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BC4Boyz: Book Clubs For Boys Getting Boys to Read PowerPoint Presentation
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BC4Boyz: Book Clubs For Boys Getting Boys to Read

BC4Boyz: Book Clubs For Boys Getting Boys to Read

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BC4Boyz: Book Clubs For Boys Getting Boys to Read

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  1. BC4Boyz:Book Clubs For BoysGetting Boys to Read Presented by Dr. Michael Shaffer Principal, Lincoln Elementary Fort Wayne, IN Scholastic Book Fairs Literacy Summit

  2. “Nothing is more important to us than helping you inspire your students to want to read and to keep reading.” Alan BoykoPresident, Scholastic Book Fairs

  3. Access, Choice, and Reading Practice As a school leader, you have the power to connect kids with books they want to read.

  4. Boys don’t read. Except when they do. -London

  5. Schools need to broaden the tent of “what counts and does not count as a valid literacy activity” inviting so-called ‘low-culture’ into the classroom alongside ‘great literature’ and showing that the interests, needs and tastes of boys are valued and have a place in reading life. -Thomas Newkirk (Half the battle is NOT about teaching boys to read, it is instead getting them to read!)

  6. Farris, Werderich, Nelson and Fuhler (2009) conducted a study in an urban school in the Midwest with 46% minority and 64% free or reduced lunch with fifth grade boys. The following observations came out of the study… What do boys like to read anyway?

  7. Boys picked books that “looked good.” (Yes, it is true, boys judge a book by its cover!) Boys like books that are part of a series, or are written by an author they really like. (Don’t we do this?) Boys like to read books with characters who are in more than one book.

  8. Boys chose books that feature facts and information in short paragraphs with pictures and cartoons. Boys like read – alouds. Boys like to be asked, “What do boys like to read?”

  9. “My middle son, Aaron, had a SLOW start in reading. He struggled and really hated the whole process. It wasn't until he discovered a fantasy book complete with dragons that he became hooked. He was SO INTO the subject matter that he forced himself to read just to get at what he was interested in. Now, he is a high school soon-to-be junior who has a Lexile score of well over 1600. He reads non-stop. He will tell you, if asked, that he hated reading until he found something WORTH reading. Then, it opened a whole new world for him.” Deanna Thoughts from a Mom…

  10. Create a library boys will love. Start a book club (or join ours!) Challenge pre-conceived notions of student ability. Invest in a few hard cases personally. Look for every opportunity to push reading. Getting Boys to Read in Four Easy Steps…

  11. You must make the time to make it happen. This is NOT the teachers’ or the librarian’s job! Find the money. You fund what is important to you. Commit a section of your library to Boys Read. I guarantee you will not be sorry! If you are not a male figure, you may wish to enlist the help of one to aid in the selection process of the books. Creating a Library Your Boys Will LOVE…

  12. Go big or go home. Buy NEW books (remember that boys like books that have cool covers!) Hype it up! If it’s exciting to you, it WILL BE exciting to boys! Post a big sign “Boys Read Section” Library, continued

  13. 9. Vary the reading level/interest level/genre. Lighten up a little! Often the types of things boys want to read are “forbidden” (comic books, war stories, weapons and military, video game manuals, sports page of the paper) Find them and buy them! Even if YOU don’t like them!!!! 10. Let girls check out the books also! What’s it going to hurt? Library, continued

  14. Boys Read Section at Lincoln

  15. 17

  16. Determine who will lead the club. You don’t have to be intellectual, just enthusiastic! Steal the time. It will be worth it! Be faithful, be on time. Talk about it all week long, every opportunity you get. Start off with a bang. A VERY BIG BANG! Include food. Vary the food. I dare you to take a risk here! (All that and a couple bags of chips…) BC4Boyz (Book Club for Boys)

  17. Bring in cool guests to share a book! Always take your own book. Let boys make the rules (Here are ours…) No girls allowed Always bring a book Pick a book that fits you Only talk when on the throne Have fun! BC4Boyz, continued

  18. Don’t let the “fun” eclipse book talks. Lots of them! Teach life lessons when you can. Talk it up. Tell your story. Start a Facebook page for your parents to join! Take the time to build support among your female teachers. BC4Boyz, continued

  19. BC4Boyz at Lincoln

  20. Yes, we really did have Harley day at BC4Boyz! And a very successful “Bang the drums LOUDLY” day! 23

  21. Challenge pre-conceived notions about student abilities. Take time for personal investment in a few hard cases Tommy’s Story 24

  22. Look for Every Opportunity to Push Reading Jonathon’s Story 25

  23. Over the last ten years, we have all learned a lot about how to do school reform. Two years ago, Lincoln Elementary’s scores on the state test were the highest in school history, and had the biggest point jump in school history. This past year, we beat those scores and earned recognition as a National Title I Distinguished School in a school with 67% poverty, 18 languages besides English and 49% minority students. Ok, so what? What makes me proud? My boys love to read. My boys love to read. My boys love to read. My boys love to read! It doesn’t get any better than this! Bragging a little…

  24. Look for us on Facebook! Start a chapter at YOUR school! BC4Boyz 27