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First year advising Pre-Health Science. Successfully Registering for your first semester. First Year Advising Presentation. Gwen Hansen and Nancy Kingsley As your guides. Pre-Health Science Pre-Nursing Nursing Progression of “Major” titles that all refer to the Nursing Major.

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First year advising pre health science
First year advisingPre-Health Science

Successfully Registering for your first semester

First year advising presentation
First Year Advising Presentation

Gwen Hansen and

Nancy Kingsley

As your guides

  • Pre-Health Science

  • Pre-Nursing

  • Nursing

  • Progression of “Major” titles that all refer to the Nursing Major

The school of nursing welcomes you
The school of nursing welcomes you!

  • We are your Nursing Advisors for as long as you continue in the Nursing Major

  • Where are we located?

    In the “PPH” Building with the School of Nursing

    • It’s a short walk, or parking is available right outside our building.

Today s goals
Today’s Goals

  • Orientation Success Pack Modules

  • Understanding the Nursing Major

  • Course Options for your First Year

  • Understanding your ARR

  • Email Set-up & How to Register

  • Register for your Fall courses

Your csusm email account
Your CSUSM Email account

  • Check your CSUSM email on a regular basis.

  • This is the only way the University c0mmunicates with students.

  • We communicate often with our students via email about deadlines and important information!

  • You can have your CSUSM email forwarded to your personal email.

Academic requirements report arr
Academic Requirements Report (ARR)

  • Provides academic evaluation for:

    • Transfer Courses

    • Test Credit (AP, IB, CLEP)

  • Displays Graduation Requirements

  • Monitors requirements that are MET and those that you NEED

What is the add drop period
What is the add/drop period?

  • First two weeks of each fall and spring term of school

  • Can add classes via a permission number obtained by the professor

  • Can drop classes on your own via your Student Center in MyCSUSM

  • We offer Drop-in Advising (no appointments are necessary) during the Add/Drop period.

What is a walk away f
What is a Walk-Away ‘F’?

  • If you are registered for a course and you stop attending or have never attended:

    • It is your responsibility to officially drop the course!

    • Your professor WILL NOT drop you

    • If you do not drop the course you will receive a WU grade. WU=F

Ap ib information
AP/IB Information

  • AP scores of 3 or higher and/or IB scores of 4/5 or higher on HL exams

    • May give you college units

    • May satisfy general education and/or major requirements

    • For AP equivalencies, visit:


    • When you are registering for courses, be sure to speak with one of us about AP,IB or CLEP credit.

Language other than english requirement loter
Language-other-than-English Requirement (LOTER)

  • Language at intermediate-level

    • Third semester /‘201’- level language

    • Approved Study Abroad programs

  • AP, IB or CLEP exams

  • Proficiency exam

    High school language will not clear this requirement unless you passed an AP language exam with a 3 or higher

    SAT Subject Exam? Doesn’t meet LOTER at this time.

How to determine which language level to take
How to Determine which Language Level to Take:

If completing ASL at a community college, must complete through ALS III. See the University LOTER Web site for courses elsewhere that meet this requirement.

Csusm general catalog electronic
CSUSM General Catalog (electronic)

  • Contains all

    • Policies

    • Procedures

    • Requirements

  • List of majors

  • Major/minor requirements

  • Course descriptions

The nursing major

Impacted Program

Two Levels of Impaction Criteria

Level One: Entry to Science Courses

Level Two: Entry to actual Nursing Program

You must apply to the School of Nursing to get admitted to the Nursing Program

Use the Nursing Web site to learn more:

The Nursing Major

Traditional bachelor of science in nursing program
Traditional Bachelor of Science in Nursing Program

  • Referred to as the Traditional BSN Program

  • Time Frame for degree completion

  • Minimum 5-year Program

To be considered for advancement into science courses next year
To be considered for advancement into science courses next year

By the end of your first spring term, you need to have completed your A1, A2, A3 and B4 Statistics courses with grades of C or better, and have a minimum GPA in these courses of 2.75.

Students will be rank ordered and approved students will get guaranteed seats in the four science courses in their Sophomore year.

If you don’t complete these four courses with a grade of C or better, or if you don’t get selected after your first year to move into the science courses, you will have to spend an extra year trying to get into the science courses.

Workshop series for the pre health science major
workshop series for the yearPre-health science major

  • FY Workshop Series: Fall 2012 and Spring2013

  • We will contact you in the fall semester, letting you know that it is time to sign up for the 1stmandatory Pre-Health Science Advising Session

  • Today we will help you to get registered in your first semester of courses.

  • The Fall mandatory workshop will cover: Review of your progressNursing Impaction CriteriaCourse registration for spring

Nursing web site
Nursing Web Site year

Our Nursing Web site, under Current Students, under Pre-Health Science Students, is full of useful information for you!

Use your blue course planner to select other courses
Use your Blue Course planner to select other courses year

Beware of Upper-Division courses!

Do NOT take any 300 or 400 level courses during your first year!!

Signing up for courses
Signing up for courses: year

  • Some of you may have received instructions from a special program to register in a specific section of GEL 101, or some of you may learn that you have been pre-registered in this course.

  • GEL 120 this summer equals GEL 101.

  • Unless you earned AP credit in Math, all of you need to enroll in a math course this fall! Follow the pink Math sheet (side with A-B-C)

  • If continuing in a Language other than English to meet LOTER, add this course to your fall schedule.

If you change your major
If you change your major… year

  • See the Academic Advisor for the new major ASAP!

  • Be sure to complete a Declaration of Major form at the time you meet with your new Academic Advisor

  • General Education courses may be different.

Pull out your student handbook
Pull out your student handbook year

  • Last page in handbook

  • List all courses registered for Fall 2012

  • Don’t leave registration room until you get a signature from Advisor

Questions? year

Presented by o team when finished registering set up your email thank you o team
Presented by O-team! year When finished registering, set up your email THANK YOU, O-TEAM!!!