Semp sesg august 22 2014
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SEMP | SESG August 22, 2014. SESG | Project scope. Volvo Aero Factory. Organization. Principle. Production cell. ”Ideal Factory ” project. Process / method. Function. Team. Procedure. C-SUP. SE student. A3. Technical. Social. Means. Time: Jan-May 2011. SESG | Why A3?.

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Semp sesg august 22 2014

SEMP | SESGAugust 22, 2014

Sesg project scope
SESG | Project scope

Volvo AeroFactory




”Ideal Factory” project

Process / method





SE student





Time: Jan-May 2011

Sesg why a3
SESG | Why A3?

  • SEMP - Method of choice

  • LEAN is hot! A3 as a mean to more LEAN thinking and doing

  • A3 a mean to attack and improve the “as-is” condition (communication and documentation) at VAN

  • VAN ”as-is”:

    • ”Hands-on” and verbally culture  less formalized documentation  loss in important feedback and waste of time discussing same issues many times

    • Meetings as means to execute teamwork  need to be effective and efficient

    • Information often scattered in several files, and in different formats  much time is spent finding information

    • The overview/context is often unclear, forgotten, or ignored

  • A3 thinking is a part of Volvo Production System (VPS)


Meta data

System concerns

A3 purpose

Description of as-is situation

Definitions and abbreviations

General system description

Some key requirements

Model descriptions

A3 hierarchy

Introduction and background

Model descriptions



Meta data

A3 purpose

Description of as-is situation

System challanges

Definitions and abbreviations

General system description

Some key requirements

Introduction and background

Model descriptions

A3 hierarchy

Model descriptions



Meta data

Top-level functional

Physical model

Functional model

System example interface

Functional model

System elements

Meta data


A3 purpose

As-is description

Introduction and background

Example implementation

Physical data-flow model

Need statement

Description of concept


Top-level use cases

Physical model

Sesg top level findings
SESG | Top-level findings

Good way to support communication

Systematic and structured way to document

To much information at once

Resistance to change current documentation procedures

Sesg findings success factors
SESG | Findings – Success factors

Format and tools

  • No need for new SW, use PP/Visio

  • Piece ofpaper and pencil to getgoing

  • Not to be complete or formal

Sesg findings blockers and limitations
SESG | Findings – Blockers and limitations

Format and tools

  • Continuingthe world ofPP-engineering

  • No dynamic link between A3’s if not specificmade in the PP itself, compared to eg. SysML

  • Resistance to change to A3 from thelovely A4

Sesg findings success factors1
SESG | Findings – Success factors

Visualization (A3 content)

  • Overview (combination ofmodels and text)

  • Turning tacitknowledgeintoexplicitknowledge

  • Createawareness and status picture fast

  • Trigger questions and concerns, and changes in models/views and text

  • Great way to spreadinformation

  • ”Poster effect”

Sesg findings blockers and limitations1
SESG | Findings – Blockers and limitations

Visualization (A3 content)

  • Toomuchinformation at once

  • Totally newwayofstructuringinformation, meaningmanyviews at once

  • May seemfuzzy at once, withnoclearreadingpath

  • No clear link betweentext A3 and model A3

Sesg findings success factors2
SESG | Findings – Success factors


  • Inclusive by relating to theparticipants

  • Captureneed for changes in text/models in real-time

  • Great way to createattention and furtherget feedback by removingthepeople from thebig screen to the A3 onthetable

  • ”Force” people to prepare for meetings

Sesg other findings
SESG | Other findings

Other findings

  • Modelsare ”always” thecenterofattention during sessions

  • Text supports theauthorwhen guiding theparticipantsthroughthe A3

  • Text is oftenreadwhen A3 is given in advance

  • Textimportantif A3 is stored as system documentation

  • Somemodelsdon’tconnectwell to particular stakeholders (abstractmodels)

  • Force author to thinkoflevelof detail and levelofabstract

Sesg recommendations
SESG | Recommendations

  • Lecture exposed/involved stakeholders on ”A3 101”

  • Make the A3(s) our A3’s, not mine A3

  • Try to give or make A3 available before a session

  • Remember to guide the participants through the A3

  • Included a defined area in the A3 where notes, questions, tasks, etc can be placed

  • Combine elements from Borches cookbook and the traditional Toyota problem solving A3

    (especially visualizing the as-is and to-be)

  • Try to use A3 on smart board, reducing the need to print

  • Person responsible for A3 making must be given time to work with the A3

  • Combine text and models into one A3 when dealing with smaller issues and topics

  • Borches cookbook as a guide to help think A3

  • Experiment with A3 and PP as a mean to support specific views

  • Be aware to stop A3 developing when ”good enough”

  • Do not focus to much on specific models/views

  • Tools used to create is not the most important in A3 thinking