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Personal Greatness (How to Set and Achieve Your Goals) PowerPoint Presentation
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Personal Greatness (How to Set and Achieve Your Goals)

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Personal Greatness (How to Set and Achieve Your Goals) - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Personal Greatness (How to Set and Achieve Your Goals). Steven A. Gedeon, PhD, MBA, PEng. Personal Greatness. Some ideas based on the works of: Denis Waitley “Seeds of Greatness” Hyrum Smith “The 10 Natural Laws of Successful Time and Life Management”

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Personal Greatness (How to Set and Achieve Your Goals)

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personal greatness
Personal Greatness

Some ideas based on the works of:

  • Denis Waitley “Seeds of Greatness”
  • Hyrum Smith “The 10 Natural Laws of Successful Time and Life Management”
  • Stephen Covey “7 Habits of Highly Effective People
  • Anthony Robbins “Awaken the Giant Within”
the big questions
The Big Questions
  • What do I Want out of Life?
    • What are my Values and Goals?
  • How do I Achieve Happiness and Inner Peace?
    • How do I ensure my daily activities are in harmony with my values and achieving my goals?
  • How do I get Better Grades?
    • How do I manage my daily activities
the problem
The Problem
  • People feel Out of Control, Unhappy
  • People have Conflicting Priorities, Values and Goals
  • Time Management may let us do more, but will not bring us Inner Peace or Happiness
  • People have Regrets about what they didn’t do
personal greatness5
Personal Greatness
  • Business Success is all about Surrounding yourself with Great People (and motivating them with Great Goals)
  • Personal Success is all about being a Great Person (and motivating yourself with Great Goals)
what is greatness
What is Greatness?
  • A Journey – Not a Destination
  • Be the best at being you
    • Figure out who you want to be
  • Have Strengths!
    • Things you are Great at
  • Average Goals and Effort will Produce an Average Life
seeds of greatness
“Seeds of Greatness”
  • You Always Get Out what you Put In
  • Plant Apple Seeds and you get Apple Trees
  • Plant Weeds and you get Weeds
  • Plant “Seeds of Greatness” and you get Great Individuals
  • Greatness is the Progressive Realization of Worthy Goals
set goals9
Set Goals
  • The Cheshire Cat
  • The Reason so many Fail to Achieve their Goals is that they Never Set them in the First Place
  • By Failing to Plan – They Plan to Fail!
  • The Mind is like the Homing System of a Torpedo
    • It will achieve your good or bad expectations
    • If no target set, it will wander aimlessly and self-destruct
the well balanced life
The Well Balanced Life

Long-Term Goals

Yearly Goals

Monthly Goals

Weekly Goals









to reach any significant goal you must leave your comfort zone
To Reach any Significant Goal, you Must Leave your Comfort Zone
  • A Goal is a Planned Conflict with the Status Quo
  • SMART Goals:
    • Specific
    • Measurable
    • Action-Oriented
    • Realistic
    • Timely
  • An Unwritten Goal is Merely a Wish!
when daily activities reflect your values you have inner peace







When Daily Activities Reflect Your Values, you have Inner Peace
  • Ensuring Non-Contradictions
  • Live “Without Wax”
  • To Thine Own Self be True
    • Integrity – Your Actions Conform to your Words
    • Honesty – Your Words Conform to Reality
    • Learn your Aptitudes (do what you are good at – ensure your Goals Conform to Reality)
  • The Importance of Principles
    • Don’t have to Stress over Decisions and Principles you have Already Established
  • What Matters Most in Life Should Never be at the Mercy of Less Important Things!
  • Inner Peace = Serenity, Balance and Harmony in our Lives Through the Appropriate Control of Events
  • Being Busy vs Being Productive
  • Being “Efficient” vs. being “Effective”
efficacy skills achieving goals
Efficacy Skills (Achieving Goals)
  • Reality-Based Self-Esteem
  • Creative Visualization
  • Positive Self-Talk
  • Time Management
  • Responsibility
  • Self-Control
  • Adaptability
  • Persistence
  • Benevolence
  • Perspective
1 reality based self esteem
1: Reality Based Self-Esteem
  • We must feel Worthy of achieving our Goals
  • We must feel Self-Esteem inside ourselves before we can give it to others or receive it from others
  • Unconditional Love and Causeless Value vs Rational Basis of Lasting Self-Esteem
productivity and self esteem
Productivity and Self-Esteem


