Data Management at the UW
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Presented to Common Solutions Group Sept. 27, 2007 - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Data Management at the UW. Bill Yock Associate Vice Provost Enterprise Information Services Office of Information Management. Presented to Common Solutions Group Sept. 27, 2007. Data Management at the UW. Trivia: Which ski resort holds the world record for most snowfall in a season?.

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Presentation Transcript

Data Management at the UW

Bill Yock

Associate Vice Provost

Enterprise Information Services

Office of Information Management

Presented to Common Solutions Group

Sept. 27, 2007

Data management at the uw
Data Management at the UW

Trivia: Which ski resort holds the world record for most snowfall in a season?

Mountain Dog


Answer: Mt. Baker

1,140 inches, 1998 - 1999


  • Background - Current Technologies and Strategies

  • IS Futures Report

  • New Office Information Management (OIM)

  • New Data Management Committee (DMC) & Task Forces

    • UW Information Map, Metadata & Definitions

    • Security, Access, Use Policies

    • Data Trustees & Stewards

    • Top 5 Questions “that Deans want answers too.”

  • New Enterprise Information Services (EIS) Division

    • Application Integration Services

    • Decision Support Services

    • Data Management Services

  • OIM Strategic Roadmap Project

University of Washington Facts

  • Founded in 1861

  • Three campuses, and two medical centers

  • 27,600 faculty and staff

  • 43,000 traditional students, 26,000 extension students

  • Information Systems Landscape

    • Core Administrative Systems (Unisys/MCP/DMSII Cobol)

    • 900 Servers, 125,000 devices on the network

    • 7000 Miles Fiber Optic Cable

Future of Information Systems Report

  • Interim report May 2006, Final report January 2007

Future of Information Systems - Continued

  • Recommendations

    • Define a new long term strategic vision

    • Establish new funding models

    • Consider alternative approaches to core systems (i.e ERP’s, Kuali, etc.)

    • Expand and improve information governance and development approaches

    • Support the Data Warehouse

    • Consider changes in organizational structure

New Office Information Management

  • Formed December 2006

  • Dual reporting to Provost and Vice President of C&C

New Data Management Committee

  • Formed December 2006

  • Mike Eisenberg, Chairman, Dean Emeritus of Information School

  • Accountable to Vice Provost of Office Information Management

  • Current Projects

    • Data Policies & Procedures, Role of Data Trustees and Stewards

    • Information Map, Metadata and Definitions

    • Security Access Roles and Policies

    • Top 5 Questions “That Deans want answered…”


Data Management Policies - DRAFT

  • Institutional data will be managed as a key asset!

  • Efforts will be made to reduce redundant data!

  • Institutional data must be maintained close to the system of record!

  • Institutional data must be safe and secured!

  • Access to Institutional data will be open and easily accessible! (except that data which is appropriately restricted)

  • Institutional metadata will be recorded, managed, and utilized!

  • Institutional employees will be held accountable to roles and responsibilities!

Information Map, Metadata & Definitions

  • Taxonomy created to help organize and plan systems and analytics

  • Master Data identified (touchpoints across all systems)

Information Map, Metadata & Definitions

  • Subject Areas divided into Business Domains

  • Domains include identified processes and attributes

  • Wiki being used to capture specific low level data definitions, as well as aggregation rules

Security, Access & Use Policies

  • Security classification – Confidential, Restricted, Public

  • Follow “Access of Least Privilege” standard with Row and Column restrictions per role - per subject area.

Top 5 Questions

  • The Top 5 questions that Dean’s need answered are…

    • What is the student headcount for my school?

    • How many student FTE’s are there?

    • What is the headcount of faculty in my school?

    • What is the faculty FTE by appointment type?

    • How much money do I have by fund types?

  • Dean’s Advisory Group formed

  • Subject area work groups formed around Student, Faculty, and Finance

New Enterprise Information Services

  • -- Future --

  • Senior Manager

  • Facilitates Consistency & Quality

  • Security Policies

  • Metadata Mgmt

  • Master Data Mgmt

Application Integration Services

Data Management Services

  • Gary Prohaska

  • Senior Manager

  • Facilitates Processes & Exchange

  • Web Services

  • Workflows

  • Process Orchestration

  • -- Open --

  • Senior Manager

  • Facilitates Analysis & Access

  • Data Warehouse

  • Data Marts

  • BI Tools

Decision Support Services

Application Integration Services


  • Service Oriented Architecture (SOA)

  • Enterprise Service Bus, Enterprise Service Repository

  • Business process orchestrations / workflows

  • Enterprise portal integration

  • Cross application integration


  • What style / infrastructure is needed? (REST vs SOAP vs WS-*)

  • How do you rationalize a service?

  • How much / what type of governance is needed?

Decision Support Services


  • Enterprise Data Warehouse

  • Enterprise Business Intelligence (BI) Tools

  • Federated / Distributed Data Mart Support

  • Data Mining and Analysis Services

  • Custom Training Programs


  • How to prioritize building out new subject areas in the data warehouse?

  • Who should be responsible for BI (central vs decentral)

  • How do you link metadata into BI easily?

Data Management Services


  • Enterprise Data Dictionaries / Metadata

  • Master Data Management (Common Reference Data)

  • Data Profiling and Quality Assurance

  • Data Security Classification and Access Control


  • How to balance need for open access with security restrictions?

  • How do we integrate metadata across Data Modeling, ETL, Warehouse, BI Tools, etc.

  • How do we migrate core system master data to new environments?


  • Do these issues sound familiar to you?

  • Do you think we are on the right track?

  • I would love to hear from you…

Thank You for your Attention!