Understanding the academic staff promotion process
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Understanding the Academic Staff Promotion Process - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Understanding the Academic Staff Promotion Process . Sponsored by AS Senate. Do I Even Qualify? What’s the Difference?. Promotion vs Title Change.

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Do i even qualify what s the difference
Do I Even Qualify? What’s the Difference?

Promotion vs title change
Promotion vs Title Change

  • Promotion entails change in prefix/no prefix (for example Associate to No Prefix or No Prefix to Sr.) – mostly tied to years of service and performance.

  • Title Change entails a change in title due to addition of or reorganized responsibilities, not just years of service. Title change requires a TEI be filled out and scored in addition to supporting documentation. Title change DOES not cover an entirely new position, a search must be done for permanent new positions.

Getting started
Getting Started…

  • What you’ll need:

    • Academic Staff Promotion Instructions

    • Academic Staff Promotion Policies & Procedures

    • Potentially UPG (Unclassified Personnel Guidelines) information

      First two documents can be found on UW-Superior Human Resources Page, last document can be found on UWSystem website.

Promotion years of service criteria
Promotion: Years of Service Criteria

Promotion from Associate to No-Prefix

  • The applicant must have two (2) years (full-time equivalency) of employment in a position as of June 30th of the current fiscal year.

    See POLICIES AND PROCEDURES FOR PROMOTION OF ACADEMIC STAFF for additional criteria and process information

Promotion years of service criteria1
Promotion: Years of Service Criteria

Promotionfrom No-Prefix to Senior

  • The applicant must have at least seven (7) years (full-time equivalency) of comparable professional experience including the most recent five (5)years (full-time equivalency) at UW-Superior in the same salary range as of June 30th of the current fiscal year.

    See POLICIES AND PROCEDURES FOR PROMOTION OF ACADEMIC STAFF for additional criteria and process information

Title change criteria
Title Change Criteria

If a title does not fit the current job description due to addition of or reorganization of responsibilities, for example, (coordinator vs program manager),a title change may be requested.

When the request for title change is based on scope, it shall include comparison of similar programs on other campuses by number of students served, staff size, number of programs within the unit, level of reportage, unit budget and/or any other measure which may justify the title change.

Separate guidelines are available for Distinguished.

Promotion title change things to know
Promotion & Title Change:Things to Know

  • You MUST have your most recent and up to date position description on file with HR prior to the process.

  • You MUST have a merit rating on your evaluation for the past year to be considered for promotion or title change.

  • For a title change, do your homework. You will most likely comparative information from other institutions if you want your request to be seriously considered.

Contact information
Contact Information


  • Jen Bird x8024, jbird2@uwsuper.edu

  • Jenice Meyer

    X8332, jkienzle@uwsuper.edu

  • Ryan Krueser x8538, rkreuser@uwsuper.edu

  • Jordan Appicelli

    X8502, jappice1@uwsuper.edu


  • Human Resourcesx8220, hr@uwsuper.edu