwork for clients
  • Future Enhancements
    • Automate PS Form 3615 and 6805
    • Automate Permit Requests
    • Automate Mailpiece Evaluation
    • Automate ZIP+4 Code Assignment
    • Repository of Images for reference
    • Automate Payment
release scope

June 26 Release

Release Scope
  • Data Quality & Full-Service Report Enhancements
  • Service Performance Measurement Enhancements
    • Unload Scans to Validate Start-the-Clock
  • Fixed Spoilage/Shortage Issues
  • Periodicals Fixes
  • FAST System Enhancements
  • Revenue Attribution for Postage at Piece Level
  • eVS Enhancements
  • Mobile Barcode
  • FS-IMD Verifications
what information is available about full service
What information is available about Full-Service?

Mail Quality Reports

Mail Data Quality

Start-the-Clock Yield

Physical Verification

Address Quality

Verifies Quality of Full-Service eDoc

Presents statistics on percentage of mail that receives a start-the-clock

Manual and MERLIN verification of physical mail at BMEU or DMU

Move Update verification of physical mail on MERLIN

what is checked in full service edoc verification
What is checked in Full-Service eDoc verification?

Revised approach to Discount Removal

Barcode Contents

Electronic Documentation Preparation

Unique Barcodes for Pieces, Trays, Container

Mailer ID, Service Type ID

Delivery Point

CSA Information

Mail Owner Mail Preparer

Scheduled Ship Date

Mail Data Quality



  • Start-the-Clock
  • Pieces with Start-the-Clock by class and shape
  • Containers without a Start-the-Clock
mobile barcode acceptance verification
Mobile Barcode Acceptance/Verification

Electronic Postage Statements (mail.dat or xml or Postage Wizard)

Present one sample of each mailpiece (version) at BME

Commingled, Combined and Co-Mail mailings may qualify if all mailpieces on postage mailing statement contain a qualified mobile barcode

Mailings that include multiple clients (or versions) must have separate postage statements generated by client (or version) that contain mobile barcode pieces

May submit electronic files beginning June 26 for PVDS mailings dropped after July 1. PVDS mailings accepted prior to or on Aug 31, must be dropped by Sept 14.

All mailings are subject to standard acceptance and verification procedures and may be inspected for use of the mobile barcode

June 26 Release

fs imd verifications
FS-IMD Verifications

Expand Evaluations and Results Recording


Processing Category

Automation Compatibility

Deflection Testing (Flats)

Bundle Preparation

Tap Test

Piece Weight



Postage Payment

Amount of Postage Applied

June 26 Release

release scope1
Release Scope

FS-IMD Enhancements/Reports

Mail.dat 11-2, Mail.XML 10-c

Piece Barcode (PBC)

Postal Wizard Enhancements

Scan Based Payment

eVS Enhancements

Data Quality & Full-Service Report Enhancements

Incentive Program

eInduction (eDropship)

November 6 Release



  • Eliminate paper 8125 and streamline process at origin and destinating facilities
  • Generate unique Intelligent Mail container barcodes (IMcbs)
  • Submit e8125 through Mail.dat or Mail.XML
  • Containers scanned at arrival
edoc options


eDoc Options
  • Full-Service mailers generate IMCB and submit Mail.dat or Mail.XML
  • Basic mailers generate IMcb and submit Mail.dat with IMcb
  • Consolidators can upgrade a container to eInduction with creation of a container manifest
  • Reports

Consolidator Option


Small Business Tools

Automate Acceptance/Verification


Leverage Full-Service Unique Barcodes, eDoc


Leverage Active/Passive Scans etc

Direct Entry: Bypass Acceptance

Streamlined Mail Entry


Seamless Entry

MTAC Workgroup 143

  • Desired Results:
    • Streamlined entry and automated verification approach
    • Value Proposition, Actionable Reports
  • Subgroups
  • Proof of Concept
    • Leverage Full Service, eDOC
    • Leverage Piece, Bundle, Tray, Container Scans
    • Passive, Active, and Semi-automated methods
    • Focus on Critical Elements – Paid for, Facility, Readability
    • Data Analysis, Trends, Actionable Reports
easy payment
Easy Payment

Universal Account

Mail Anywhere, Pay Anywhere

Pay for All Products

Eliminate need for Permits in each location

24X7 Account Access and Management

Electronic Funding Options

Comprehensive View of Postage Spend

Enterprise Payment

mtac workgroups
MTAC Workgroups
  • Mailpiece Design Support Task Team 6
  • MTAC 137 Full-Service Feedback
  • MTAC 138 eDropship
  • MTAC 140 Enterprise Payment
  • MTAC 141 Spoilage and Shortage Reporting and Postage Reconciliation
  • MTAC 143 Seamless Acceptance