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Huddle Jade Redial / Callback PowerPoint Presentation
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Huddle Jade Redial / Callback

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Huddle Jade Redial / Callback - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Huddle Jade Redial / Callback.  2013 Cricket Communications Inc. v1.0. Jade Redial / Callback –New Functionality!.

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Jade Redial / Callback

 2013 Cricket Communications Inc. v1.0


Jade Redial / Callback –New Functionality!

  • An additional button named “Callback” will be added to the Jade screen. “Callback” will be used for calling customers back right away, after the call has dropped or disconnected in the middle of a conversation.
  • To initiate a callback to a customer, CSRs need to follow these steps:
  • Press the Callback button located on Jade.
  • CSR will answer their phone when it rings
  • 3. CSR will press 1.
    • If the customer does not answer, the agent will need to disconnect the call, by clicking “disconnect” button. Agents may not leave a voicemail of any type.
    • If the CSR hears the message “Unable to complete this call” disconnect the call, by clicking “disconnect” button.
    • Note customer account in CID, “Customer didn’t answer” or “Could not answer heard fast busy” etc.
  • 4. Press “Make Ready” in order to receive the next incoming call.

 2013 Cricket Communications Inc. v1.0


Callback Tips & Features

  • Callback Caller ID
  • The caller ID on the customers phone will not display Cricket or Care. The caller ID on phone will display 800-274-2538 phone number.
  • Greeting for callback
  • Hello, This is_______ from Cricket. I’m calling you back because I believe we were disconnected in error. Are you able to talk about your concern? We want to make sure you are taken care of.
  • Scenarios when CSR will use Callback option:
  • If a call drops after a conversation is established (customer answers you & you answer them)
  • Extreme amounts of static are present on the line
  • Scenarios when CSR will NOT use the Callback option:
  • Do not call a customer back for a do over, for instance if you forgot to mention something to a customer. 
  • DO not call a customer back to say “hey did it work?” for tech support issues
  • Do not use callback if the call was a ghost call.

 2013 Cricket Communications Inc. v1.0


Supervisor/Team Lead Notes

  • Notes for Team Leader
  • When CSR selects the callback button:
    • Jade will place the CSR in a “not ready” state. 
    • CSR will have to answer their phone to connect the call.
    • CSR will hear a prompt asking them to press “1” to connect the call to the customer.
    • The agent will need to “Disconnect” the call.
    • CSR will need to press “Make Ready” in order to receive a new incoming call.
  • Call will not re-pop the CID screen. CSR will have to ensure they do not clear CID browser. 
  • CSR will also not have the ability to transfer, use hold or conference.
  • NDCC, LNP Trading Partner or LNP Dealer will not use the callback option
  • Only Used on a Customer Direct Call, not a call transferred from another department/skill/CSR.
  • Calls will not be recorded in the Vportal
  • Discussion
  • Team Leader: Discuss the Jade Redial/ callback
  • Training bulletin with your teams. Ask the following questions:
  • What is the scenario in which you should call a customer back?
  • What button needs to be pressed in order to receive your next call?

 2013 Cricket Communications Inc. v1.0