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Parte LXIX


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Para Tus Ojos

For Your Eyes

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Jilguerito pidiendo el desayuno en mi Comedor

Litle bird asking for the breakfast in my Dining room

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Tules Blancos para una Dama de Noche

White tulles for a Night lady

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Mostrando sus habilidades en mi Jardín

Showing his skills in my Garden

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Eligiendo el camino para llegar al cielo !!!!!

Choosing the way to come to the sky!!!!!

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Amanecer de Fuego en Malargüe-Mendoza

Awakening fire in Malargüe-Mendoza

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El rey de los cielos en Uspallata-Mendoza

The king of the skies in Uspallata-Mendoza

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Arco Iris en la tempestad de los lagos del Sur Argentino

Rainbow in the tempest of the lakes of the Argentine South

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Una Pícara sacando polen de mi Jardín !!!!!!

A Crook extracting pollen of my Garden!!!!!!

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Volando sobre los cielos de Vistalba-Luján-Mendoza

Flying on Vistalba-Lujan-Mendoza's skies

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Un Dios Griego en mi Jardín-A Greek God in my Garden

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Juntos a la vera del Lago Traful-Argentina

Together to the Traful-Argentine side of the Lake

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Y ahora a dónde voy ????

And now to where I go????

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Compitiendo por el Poder en el Cordón del Plata-Mendoza

Competing for the Power in the Cord of the Plata-Mendoza

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Me darán permiso en esta jardín para comer ???

Permission to eat in this garden ????

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La miré………, me miró !!!!!!-Look at her … … …, I look!!!!!!

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Carlos Alberto Bau