Event Control


self esteem
  • To Hang onto Your Dreams: Your Own Self-Worth Must be Stronger than the Fear of Rejection, Failure, Criticism…
    • Fear of Rejection
    • Fear of Change
    • Fear of Success
your self esteem must ultimately come from within
Your Self-Esteem Must Ultimately Come from Within
  • Seeking others’ approval often pressures us into behaving contrary to our deepest values
  • When we seek external validation, we lose control over our lives
  • Don’t behave according to someone else’s values rather than your own
  • Whenever we accept someone else’s prejudice against us, we give them a degree of control over our lives
  • You can be happy and successful regardless of other people’s opinions
2 creative visualization21
2: Creative Visualization
  • You are what you think, say, and believe about yourself (your self image)
  • The Mind’s Guardian (Reticular Activating System)
    • Your info filter – be careful what you give importance to
  • Most negative feelings and beliefs are stored, through habitual repetition in our right-brains
core beliefs
Core Beliefs
  • Deeply held, typically non-verbal, core beliefs have a powerful effect on your self-esteem and behaviors. For example:
    • “People are Basically Good”
    • “Technology is Dangerous”
    • “Humanity is Bad for the Planet”
    • “My Life is Important”
    • “I Need a Safety Net”
    • “What Other People Think of Me is Very Important”
    • “I Deserve to be Happy”
    • “Life is Unfair”
    • “I’m Stupid, Lazy, Ugly…”
    • “It’s a Dog-Eat-Dog World”
core beliefs23
Core Beliefs
  • What are Your Core Beliefs?
    • Do You Agree with ALL of Them?
    • How did they get there?
  • Because we Believe them to be True, we will Act as if they are True
  • Stated Beliefs vs. Actual Beliefs
    • We say we believe things, but don’t actually do anything about them
align beliefs with reality
Align Beliefs with Reality
  • If our Beliefs do not conform to Reality, then they are Wrong
  • Growth Means Change
    • Personal Growth means accepting that some of your Core Beliefs may be Wrong
    • Changing your Core Beliefs
      • Identify the behavior that’s not producing the desired results
      • Identify possible beliefs driving the behavior
      • Identify alternative beliefs that may produce better results
      • Predict future behavior based on the new beliefs
      • Use Creative Visualization and Self-Talk to reinforce better Beliefs
creative visualization
Creative Visualization
  • The Power of Visualization, Affirmations and Self-Talk
  • Who you see in your imagination will always rule your world
3 self talk
3: Self-Talk
  • Your Self-Image Cannot Distinguish between Reality and Something Vividly Imagined
  • Self-Talk Statements Concerning Each Major Goal or Core Belief
    • Use Personal Pronouns (“I”, “mine”,”me”)
    • Present Tense
    • Short and Concise
    • Positive Goal Seeking, not Avoiding Negatives
    • Non-competitive, don’t Compare to Others
    • Strive for Improvement, not Perfection
4 time management
4: Time Management
  • You Cannot Control Everything – Sometimes you Must Adapt, Roll with It
  • Think “Event Control”, not “Time Management”

No Control Total Control

Sunrise, Death, Boss

Earthquakes, Tides

Other people…

What I Eat, What I Wear

My Reaction to Events…

taking control
Taking Control
  • There are Events we can’t Control, but we Believe we can
    • We Cannot Control what Other People Do!
  • There are Events we Can Control, but Believe we can’t
    • Interruptions, Time Robbers, Procrastination…
  • The Fallacy of thinking we’re going to have more time at some unspecified future date
  • The Fallacy of thinking you can save time
productivity and self esteem30
Productivity and Self-Esteem


