New initiatives subcommittee report
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New Initiatives Subcommittee Report. Thursday, January 6th, 2011. Agenda. Old Business TC Annual Report Form Status (Nancy Anderson) 2009 Education Workshop Closeout (Halliwell) 2010 Standards Workshop Status Closeout (Arrington/Melanson)

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New initiatives subcommittee report

New Initiatives Subcommittee Report

Thursday, January 6th, 2011


  • Old Business

    • TC Annual Report Form Status (Nancy Anderson)

    • 2009 Education Workshop Closeout (Halliwell)

    • 2010 Standards Workshop Status Closeout (Arrington/Melanson)

    • Program Committee Updates (Brett Anderson/Tony Gross)

    • TC/PC Health Assessment Closeout (West /Melanson)

    • TAC/NIS Documentation and web storage (Melanson)

    • ABET Structured Programming Project Status(Eberhardt)

    • TC Newsletter Status and Articles Discussion (Melanson/Halliwell)

    • Technology Survey and Recommendations (Williams)

    • Charter update of the Society and Aerospace Technology Technical Committee (SAT TC)

  • New Business

    • SAE Space Environments Committee transition to AIAA -  Charter and Proposed PC (Paul McElroy)

    • Cognitive Engineering and Human Performance Working Group Proposal (Amy Pritchett)

    • 2011 Workshop Brainstorm

    • Chair Removal Language in Charter?

Tc annual report form status nancy anderson
TC Annual Report Form Status (Nancy Anderson)

  • TC Annual Report Format in use in Engr. & Technology Mgmt Group has been updated based upon discussions

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Tac newsletter status
TAC Newsletter status

  • Two Issues rolled out

    • Latest was December 23, 2010

  • Ian Halliwell has now taken on Editor position for continued development

  • Feedback positive thus far

Tac newsletter status1
TAC Newsletter status

  • Need further ideas for articles and volunteers to write them

    • TAC funds – what they are and how to use them

    • Update your data! (Email, interest codes)

    • What drives conference reg fees

    • Membership upgrades

    • Need to investigate AIAA mailing, not magnet mail (informal poll indicates widespread failure to recognize email), or alternate email from Betty asking everyone to alter junk mail settings to recognize magnet mail

Nis technology initiative

NIS Technology Initiative

January 2011 -ASM

Tony Williams, Deputy Director – SMG Member Services

Technology initiative
Technology Initiative

  • Set aside $5K for Space 2011 (approximately a 0.9% portion of total budget)

    • Solicit candidate ideas for integrating technology into tech program

      • Example – SLTC concept for webcasting sessions to students in Europe

    • Since Space is a SMG conference, this seems to be an SMG decision

  • Investigate providing :

    • Provide each TC chair with Telecon and Webex (like) accounts

      • Used for TC business, including regular meetings and other working activities

  • Define next set of actions:

    • Tony Williams will investigate (with Tammy Marko) cost and issues with telecon and webex-like

    • Tony will get with YP to solicit help in charter future opportunities to move forward with technology-based tool evolution

Charter update of the society and aerospace technology technical committee sat tc
Charter update of the Society and Aerospace Technology Technical Committee (SAT TC)

  • Charter update of the Charter update of the Society and Aerospace Technology Technical Committee (SAT TC)

    • Although technically a revision, the TC doesn't really have a very detailed charter that is well documented.  As part of efforts to update documentation a proposed wording change was made.

    • Prior identified charter purpose:  The AIAA Society and Aerospace Technology (SAT) Technical Committee promotes the transfer of aerospace technology and techniques to help solve critical problems in society and improve the general quality of life.

    • Proposed charter wording is:  The AIAA Society and Aerospace Technology Technical Committee (SAT TC) focuses on (1) how aerospace technology and techniques help solve critical societal challenges and improve quality of life, and (2) understanding interactions between the aerospace enterprise and broader social and cultural trends.

  • No issues among TCs during review

Space environmental systems program committee sespc a proposal

Space Environmental Systems Technical Committee (SAT TC)Program Committee (SESPC) – A Proposal

Dr. Paul M. McElroy

Director, Structures & Materials

Touchstone Research Laboratory, Ltd.

