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我要去美国 20 ensoes 系列英语课程 PowerPoint Presentation
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我要去美国 20 ensoes 系列英语课程

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我要去美国 20 ensoes 系列英语课程 - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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我要去美国 20 ensoes 系列英语课程. 1 conversations 2 useful expressions 3 quiz. 【 让他来追你! 】 Rose: What's that supposed to mean? Sue: Show him that you like him. Let him 1) chase you! Rose: I've never shown anyone that I liked him before. Sue: It's easy. Rose: I know, you have lots of experience.

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20 ensoes


1 conversations

2 useful expressions

3 quiz

conversation a

Rose: What's that supposed to mean?

Sue: Show him that you like him. Let him 1) chase you!

Rose: I've never shown anyone that I liked him before.

Sue: It's easy.

Rose: I know, you have lots of experience.

Sue: Don't make me sound so bad...

Rose: I mean, at least you're not as 2) inexperienced as I am!

1) chase (v.) 追求异性,追赶

2) inexperienced (a.) 生疏的,无经验的

Conversation A
conversation b

Sue: So, let's start with the basics...1) flirting...

Rose: I'll feel stupid.

Sue: Try it out on me. Give me the "look"… with the "eye"…

Rose: What look? Like this?

Sue: You look like 2) Mickey Mouse! Don't look so happy.

Rose: But I like him, so why should I look sad?

1) flirt (v.) 打情骂俏,调情

2) Mickey Mouse 米老鼠,这里指脸上带着天真愉快表情的人

Conversation B
conversation c

Sue: Because you want him, but you don't have him.

Rose: I can't do it.

Sue: Just look at him as if he were a big piece of chocolate... and you 1) have a weakness for chocolate...

Rose: Like this?

Sue: Oh, yes! That's 2) provocative!

Rose: Is that all there is to 3) flirting?

1) have a weakness for... (n.) 抵抗不了……的诱惑。

2) provocative (a.) 撩人的

3) flirt (v.) 调情

Conversation C
conversation d

Sue: No. Another important thing is 1) physical contact.

Rose: What kind of a girl do you think I am?

Sue: You don't have to eat him, just 2) accidentally brush against him. Rose: That's so 3) obvious.

Sue: If he likes you, obvious is good. Then he'll have the 4) confidence to chase you.

Rose: So, I just brush against his hand...like this?

Sue: Well, that's OK. Your hands are 5) sweating...

1) physical contact 身体上的接触

2) accidentally (adv.) 意外地

3) obvious (a.) 明显的

4) confidence (n.) 自信心

5) sweat (v.) 流汗

Conversation D
conversation e

Rose: You're making me 1) nervous!

Sue: You need to 2) relax!

Rose: But how? I'm afraid he'll think I'm too 3) forward.

Sue: He's probably more nervous than you.

Rose: That's impossible. I'm even shaking just thinking about it.

Sue: Just 4) imagine he forgot to wear his pants. Then he'd be more nervous than you are.

