two easy s trategies to get your students thinking writing and making connections n.
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Integrating Writing with Literature PowerPoint Presentation
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Integrating Writing with Literature

Integrating Writing with Literature

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Integrating Writing with Literature

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  1. Two easy strategies to get your students thinking, writing, and making connections! Integrating Writing with Literature Dara Miller, PAWP 2010

  2. The Literary 3x3 is a simple and ultra brief writing activity to prompt students to think outside the plot The task: students summarize the novel/story they have read without using specific names or events The catch: they must create this summary using only 3 lines of 3 words each. Literary 3x3

  3. The fun comes out in the discussion: consider these examples of “3x3”s for these popular Disney movies – can you guess what they are? Literary 3x3 Curiosity seeks freedom Silence creates confusion Love breaks spells Arrogance transforms handsomeness Mistake creates captivity Inner beauty conquers Innocence craves recognition Guilt prompts desertion Duty calls home

  4. The 3x3 exercise forces students to think outside the “main character does this…then this…the end” type of formula. Let it be a game – students vie to create the most insightful 3x3s Use the words generated to prompt further writing Literary 3x3

  5. Try it! Pick a familiar book or movie (let us know which!) and write your own 3x3 Let’s share! Literary 3x3

  6. The connections test (or connections game, however you choose to format it) challenges students to make connections between events, people, places, and just about anything else in a text. This can be expanded to fit multiple content areas! The Connections Test

  7. Teacher prep: • After reading, choose about 12-15 terms related to the setting, characters, theme, symbols, plot, etc. of the story • Create individual strips of the words and place these in an envelope • Students will draw 5 strips from the envelope and record the words in the order in which they were drawn The Connections Test

  8. Once terms have been recorded, students must find a connection (and write about it!) between: • Terms 1 and 2 • 2 and 3 • 3 and 4 • 4 and 5 • 5 and 1 The Connections Test

  9. The Christmas Carol examples – aren’t these great? The connections test challenges students to think both creatively and analytically Connections can be used to prompt further writing – particularly good ones can turn into essays very easily The Connections Test

  10. Danny Lawrence, AP Literature Summer Institute 2010, Western Kentucky University Tammy Hanna, Washington Irving Middle School, Fairfax County Public Schools, Virginia Credit goes to…