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Why do they do this to me?? PowerPoint Presentation
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Why do they do this to me??

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Why do they do this to me?? - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Why do they do this to me??
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  1. Why integrate Aesop payroll data into Visions? So you can have more free time to spend with someone cute like me!(Yes, I really am a SHAVED German Shepherd) Why do they do this to me??

  2. Final steps first. Create a report writer report in Aesop that will pull the data into an excel compatible spreadsheet that is in the correct order for upload into visions. Pick me!

  3. The combo column below combines both date field and description fields from Aesop. • The branch field takes data first from “sub hours worked” and then from “hours per day.” The column order for the Visions upload is: Column A-Sub Name Column B-SSN Column C-DAC Column D-Description Column E-Account Number Column F-Hourly Rate Column G-Hours Worked

  4. There is a report writer help manual in the Aesop help screen, but it does not have “combo” or “branch” because Drew has not updated it yet.

  5. Select “run with new filters” from the reports screen. When you get to this screen change dates to match payroll period and run the report.

  6. Select report type Does this person know how to get a screen shot without showing the desktop? Really?

  7. But wait….there's more. If you contact Drew in the next 20 minutes, there is a report template already written for you. (Why I had to write my own is beyond me). Contact Drew at and he will set up a time to copy that report template into your report writer and via webinar will show you how to run and use the report. This is a report AND a webinar all for the price of one! (Free)

  8. THE RESULT!! Beautiful in every way. (All together now……..Oooooooo)

  9. In Visions, set up an empty position that will be used each time you upload a spreadsheet. Go to payroll-employees-positions and pay.

  10. We put ours in a separate DAC “substitutes & extra pay.” This will help for cleaning up the positions for provisional budgeting and in the new year. (Just going to have to trust me on this one.) Change the position dates (treat as if it is one day) and change the period.

  11. Select the import from excel under the actions menu. Take me to your leader-I mean excel spreadsheet

  12. And Voila!! Roseburg has about 350-400 classified sub “positions” each month and it usually takes about 5 minutes to upload the data. 1,800 positions takes about 20 minutes. Pretty fast!! If you are trying to use an account number that is not in Visions, or have tried to import time for a sub that is not entered into Visions, the system will give you a disdainful, yet polite error message. Not that that ever happens at Roseburg.

  13. But how did we get to this amazing creation?

  14. Start by getting your account codes from Visions into Aesop. • Pull up a list of accounts from Visions: • GL-Chart of Accounts • Bring up object code (0121 and 0122) • Take to excel spreadsheet Object 0122, so Chart of accounts Compliant. Barb C. Would be so proud!

  15. This is the place to make changes to account descriptions before you upload into Aesop • If you want the description to show on the substitute’s paycheck, keep the description short. • Include all substitute account numbers, grant funded subs, and staff development expenditure lines. POE Plain old excel spreadsheet

  16. Aesop has account code upload templates. From the navigator home page, go to the Extract/Import menu and select import templates.

  17. Input account code data on Aesop template.Again, think about descriptions. If you want them to show on the substitute's paycheck, make them short. They should describe the work done and tie to different rates of pay, such as custodial vs. IA. EESFU Enhanced excel spreadsheet For upload Into Aesop (pretty column headings)

  18. Copy of substitute’s check-see descriptions. Yes Virginia, these are the account descriptions. At Roseburg, we use the print 2 mail system where the checks are folded and sealed by the printer. We cannot stuff timecard copies with the checks so we print enough information on the checks to let the sub know what we are paying them for.

  19. Once your account list is complete, use the Extract/Import function to import your account codes into Aesop.Aesop also has online available guides under the help menu.

  20. The Accounting Codes live under the Reference Data menu in Aesop.

  21. Assign each employee an account code from the descriptions in the account code list. Notice this account code starts with (AG). This indicates it is an allocation group and will allow you to assign multiple account codes to an employee.

  22. Keep listening…this is really good stuff! Insert polite laughter here….

  23. These are the individual account codes from the account codes list.

  24. The allocation group (with account codes) will default to the description assigned to the individual employee’s information screen. The account codes behind this allocation group will be in the report to upload to Visions.

  25. Melanie T. is a child development teacher/counselor with the school district. She needs a sub for half of her day. When she is out for most leave reasons, her sub would be charged to a teacher sub code at Winchester Elementary School.

  26. Here is an absence report showing the different absence reasons that Melanie has been gone. Some of the sub costs should be charged to a grant. The absence on 5/24 should be charged to Title IV.

  27. When Melanie creates an absence that is to be charged to a grant, she would select the corresponding absence reason from the drop down list-in this case Title IV grant. (Really, you can get about 80% of your staff to do it correctly. Have faith.)

  28. For curriculum absences, we find it helpful to put messages on the home screen. Like if you are attending the Best Practices workshop on April 1 please select “Curriculum>Title IV” as your absence reason.

  29. When the building level office staff reconcile absences, they can change the account code to match the absence reason selected. That will insert the correct account code for the report writer report/upload spreadsheet. We also find it helpful to ask the teachers to put a brief description in the “Notes to Administrator” box. Or PBIS as we are supposed to call it now.

  30. In the absence reconcile screen, the person reconciling the absence will also put in a pay code. This will insert the correct hourly amount in the report writer report/upload spreadsheet.

  31. Dang I’m cute! Aaaahhhhh, time to relax! (or at least move on to the next 1,000 things you have to do.)