1) nervous (a.) 紧张的

2) relax (v.) 放松

3) forward (a.) 急切的

4) imagine (v.) 想像

5) underwear (n.) 内衣裤 

Conversation E
useful expressions
Useful expressions
  • A: Guys always get bored after they date for a while.
  • 约会一阵子后男人就厌倦了。
  • B: Maybe they just like the chase.
  • 或许他们只喜欢追求女孩子的过程。
  • 【Don't make me sound so bad. 别这么糗我,把我说得这么不堪】
  • A: You? Study for the test? That would be a rare sight!
  • 你?看书准备考试?真是奇景!
  • B: Don't make me sound so bad. I just don't need to study as much as you do.
  • 你别把我说得一文不值。我只是不必像你那样用功。
useful expressions1
Useful expressions
  • A: Does Bruce like you?
  • 鲁克喜欢你吗?
  • B: I think so. He's always flirting with me.
  • 我想是吧。他老是跟我打情骂俏。
  • 【Let's start with the basics. 先从入门开始】
  • 循序渐进才是脚踏实地,稳中求胜的做法。好比老师在教导同学们的时候,便是从基本原则先开始讲授,由浅入深,一步步地带领着门生一窥其中的奥秘。
  • A: I can't believe you're going to teach me how to ice-skate!
  • 没想到会是你教我滑冰!
  • B: Let's start with the basics: falling.
  • 我们先从基本的开始学:摔跤。
useful expressions2
Useful expressions
  • A: Keep that candy away from me!
  • 把那糖果拿远一点!
  • B: Oh! You have a weakness for sweets, too!
  • 哦!原来你也挡不住甜食的魅力!
  • 【...have a weakness for... 对于……无法招架】
  • 每个人都有自己的弱点。所以当你遇上了你的克星,或是有哪样事物的魅力,是你挡都挡不住的,你就可以用上这个表达法。
  • A: If you want to win Tom's heart, make him a cheesecake.
  • 若是你想讨汤姆欢心,做起司蛋糕给他吃准没错。
  • B: Great idea! I know he has a weakness for sweets.
  • 好主意!我知道他看到甜食就没辙。 
  • 【Is that all there is to... 这样就完成……了吗?
  • 这句话用在你觉得事情没有那么简单,但又不知道接下来还有什么可以做的时候。
  • A: ...And you pour the spaghetti sauce over the noodles.
  • ……再把意大利肉酱倒在面条上。
  • B: Is that all there is to making spaghetti?
  • 做意大利面就这点功夫啊?
useful expressions3
Useful expressions
  • A: It's so hot in here. I'll sweating all over!
  • 这里好热。我满身都是汗!
  • B: The air conditioner is broken.
  • 冷气坏掉了。
  • 【confidence 信心】
  • confidence是指“信心”,faith指的是“信念”
  • A: I'll never get this job. Never!
  • 我不会得到这个工作的。不可能的!
  • B: Give me a break! Have some confidence and go get hired!
  • 拜托!有点信心,争个工作回来!
useful expressions4
Useful expressions
  • A: Go over and introduce yourself to that good-looking guy.
  • 快过去向那个帅哥自我介绍。
  • B: No way. That would be too forward.
  • 门都没有。这样也太主动了吧。
  • 【You're making me nervous. 你让我好紧张】
  • 当你在期望或是害怕一件事发生的时候,会不自主地感到不安。这时若有人还在你旁边火上浇油,让你心中小鹿乱撞,更加心神不宁的时候,你就可以用这句话来抱怨一下。
  • A: Stop pacing. You're making me nervous.
  • 别再踱来踱去。你害我好紧张喔。
  • B: I can't help it. I hate waiting for an answer!
  • 我停不下来。我最讨厌等人家的回音了!
quiz a
Quiz A
  • 柔丝: 那是什么意思?
  • 苏: 让他知道你喜欢他。让他来追你!
  • 柔丝: 我从未让人家知道过我喜欢他。
  • 苏: 很容易啦。
  • 柔丝: 我知道,你的经验丰富。
  • 苏: 别把我讲得这么难听……
  • 柔丝: 我是说,起码你不像我这么菜嘛!
  • 苏: 那我们就从基本的开始……眉目传情……
  • 柔丝: 我会觉得自己好蠢。
  • 苏: 你拿我当对象试试。抛媚眼做个表情给我看……
  • 柔丝: 什么表情?像这样子吗?
  • 苏 你看起来像米老鼠!别那么高兴。
  • 柔丝: 可是我喜欢他啊,何必哭丧著脸?
  • 苏: 因为你想要他,却还没得到。
  • 柔丝: 这我做不来。
  • 苏: 你就把他当作是一大块的巧克力……而你一看到巧克力就忍不住……
  • 柔丝: 像这样?
  • 苏: 对了!这样够挑逗!
  • 柔丝: 眉目传情就这样子而已啊?
  • 苏: 不。另一个重点是肢体接触 
  • 柔丝: 你把我当成哪种女人啊
  • 苏: 你又不必把他吃了。只要不经意地轻轻碰他一下。
  • 柔丝: 这样太明显了。
  • 苏: 若他喜欢你,明显一点才好。这样他才会有信心来追你。
  • 柔丝: 那我只要轻轻地碰他手一下……像这样?
  • 苏: 还可以啦。瞧你手汗流得……
  • 柔丝: 你害我好紧张!
  • 苏: 你要放轻松点!
  • 柔丝: 怎么放轻松?我怕他会觉得我太主动了。
  • 苏: 他搞不好比你更紧张。
  • 柔丝: 不可能。我光想到就会发抖了。
  • 苏: 就想象他忘记穿裤子。这样一来他一定比你还紧张。
  • 柔丝: 好吧。他只穿内裤坐著。我试试看。
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