Triadelphia, WV 26059

[email protected]

Agenda Technical Committee (SAT TC)

  • Introduction and Background

  • Charter, Scope, and Objectives

  • Why is it a PC and not a TC

  • Ongoing Activity Plan

  • Related AIAA Committees

  • Membership Roster

  • Recommendation

Background Technical Committee (SAT TC)

  • The SAE Space Environmental Systems Committee is transitioning from SAE to AIAA

    • We are an existing, vibrant committee with very significant ongoing conference efforts (ICES) and community activities

    • Transition effort has been underway for approximately one year

      • Six months of Telecon’s with NIS and Thermo Physics TC to try to establish best available means to join AIAA

What are space environmental systems
What are Space Environmental Systems? Technical Committee (SAT TC)

  • Areas of interest relate to humans living and working in hostile environments with applications inside or outside of terrestrial or outer space habitats or vehicles

    • Aerospace Human Factors

    • Environmental Control and Life-support System Technology

    • Environmental Monitoring And Controls

    • Planetary Protection

    • EVA System Technology

    • Life Sciences

    • Planetary Habitats and Systems

    • Thermal Control Systems Technology for Both Manned and Unmanned Vehicles

Proposed charter scope
Proposed Charter - Technical Committee (SAT TC)Scope

The AIAA Space Environmental Systems Program Committee (AIAA SESPC) will develop, collect, and help disseminate information of value relative to the design, manufacture, maintenance, and testing of environmental/ thermal control systems and components  for aircraft, spacecraft, planetary and interplanetary missions

Pc or tc
PC or TC? Technical Committee (SAT TC)

  • A great deal of discussion with TAC leadership has gone into the decision to recommend forming SES as a PC

  • Key rationale the PC approach:

    • As an SAE committee, SPACE ENVIRONMENTAL SYSTEMS focused heavily on the systems/systems integration

    • Transition of broad multi-national SAE members to AIAA will be more easily facilitated by the PC model

      • Move of SES from SAE to AIAA is unique

    • SES has a strong motivation to integrate a variety of technical aspects for several TCs

      • Will strongly seek out broad TC participation of relevant participants

Proposed charter activities
Proposed Charter - Technical Committee (SAT TC)Activities

  • Sponsoring or co-sponsoring the yearly International Conference on Environmental Systems (ICES) conference sessions and student poster competitions

    • 2011 effort includes short course on Space Environment and its Effects on Space Systems

  • The SESPC supports the concept of strategic alignment of ICES with other AIAA conferences and will work with our ICES partners and other appropriate conferences to determine potential arrangements for future conferences that are held in the United States

Proposed charter activities con t
Proposed Charter – Technical Committee (SAT TC)Activities (con’t)

  • Establish liaisons with other technical societies with related interests

  • Ensure an active membership that is representative of the Environmental Systems community

  • Honor technical contributors through nominations for AIAA Fellow, and recommendations for member upgrades

  • Bring together the appropriate technical disciplines represented within various  technical committees within AIAA

  • Facilitate the review and publishing of Environmental Systems articles

  • Conduct educational and public policy outreach activities to further promote interest in Environmental Systems science and engineering

Related aiaa organizations
Related AIAA Organizations Technical Committee (SAT TC)

  • Groups that Support ICES Conference:

  • American Institute of Aeronautics and Astronautics (AIAA) Life Sciences and Systems Technical Committee

    • AIAA Space Architecture Technical Committee

  • American Institute of Chemical Engineers (AIChE) Environmental Systems Committee

  • American Society of Mechanical Engineers (ASME) Crew Systems Technical Committee

  • ICES International Committee (INT)

  • Program Committees:

  • AIAA Gossamer Spacecraft PC

  • Technical Committees:

  • Thermophysics (Great Discussions Held on 5 January!)

  • Atmospheric and Space Environments

Aiaa sespc membership roster
AIAA SESPC - Technical Committee (SAT TC)Membership Roster

  • McElroy, Paul (Chairman)

  • Adamson, Gary

  • Alloca, Robert

  • Behrens, Burkhard

  • Birur, Gajanana

  • Chambliss, Joe

  • Delil, Ad

  • Ducas, William

  • Farmer, Jeff

  • Gasbarre, Joseph

  • Hall, Jack

  • Holladay, Jon

  • Juhasz, Al

  • Killough. Brian

  • Leimkuehler, Tom

  • McBarron, Jim

  • Ousley, Wes

  • Pin, Olivier

  • Roman, Jose

  • Stephan, Ryan

  • Szigetvari, Zoltan

  • Tan, Gijsbert

  • Teti, Nicholas

  • Thomas, Julian

  • Wasson, David

  • Winton, Dale

Recommendation Technical Committee (SAT TC)

  • Transition From SAE committee to AIAA Program Committee

    • Space Environmental Systems Program Committee (SESPC)

2011 workshop brainstorm
2011 Workshop Brainstorm Technical Committee (SAT TC)

  • Membership growth and cultivation

  • Revitalizing conferences – ideas, brainstorming, procedures and norms

    • Adding value

    • Drawing more participants

    • Alternate delivery methods and models

    • Linked to membership growth…

    • Funding conferences

    • Exhibits

    • developing and institutionalizing change – how do you change and institutionalize the new ideas.

  • Integration of national TAC and Sections and Regions and Student chapters

    • Ways to tie together the two areas