Animacja kultury ikp 2012 2013
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Animacja Kultury Ikp 2012/2013. The project of: Ewa Ratyńska , Kasia Leoniewska , Marta Popławska. miłomówni. What inspired us to make such a project?. The problem of hate speech – according to us important nowadays

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Animacja kultury ikp 2012 2013

Animacja KulturyIkp 2012/2013

Theproject of: Ewa Ratyńska, Kasia Leoniewska, Marta Popławska

What inspired us to make such a project
What inspired us to make such a project?

  • The problem of hate speech – according to usimportantnowadays

  • DEFINITION (WorldEnglishDictionary):Hate speech, - n, speech disparaging a racial, sexual, or ethnic group or a member of such a group

Places we visited
Places we visited

  • CoffeeHeavennear Hala Mirowska

  • Pardon To Tu


  • Board

  • Letters(ourownversion of Scrabble)

And cookies for participants
...and cookies for participants!

The idea
The idea

  • To make people think about the words they’re using in their everyday live. Because the words we use shapes the reality we live in, we would like to encourage people to use better words, so the reality, hopefully, would be better.

The procces of action
Theprocces of action

  • Because of the weather (snow + biting frost) we decided to do our action indoor. We chose cafes, as social places, where people come to spend their free time, so, as we assumed, they will be able to share some of it with us. In Coffee Heaven and Pardon To Tu we placed our tools at the visible tables, and encouraged humans, already a bit curious about our magic staff, to play the game with us.

The rules were easy

  • piece together our colorful letters into the words they would like to hear and use more often. Our secret wish was that they wont create the most obvious ones: “proszę”, “przepraszam” & “dziękuję”. And you know what? Our wish came true! The words they shared with us were totally crazy and unpredictable!

Details of the procces of action first day
Details of theproccesof action – FIRST DAY

  • We wonderedinthearea of Plac Grzybowski withourtools, but itturned out thatinalmostevery place thereissomeeventtonight. Theydidn’tletusin to Pardon To Tu...

Second day coffee heaven
Secondday – coffeeheaven

  • Next time we decided to CoffeeHeaven near Hala Mirowska

  • Groupsof biznesmen inside – such a challenge!

Small and delicious gifts
Small and deliciousgifts

Combination of words
Combination of words

Third day pardon to tu
Third day – Pardon to tu

Third day pardon to tu1
Third day – Pardon to tu

  • Lastday of our action we came to Pardon To Tu

  • We booked a table for 8 p.m.

  • andmet many peoplewhotook part inourgame...

Start of the game
Start of thegame

A little bit of magic
A little bit of magic...

Some words were really tasty

And some made us laugh
...and somemadeuslaugh