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Working With Wind Energy. Learning Objectives. Learn about wind energy conversion Design a wind turbine Construct the wind turbine Test the wind turbine Evaluate Performance. A Wind Turbine. The wind hits the blades…

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Working with wind energy

Working With

Wind Energy

Learning objectives
Learning Objectives

  • Learn about wind energy conversion

  • Design a wind turbine

  • Construct the wind turbine

  • Test the wind turbine

  • Evaluate Performance

A wind turbine
A Wind Turbine

  • The wind hits the blades…

  • Shaft leads to a gearbox whose output leads to a generator to make electricity

  • Usually has 2 or 3 blades


Your challenge
Your Challenge

> 1ft, 30cm

Design, construct and test your own wind turbine design

Lift weight – 15 cmas quickly as possible

Maximum1 minute

No human interaction!

Blowdryer at least30cm away from turbine

Turbine requirements
Turbine Requirements

> 1ft, 30cm

Must have a rotor shaft around which to wind up given weight

Must be freestanding (no human interaction)

Must use only materials provided

Test procedure
Test Procedure

> 1ft, 30cm

Blowdryer at least 30 cm away from turbine

No human interaction with turbine

Attach weight around rotor

Up to 1 minute to wind up weight for 15cm

Record time to wind up weight


wooden sticks

bendable wire



rubber bands


aluminum foil, plastic wrap


wooden dowels

paper, cardboard


Teams of two (2)

Develop and sketch your design

Construct initial design

Preliminary test

Modify design, if necessary

Final test

Evaluate your design
Evaluate Your Design

  • Efficiency of design may depend on

    • Cost of materials

    • Speed (rotations per minute)

    • Power (time to wind weight)

  • Possible measure of efficiency:

    • Eff. = (Cost of materials) / (time [sec] to lift weight)

  • Are two designs that have the same rotational speed equally as “good”?