dressing a poinsettia n.
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Dressing A Poinsettia

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Dressing A Poinsettia - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Dressing A Poinsettia. Fremont High Horticulture. Allow them to select a poinsettia. After the selection…. Remove all dead leaves or debris from the top of the pot If soil is moist, do not water- if dry, water it lightly Allow customer to select foil, bow, and ribbon colors

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dressing a poinsettia

Dressing A Poinsettia

Fremont High Horticulture

after the selection
After the selection…..
  • Remove all dead leaves or debris from the top of the pot
  • If soil is moist, do not water- if dry, water it lightly
  • Allow customer to select foil, bow, and ribbon colors
  • Suggest something if they don’t know what colors look best together.
carefully cut the foil
Carefully, Cut the foil….
  • You need 13 inches
  • Be sure to measure it
  • Cut it on the INSIDE
  • Fold 1/4 of the all edge areas to the inside.
  • If you rip the foil or put a hole in it, get another one.
place the poinsettia on the foil
Place the poinsettia on the foil
  • Make sure the pot is in the center of the foil
  • Carefully pull up one corner and DO NOT TUCK IT.
  • Tuck the foil between the corners.
  • Fold it gently over the edge of the pot.
foil the edges
Foil the edges...
  • Bring the foil up on all sides of the plant
  • Crease and turn, crease and turn
  • Lift the leaves, do not smash them against the pot.
add the bow
Add the bow
  • Select the ribbon color
  • Cut it to length and follow the book directions for a pinch bow.
  • Add the pick
  • Wrap the wire around the wooden part
the ribbon around the pot
The ribbon around the pot
  • Select the ribbon color
  • Cut 24-25 inches of ribbon
  • Diagonally cut the edges of the ribbon
  • Wrap it around the pot and foil to be sure it is long enough
inserting the bow
Inserting the Bow
  • Put the pot ribbon on the pot
  • Pull the two ends together
  • Cross the ends at the top between two corners -forms an “X”
  • Push the bow with pick through the ribbon.
add the care tag
Add the care tag
  • Tells them how to care for the poinsettia
  • Contains name of purchaser
  • Advertises the Fremont FFA
  • Allows for easy removal of prices
protect the poinsettia
Protect the poinsettia
  • Ask when it will be taken home
  • They will not tolerate more than a few hours of chill
  • Sevier chill = death in minutes
  • Put a plastic bag with air around the plant
thank you
  • Be sure the thank them for the sale
  • Collect the funds
  • Record the sale and issue a receipt
  • Ask if you can take it out to the car for them
  • Be polite and helpful
  • as if your paycheck depended upon it!