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  1. Greenpower

  2. Who we are: James Ives – Team Captain Adam Bradbury - Electrics Amber Morris - Motor Beth Blood - Motor Josh Hewes - Design Kyle Morby - Bearings Lloyd Nightingale - Construction Matt Clay - CAD Expert Robert Greenhough - Chassis Silverstone UTC: Located within Silverstone Circuit itself, the UTC is a brand new University Technical College specialising in high performance engineering and events management. The UTC has been supported by many major branded companies such as: • McLaren • Caterham • F1 Force India • Aston Martin • Festo • Flybrid + many more

  3. What the Championship Involves: Based around designing and building cars only using electricity for power, Greenpower is a scheme which helps promote economical engineering to all future engineers. Powered by a standard motor and battery pack, the cars are built around a set document of regulations that have recently been updated for the next race year. Once the race season begins, the Championship involves racing around classic tracks such as Silverstone, Rockingham and the finals at Goodwood.With an attendance of 100+ teams, all with a number of team members, it brings attendance numbers to over 5000.

  4. What we aim to achieve: Within our first year, we are aiming for a top 5 finish in as many races as we can. We understand that being a newly established team might make our aim challenging, but with previous experience from some of our members, we think that our aim could be achievable. However, in our second year, we are aiming for podium finishes throughout.

  5. Our Plan: The UTC is helping to teach us the skills we need, however they will not help the team in the development of the car. Due to this, we have to have the ability to use CAD (Computer Aided Design) software effectively to create the car, and then use CAE programmes (Computer Aided Engineering) to simulate the designs. Therefore we need to design, fund and build the car ourselves.

  6. Our Plan (cont.): At this current point in time, we have already designed our chassis and have used rapid prototyping to begin testing. The designs have been drawn in terms of the body and shape of the car, to make it as aero efficient as possible. However, our budget is limited at the moment, so we are planning to gain sponsorships from companies then use this money to buy the parts that we will need to complete the car. Once we know our sponsors and budget, we will be able to start production on the car using the multi-thousand pound equipment that is available to us within the UTC.

  7. Design: