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Roundtable 101. Roundtable Intro Definition, Mandate, Membership History of Action Strategy & Roundtable Successes & Shortcomings How the Roundtable Works Roundtable Tools RT Working Group Hosting the RT Goals for RT 9 Questions encouraged. What is the Roundtable.

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Roundtable 101
Roundtable 101

  • Roundtable Intro

    • Definition, Mandate, Membership

    • History of Action Strategy & Roundtable

    • Successes & Shortcomings

  • How the Roundtable Works

    • Roundtable Tools

    • RT Working Group

    • Hosting the RT

  • Goals for RT 9

    Questions encouraged

What is the roundtable
What is the Roundtable

  • Voluntary coalition and partnership

  • Mechanism to coordinate conservation action

  • Focused on the Action Strategy for Nature Conservation 2003 - 2007

Updated rt member criteria from cook is conference 2002
Updated RT Member Criteria(from Cook Is Conference, 2002)

  • RT members represent int’l, reg’l & nat’l organisations implementing, funding or coordinating:

    • more than one objective of the Action Strategy

    • in two or more countries


    • actively participating in previous RTs and in the conference

    • interested/prepared to take a role in a working group on an issue of regional significance

Rt membership to date
RT Membership to date

  • Regional & international NGOs

  • Regional & international inter-governmental agencies

  • Public & private donors

  • National agencies leading or coordinating multi-country efforts or working on issues of regional significance.

Rt participation retention
RT Participation & Retention

  • Not just about numbers but:

  • 23-24 Organizations attend each RT

  • ca 20 Organizations Return at each RT

  • >25 Organizations provided input to the original RT Inventory

  • High individual turnover (need more continuity)

History of action strategy rt
History of Action Strategy & RT

  • Action Strategy Evolution Since 1985

    • from wish list to key actions to specific TARGETS!

    • input from community, nat’l, reg’l, int’l groups

    • shared responsibility for implementation

    • planning tool for gov’ts, NGOs & donors

  • Complements SPREP Action Plan

  • 1997 Pohnpei Conference calls for RT of reg’l & int’l organizations

  • 2002 Cook Is Conference renews RT mandate & calls for broader participation

At this roundtable
At this Roundtable…

  • 20 organisations have returned

  • 6 new organisations

  • 10 countries represented

Updated roundtable mandate from 2002 cook is conference resolution
Updated Roundtable Mandate(from 2002 Cook Is Conference Resolution)

Increase Effective Conservation Action in the Pacific Islands by:

  • Coordination and collaboration among nat’l, reg’l and int’l organizations

  • Identifying critical gaps in the AS and develop new conservation activities

  • Strengthening linkages with

    • Countries via NBSAP or similar process to promote AS

    • CROP agencies for multi-sectoral mainstreaming

    • Regional and national NGOs

  • Report to the 8th Pacific Islands Conference (2007) on implementation of AS

    Mandate from local, nat’l, reg’l & int’l stakeholders

Action strategy process input and ownership promoted

Action Strategy

1998 – 2002 è

2007 Conference


SPREP Meeting ‘03

AS endorsed by PICs ç

7th Conference (Cook Is)


Action Strategy Drafting Committee


Reg’l & Nat’l Reviewers


Pacific Is Roundtable #7

AS Endorsed by Reg’l Orgs

Action Strategy Process:Input and ownership promoted

Successes shortcomings from as rt review 2002
Successes & Shortcomings (from AS & RT Review, 2002)

  • Unifies the Pacific Islands Region

  • Clear, simple document

  • Provides justification for funding

  • Makes us look good

  • Result of consultative process

  • Friendly, informal group that promotes sharing, collaboration & cooperation

  • Voluntary & relies on member commitment

  • Developed important & useful tools… [for] AS implementation…

Rt shortcomings from as rt review 2002
RT* Shortcomings (from AS & RT Review, 2002)

  • Nat’l gov’ts & local NGOs do not feel ownership of AS

  • RT is in danger of becoming a “golf club”

  • Governments & local/Pacific NGOs do not sit at the RT

  • RT tools not as effective as they could have been (esp monitoring matrix & working groups)

  • Excitement wanes once members return home. Volunteerism is a double-edged sword.

*AS shortcomings were addressed in the revision

Goals of rt 9
Goals of RT 9

  • ·Develop the framework for monitoring the Action Strategy

  • ·Work on Roundtable tools –

  • oStrengthen working groups with charters, focused chairs, members and outcomes in relation to the Action Strategy

  • oIntroduce and update inventory and the Pacific Protected Areas Database

  • oStart preparations for 8th Conference

Goals of rt9
Goals of RT9

  • ·Identify strategies to engage donors and the private sector in the Action Strategy.

