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Parte LXX


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Para Tus Ojos

For Your Eyes

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Escala de Pasajeros en mi Jardín River-Mendoza-Argentina

Scale of Passengers in my Garden

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Una Ventana a Uspallata-Mendoza-Argentina River-Mendoza-Argentina

A Windows of Uspallata-Mendoza-Argentina

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Destellos de Lluvia !!!!! River-Mendoza-Argentina

Sparkles of Rain!!!!!

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Reflejos de mi Alma !!!!!! River-Mendoza-Argentina

Reflections of my Soul!!!!!!

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Flores de mi Jardín River-Mendoza-Argentina

Flowers of my Garden

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Danzando en una Flor de mi Jardín !!!!!! River-Mendoza-Argentina

Dancing in a Flower of my Garden!!!!!!

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En Busca de otro Hábitat River-Mendoza-Argentina

In search of another Habitat

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Cataratas del Iguazú-Misiones-Argentina River-Mendoza-Argentina

Waterfalls of Iguazú-Misiones-Argentine

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Ascendiendo por la Cordillera de los Andes-Mendoza-Argentina River-Mendoza-Argentina

Ascending for the Mountain chain of the Andes-Mendoza-Argentina

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Gotitas River-Mendoza-Argentina

en mi Jardín


in my Garden

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Noche en el Cerro Tronador-Río Negro-Argentina River-Mendoza-Argentina

In the night in the Hill Tronador-Rio Negro - Argentine

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Puerto Vallarta-México River-Mendoza-Argentina

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Autor: River-Mendoza-Argentina

Carlos Alberto Bau


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