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The Ancient Roman World PowerPoint Presentation
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The Ancient Roman World

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The Ancient Roman World
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The Ancient Roman World

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  1. The Ancient Roman World Web Quest

  2. Learning Objectives • Students will be able to recognize important facts of ancient Rome. • Social Movements and Reforms 1. Students shall analyze the key elements of social movements and reforms.  2. Students shall analyze societal changes resulting from movements and reforms.

  3. Introduction • Have you ever wondered how the Roman world got started? Maybe you’ve wondered who begin the Roman world, how it grew into one of the greatest ancient worlds the world has seen, and the fall of the Romans? • This web quest will help you find out about the ancient Roman world and increase your knowledge of the Romans that lived long ago.

  4. Task • Go though the Web Quest and read though the directions. Once you have done this click on the picture. This will take you to the website needed for you to complete the task. • Once the task is completed keep all assignments or printouts for the end project.

  5. The Beginning of Rome • The picture on the right is a piece of Roman art that represents the legend of how Rome began. Click on the picture to go to the website that explains the beginning and read The Founding of Rome. Then print out a picture of the Roman art and write a summary of what it represents.

  6. Daily Life of Ancient Romans • In ancient Rome, the daily life of citizens varied dramatically depending on their level of wealth and their social class. • Click on the picture to watch a video and learn about the citizens of Rome. Once you have watched the video, answer the questions on the worksheet that portrays to the video. • Hint- take notes

  7. The Lifestyles of Rome • Rome was a highly hierarchical and very conscious on their class in the society. There were many different social classes in ancient Rome. • Click on the picture below to read about the upper and lower classes of Rome. Once you have read about the different classes of Rome, summarize and compare and contrast the upper and lower classes.

  8. Gladiators • A gladiator was an armed combatant who entertained audiences in the Roman Republic and Roman Empire in violent confrontations with other gladiators and wild animals. Click on the picture to play “Gladiator: Dressed to Kill” and to see if you would win or lose.

  9. Wars of Ancient Rome • The ancient Roman wars had a big affect with how Rome is today. Rome was a lot more advanced than almost any other country because of their leaders and the weapons they had when they were fighting. Click on the picture to read about Roman wars and then pick four topics from the page to write on the importance of them in a Roman war.

  10. Roman Art • Romans are known for their great works of art and architecture. Click on the pictures to go to a website to chose a piece of artwork and an architecture made by the Romans to critique. Both must be one page long and typed.

  11. Who Are You • There were many great influential leaders in ancient Rome. Chick on the picture to take the “Who Are You” quiz to find which Roman leader you are most like. Once you have completed and submitted your quiz, write a short summary about the leader you are most like. • Hint- click “here” at the bottom of the page to learn more about your leader.

  12. The City of Pompeii • Once a great city, Pompeii was quickly destroyed by the volcano Mount Vesuvius. Click on the picture to read more about this ancient city and what happened on that summer day in A.D. 79. Once you have read all the information, take the quiz at the end to see if you could survive the horrific event that took place in Pompeii.

  13. Test Yourselves • Click on the picture and take the “Roman History” quiz. Once you have taken the quiz, print out your scores by coping and pasting to a word document.

  14. End Project • For your final assignment, make a portfolio that has all your assignment that you did while doing the web quest. You must put all assignments in either a binder or a three ring folder. Decorate your portfolio either by hand or by using computer. Put in a table of contents at the beginning. The assignment must go in the order of the web quest.

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