  • ·Facilitate active national participation on the Roundtable and improve understanding of national priorities

  • ·Integrate NBSAP coordinators into the Roundtable process.

How the roundtable works

Roundtable Principles & Lessons Learned

Roundtable Method

5 Roundtable Tools

How The Roundtable Works

Roundtable is evolving
Roundtable is evolving

  • National representatives – now Roundtable members

  • Three day meeting of the NBSAP Working Group of the RT.

  • Full day meeting time available for working groups to meet eg. Invasives


Rt principles for success
RT Principles for Success

  • Knowledgeable, committed members with authority to represent their organisation

  • Totally voluntary

  • Agenda focused on ACTION (not debate or theory)

  • Respect for different priorities and positions

  • Build trust & cooperation

Lessons learned
Lessons Learned

  • Focus on implementing the Action Strategy (opportunity to revise AS later)

  • Be specific -- WHO, WHAT, WHEN in volunteer tasks

  • Effective RT working groups (WG) need a committed chair and clear charter

  • Avoid chairing more than one WG

  • Continuity of membership is very important

The roundtable method the experiment continues
The Roundtable Method(The Experiment Continues!!!)

  • Get Started -- facilitator, recorder, time

  • Get Grounded -- review Inventory of Activities & share new info

  • Get Analytical -- ID priorities for action

  • Get Action Oriented -- Volunteer for specific tasks

  • Get Finished… Report Back to Plenary

Roundtable tools

Action Strategy, 2003-2007

Inventory of Activities (new & improved!)

Monitoring and evaluation (Wed morning)

Volunteer Tasks

Working Groups

Pacific Protected Areas Database

RT Meeting Reports for more info

Roundtable Tools

Action strategy 2003 2007
Action Strategy, 2003-2007

  • Mission

  • 30 year goals for Environment, Economy & Society

  • Focus on mainstreaming across sectors

  • 5-year objectives (18) with specific targets (77)

  • Implementation shared by local, nat’l, reg’l & int’l groups

Inventory of activities 2004
Inventory of Activities, 2004

  • Identifies gaps in activity

  • Online record – also can be exported as excel file

  • Inventory is ordered at the target level

  • Input & updates needed from all RT members!

  • Will move to PBIF this year

Monitoring and evaluation
Monitoring and Evaluation

  • Consultant starts just before RT9

  • Will evaluate outcome of AS

  • Revise targets of AS

  • Wide consultation

  • Opportunity to input at each RT

  • Final report to 8th PI Conference

Volunteer tasks
Volunteer Tasks

  • Specific -- WHO, WHAT, WHEN

  • Can be achieved in reasonable time (e.g. one year)

  • Volunteered by RT member present at meeting

  • Ideally initiated by next RT

Rt management group
RT Management Group


  • Defacto Organizing Committee

    • Plan RT Agenda

    • Continuity between RTs

    • Maintain momentum; follow-up w/ WGs

    • Support AS Coordinator

  • Monitoring RT & AS indicators (with consultant)

What does it take to be a rtmg member
What does it take to be a RTMG Member?

  • Individual & organization commitment

  • Continuity until next Pacific Is Conference

  • Pay own way (if at all possible)

  • Signed on to Action Strategy (highly desirable)

Who is on the rtwg

Current Members

Taholo Kami, WCC

Kate Brown, SPREP

Lionel Gibson, FSPI

Audrey Newman, TNC

Kesaia Tabunakawai, WWF

Liz Dovey, SPREP

Frank Wickham, SPREP

Randy Thaman, USP

Kate Lee, NZAID

Hugh Govan, FSPI

Gai Kula, CI

Peter Thomas, TNC

Mark Fornwall, PBIF

Essential Roles


AS Adviser


Previous Host

Next Host

Working Group Chairs

Who is on the RTWG?

Rtmg meetings membership open or closed
RTMG Meetings & Membership: Open or Closed?

  • Open at RT meetings

    • meets before & after RT

  • Meetings & conference calls between RTs closed

  • Host & MG Chair have discretion on conference calls

  • MG Chair can close membership to keep group effective (8-10)

  • Rotate and recruit members at each PI Conference

Next roundtable meetings
Next Roundtable meetings

  • July 2006, Hosted by FSPI in Fiji

  • 8th PI Conference for Nature Conservation – PNG in July 2007

  • RTMG Meeting – January 2007 - PNG

Pacific island roundtable
Pacific Island Roundtable




Effective Conservation Action