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2011 - Halifax, NS . 2015 - Prince George, BC - 22 months away . SSNB can take 9 Female Skaters & 9 Male Skaters Will you be one of them ? . Think about it for a moment : Why do you want to go to the next Canada Winter Games ? . 2015 - Prince George, BC .

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2015 prince george bc 22 months away

2015 - Prince George, BC - 22 months away

SSNB can take 9 Female Skaters & 9 Male Skaters

Will you be one of them ?

Think about it for a moment :

Why do you want to go to the next

Canada Winter Games ?

2015 prince george bc

2015 - Prince George, BC

Your answer

from the previous slide

COULD have a lot to do in

determining if you will make it .

2015 prince george bc1

2015 - Prince George, BC

The Canada Games Process

is a Learning process

1. about yourself

And 2. about what you are willingness to

Commit to make TEAM NB.

1 st reality

1st Reality


IF You think your going to do

the same old training that you have

done in the past and make the TEAM .

- Your Wrong!

Think about it !

How can you expect to make BIG improvements

If your going to do the same training at the same intensities.

2 nd reality

2nd Reality

The NEED to Learn the value of GOAL SETTING

And learning to build a process that makes it work for you.

- You will need goal setting in almost every training you will do ( once you get a decent base) .

You will Learn the value of setting goals in every day practice.

You will learn the difference between Outcome Goals and Process Goals and which is more important for You to focus on now.

3 rd reality

3rd Reality


You all have busy lives – and LEARNING how to prioritize

your daily life schedule to allow the proper


For your - Training sessions

- Proper Rest & Recovery

- Proper Nutrition

Along with ALL the other things going on in your life .

4 th reality

4th Reality

You Cannot do everything !

If your going to give the Canada Winter Games

the proper respect an event of that magnitude deserves.

Something has to give.

You have choices to make !

Looking at a few training program items

Intensities will go from 4.5 to 10

& Recovery rests vary dependant on the time frame

Looking at a few Training Program items

My summer fall training priorities for t2t

My Summer /Fall Training Priorities for T2T

Looking at a few program items

Looking at a fewProgram items

Biking Example

Does every one know what a 5 would feel like ?

Biking is a good chance to do controlled deeper breathing.

Points to pay attention to

Points to pay attention to


When every one biked for 70 min - DID everyone go the same distance?

Same Speed ?

What other Variables might cause this




Control your breathing

What pace does a 7 feel like ?

How can you tell ?

Again – DID everyone go the same speed in the 4 min runs ?

Same Distance????

DID some maybe RUN harder just to keep up to a group ??



Running Example

What pace should an 8 feel like ?

How will you know ?



Running Example

What should a 9 feel like ?

How will you know



Running Example

What should an 8.5 feel like ?

What is the difference between an

Intensity of 8 and 8.5 ?



Running Example

Maximal Speed

Thinking about practicing reaction times

Training basics running biking imitations

Training Basics - Running / Biking / imitations

An example of training


An Example of “Training” ?



IT is pretty simple !

MOST Skaters NEED to grow their bodies ability to process more oxygen in the Aerobic Power system-

--as well as get physically stronger.

This takes CONSISTENT DEDICATION as well as TIME .


Spring 2013





Fall 2014

T2t training basics strength

You do not begin strength training with weights - You will work up to that stage eventually

T2T Training Basics - Strength

you begin with the basics and get good at them, [Movements – Flexibility – strength ] getting stronger through your ranges of motion and developing joint stability ----- BEFORE you attempt weights .

T2t training basics leg strength

  • 1 work up to that stage eventually st Set - 1 X 50 free standing single leg squats (Blocks of 10)- Technical position – Knee to ankle . IF you cannot do a free standing SLQ – Do them with your recovery leg supported on something about your knee height. ( Or a progression there of)

  • 2nd set - Kords (40) - 4 X 10 each way r 3’ ( Focus on Technique)

  • Cadence - 2 down - 0 - 2 up - 0 , staying in a tucked position ( You need to feel your abs are engaged. (do 10 turn and do 10 with other leg and repeat until done)

  • Lean angle - at least 45 degrees from perpendicular - Make sure support knee stays under middle of chest when compressed . DO Not grab belt with hand - hold just enough to avoid rotation . Try to drop your shoulder closest to belt support, so your shoulders remain parallel with the ground. Recovery leg DOES NOT touch the ground. During lowest point of compression the recovery leg knee touches the ANKLE of the support leg, weight should be mid foot. Need knee well over toes. ( An angled foot brace gives a better feel of the push to better mimic when you skate).

  • 3rd Set - Position Weight shift - 1 X 4 Min ( 8 sec switches) r 3’ NO ROTATION ( use a mirror –if possible ) - Make sure hip is being pushed across ( All the upper body mass moves in unison) -away from the pushing leg - engage your abs & glutes when you press away. Hips actually go lower while pushing across. Lift extension leg after push is complete - for a 2 count, to make sure your hip is in a proper position.

T2T Training Basics - Leg Strength

If you cannot easily do this - why would you need to do WEIGHTS?

Training basics strength

Also work up to that stage eventually GO through remainder of T2T Program 2 times

SSNB Plank - 1.5 min

Reverse Sumo - 1 min

Hip Flexor stretch - 2 X 30 Sec ( Both legs)

Straight leg Bobs - 1 X 45 sec

Side Kicks - 1 X 45 sec

IT Band stretch - 2 X 30 sec each side

Training Basics - Strength

If you cannot easily do this - why would you need to try to do WEIGHTS?

Just for the fun of it … YOU will be running through this program in the next session

Training basics mental skills

Training Basics : Mental Skills work up to that stage eventually

Mental skills discussion is for another Camp

But quickly -----the BASICS you have to learn about are -




Managing Anxiety levels

Learn how to Visualize

Expand your goal setting

Develop a better understanding of your Emotional Control

Learn to be the boss of your attention control

Training basics nutrition

Training Basics : Nutrition work up to that stage eventually

Nutrition discussion is also for another Camp

But understanding the concept that if you burn fuel you need to replace it

….. And when are the proper times to consume fuel.

Different body types need different replacement levels of fuel.

as well --- the fluid volumes you consume ties into your perspiration levels from training .

Training basics recovery rest

Training Basics : work up to that stage eventually Recovery & Rest

IF Your going to train properly

You have to learn to give your body the proper recovery breaks based on the systems worked .

You have to give your body the proper rest each day.

More about those important issues in other camps

Ssnb canada games programs

SSNB Canada Games Programs work up to that stage eventually

Are on The SSNB Web site


In the Skaters resource section

Go to Training Programs Page

Scroll down to the Train To Train (T2T) box

Different programs every month

NOTE –starting in JUNE their will be a specific T2T program for those considering Men’s Long track

It will be basically the same routines, but with a fair bit more volume.

The vast majority of Canada Games skaters are to do the T2T program.

Canada games schedule commitment

Canada Games Schedule work up to that stage eventually Commitment

Canada games schedule

Canada Games Schedule work up to that stage eventually

2015 canada winter games

2015 Canada Winter Games work up to that stage eventually

It’s very simple

Those who do the work

in all the programs facets of sport development

Will be those heading to Prince George.

For the 2015 canada winter games

For the 2015 Canada Winter Games work up to that stage eventually

Keep the winning tradition !