Event Control


the 4 quadrants of time mgt
The 4 Quadrants of Time Mgt








Urgent Not Urgent

planning properly
Planning Properly
  • Find a place that is free of distractions
  • Review the long-range goals – Put Big Rocks in First!
  • Make sure the number of tasks and time is achievable
  • Set specific daily goals for tasks
  • Anticipate obstacles
  • Prioritize your tasks
    • List all your tasks – especially non-urgent ones!
    • Give a Value to Each Item on the List (A important, B, C trivial)
    • Give a numerical Value to Prioritize (A2, B3…)
  • Character is doing what you say you will do
  • Character is the ability to carry out a worthy decision after the emotion of making that decision has passed
daily planning leverages time through increased focus
Daily Planning Leverages Time through Increased Focus
  • Take 15 Minutes each Day to Plan
  • Excuses
    • I don’t have time to plan
    • I already know what I have to do. Why take time to plan?
    • I have too many interruptions to plan
    • I feel “tied down” if I have a long list of things to do
    • I don’t know how to plan properly
5 responsibility
5: Responsibility
  • We become what we do
  • Character cannot be counterfeited or put on and cast off like a garment
  • Our rewards in life depend on the quality and amount of work we put into it
  • Delay immediate gratification for long-term goals
  • Happy people are Self-Reliant
    • They feel they have control over their lives vs. those who believe in fate, astrology, or victims of the system
the 7 c s of self control
The 7 C’s of Self-Control
  • We Control the Clock
  • We Control our Concepts
  • We Control our Contacts
  • We Control our Communication
  • We Control our Commitments
  • We Control our Causes
  • We Control our Concerns
    • What Concerns us Most is the Joy of Living!
7 adaptability
7: Adaptability
  • These are “The Good Old Days”
  • Problems are Normal in any Era
  • Successful people develop Mental Toughness, Strength of Character and Adaptability
  • Stress is a Normal Part of Life
  • Many Types of Stress – It’s how you Take it that Counts
rules for handling stress
Rules for Handling Stress
  • Find your own purpose in life, that fits your own personal stress level
    • Racehorse vs. Turtle
  • Control your emotional level by recognizing situations as being either life-threatening or non-life-threatening. Respond rather than react
    • The Stress Savings Account
  • Collect the Goodwill and Appreciation of others
  • Humor yourself into Health and Happiness
8 perseverance41
8: Perseverance
  • Perseverance is the ability to keep working when things go wrong or the odds stack up against you
  • Winners Work at doing things the Majority of the Population are Not Willing to Do
  • Losers by Default rather than Defeat
  • Thinking you can is only the First Step. It takes years of perseverance to achieve success
  • Do the Tough things first and look downstream for gratification and rewards
ray kroc on persistence
Ray Kroc on Persistence
  • Press On: Nothing in the world can take the place of persistence. Talent will not; nothing is more common than unsuccessful individuals with talent. Genius will not; unrewarded genius is almost a proverb. Education will not; the world is full of educated derelicts. Persistence and determination alone are omnipotent.

“Grinding it Out” by Ray Kroc 1978

9 benevolence
9: Benevolence
  • The World is your Oyster (What Pearl can you find today?)
  • The Explorer’s Premise
  • The Trader Principle
  • The Abundance Mentality
  • Think Win-Win
    • Share Power and Authority
    • Shares and Options
  • Be Nice to People!
    • Take Time for Empathetic Listening
greatness is being proactive







Greatness is Being Proactive


Creative Visualization

Positive Self-Talk

Time Management








10 perspective46
10: Perspective
  • Greatness is Ultimately about being Proactive
    • Integrated Values, Beliefs, Goals and Actions
  • Balanced Living
    • Being Great in All Aspects of Your Life
  • Living on “Someday I’ll”
  • Greatness is a Journey, not a Destination
  • You always get Out what you put In
    • Sow Seeds of Greatness!