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Created by Sofia Allen

Created by Sofia Allen. My opinion .

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Created by Sofia Allen

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  1. Created by Sofia Allen

  2. My opinion If you like funny and exciting books this book is the right pick for you. I love guessing what prank they are going to pull on each other next to get even. The way they bond and understand each other more through a war about a room, I think is pretty amazing!

  3. Peter Stokes Peter is a sixth grader who loves his Grandpa, but when he takes Peter’s room, Peter has to live in the guest room on the third floor. Peter likes to play board games, he likes to color ,and he collects baseball cards. Peter can only do 3 and a half chin ups. He is a kind person who doesn’t want to hurt anyone but then his friend convinced him to start a war. He didn’t like it but he convinced himself that it was a war and he could not surrender. He wanted his room back and he wanted it now!! He doesn’t give up for what is rightfully his!!!

  4. Grandpa Jack Grandpa is lonely and moved in with peter and his family because his wife died from a sickness and Grandpa also has a bad leg. Grandpa used to live in Florida. Grandpa is a forgiving person because he forgave peter for all of the pranks he pulled on him. Grandpa loves to build, he used to build whole houses. Grandpa loves Peter and his family, and is a fun person to be around.

  5. Jennifer (Jenny) Stokes Jenny is Peter’s little sister. Jennifer is nosy, and loves secrets and horses. She likes to watch Pac-Man and Wonder Woman on channel 6. She has blonde hair and blue eyes. Her mom still needs to help her get ready in the morning or else she will be late for school. She needs labels that say left, right, and jeans to know how to get dressed.

  6. Billy Alston Billy has been Peter’s friend since they met in kindergarten. Billy convinced Peter to start a war. Billy is shorter than Peter and Steve, has red hair and a lot of freckles on his face. He can do 15 chin ups.

  7. Steve Mayer Steve has been Peter’s friend since they met in kindergarten. Steve is a Risk fanatic or expert or both. Steve also convinced Peter to start a war. He is taller and thinner than Peter, he also wears glasses. Steve likes to read a lot. He can hardly do one chin up.

  8. Setting This book mostly takes place at the Stokes's house (Peter’s house).Peter and Grandpa go fishing for a little bit. Peter goes to Billy’s or Steve’s house sometimes to talk about the war or play board games. They also are at school for some of the time.

  9. “The Beginning of it All” When Grandpa Jack comes to live with Peter and his family, he moves into Peter’s room because he has a bad leg and can’t walk up to the third floor, forcing peter to move up to the guest room on the third floor. Peter does not like the change or is new room. He thinks there are monsters in his room. Peter needs a plan to get his room back, but what???

  10. “The start of war” Peter was at Steve’s house with Billy playing risk and Peter told them about Grandpa Jack taking his room. They both agreed that Peter should start a war. Peter didn’t like this idea because he didn’t want to hurt his grandpa in anyway. His friends convinced him that he needed to get his room back was to start a war with his grandpa. Peter couldn’t think of anything else so he started the war!!!!

  11. “ATTACK!!!!!” Peter followed through by stealing Grandpa’s slippers, watch, and false teeth. I think the funniest trick though was one pulled by grandpa. Peter woke up at 7:15, fifteen minutes later than he should have been up. Grandpa moved all of Peter’s things that he need to get ready for school around so he had to go on a scavenger hunt to find his things. Grandpa moved peters underwear, tooth brush, put his clothes inside out, moved his shoelaces, and trying to find those things and fix them made Peter late for school.

  12. The Solution to the Problem The way Peter and Grandpa solved the issue was to make the basement, were Peter’s dad worked, into Grandpa’s little apartment type area. Peter moved back into his old room and his dad moved his office up into the guest bedroom. Grandpa put a signed on Peter’s door that said “Pete’s Place. Problem solved!!

  13. Those were some facts about the book, The War With Grandpa. =

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