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Nanomedicine. overview. Statistics What is nanomedicine ? Applications Tumors Nanoinjectors Surgery Neuro -electronic interfaces. Statistics.

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  • Statistics
  • What is nanomedicine ?


      • Tumors
      • Nanoinjectors
      • Surgery
      • Neuro-electronic interfaces
  • Nanomedicine is a large industry, with nanomedicine sales reaching 6.8 billion dollars in 2004, and with over 200 companies and 38 products worldwide, a minimum of 3.8 billion dollars in nanotechnology R&D is being invested every year
what is nanomedicine
What is nanomedicine ?
  • It is the usage of Nanotechnology for treatment, diagnosis, monitoring, and control of biological systems-“nanomedicine is the medical application of nanotechnology”



Kill tumor cells selectively using specific receptors that attach only to the tumor cells.

  • Seek out cancer cells , targeting and attach to them.(Quantum dots or nanoshells coated with gold.)
  • nanoinjector based on a single carbon nanotube that is only 25 nm in diameter.
  • This can be inserted into a single cell.
  • The material is held in place by a chemical linkage that is sensitive to the cell interior.
  • Once the tube is inside the cell, the linkage is broken and the material is released.
  • This technique will be of great use to cell biologists, allowing them to overcome many of the limitations of existing microinjection techniques.
  • At Rice University, a flesh welder is used to fuse two pieces of chicken meat into a single piece.
  • The two pieces of chicken are placed together touching.
  • A greenish liquid containing gold-coated nanoshells is dribbled along the seam.
  • An infrared laser is traced along the seam, causing the two sides to weld together.
  • solve the difficulties and blood leaks caused when the surgeon tries to restitch the arteries and wounds.
neuro electronic interfaces
Neuro-electronic interfaces
  • Neuro-electronic interfacing is the construction of nanodevices that will permit computers to be joined and linked to the nervous system as to control and detect nerve impulses .
neuro electronic interfaces1
Neuro-electronic interfaces
  • The computers will be able to interpret, register, and respond (particpate)to signals the body gives off when it feels sensations. The demand for such structures is huge because many diseases involve the decay of the nervous system .
neuro electronic interfaces2
Neuro-electronic interfaces
  • Also, many injuries and accidents may impair the nervous system resulting in dysfunctional systems and paraplegia.
  • If computers could control the nervous system through neuro-electronic interface, problems that impair the system could be controlled so that effects of diseases and injuries could be overcome.
neuro electronic interfaces3
Neuro-electronic interfaces
  • It’s a sort of like a Remote for the body where u could monitor body signals and also send signals to different body organs.
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  • Reviews in the journal Nanomedicine.
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