sco openserver paul hurford product manager n.
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SCO OpenServer Paul Hurford Product Manager PowerPoint Presentation
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SCO OpenServer Paul Hurford Product Manager

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SCO OpenServer Paul Hurford Product Manager - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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SCO OpenServer Paul Hurford Product Manager. SLS. SLS. SLS. SLS. OSR5.0.7 UPDATE PK1. OSR5.0.7 UPDATE PK2. Security Fixes. Security Fixes. Security Fixes. Security Fixes. SCO OpenServer Roadmap. 2001. Q1’02. Q2’02. Q3’02. Q4’02. Q1’03. Q2’03. Q3’03. OpenServer 5.0.6a.

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SCO OpenServer Paul Hurford Product Manager

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sco openserver roadmap







Security Fixes

Security Fixes

Security Fixes

Security Fixes

SCO OpenServer Roadmap















Deliverable and supportable or in final test/manufacturing

Not deliverable or supportable. May be used as a technology preview or BETA.



openserver 5 0 7 new features
UDMA 100/133 support

Writeable EIDE CD-RW Support (Microlite, Corp.)

New and updated PC-Card and Card-Bus support

PCI serial and parallel card support for legacy free platforms

LS-120, LS-240 support

OpenServer 5.0.7 New Features

Improved Hardware support:

  • USB support integrated and enhanced:
    • USB 2.0 support (EHCI)
    • USB 1.1 support (OHCI, UHCI)
    • Bootable USB CDs
    • Class Drivers for
      • Hubs, Keyboard, Mice, CD-ROMS, Floppy, Mass storage devices, LS-120 and LS-240
openserver 5 0 7 new features1
UDI Supplement updated and integrated

New and updated graphics, network, and HBA drivers

New Network Services

Samba, Squid, OpenSSL, OpenSSH

Updated Network Services

BIND, FTP, IP Filter

Apache updated and integrated (with XML, PHP, mod_perl)

New online documentation system - DocView

Updated portions of libc from UW7.1.3

New GNU compilers, debug, linkers, libraries

New Java JDK 1.3.1



OpenServer 5.0.7 New Features
openserver 5 0 7 new features2
Java runtime installed in the base product

gwxlibs – a collection of libraries that make it much easier to port Open Source software to OpenServer

New UDK 7.1.3 (OUDK Successor)

Maintenance and Security fixes

Enabled for Electronic Maintenance and Updates

Volution Manger(VM) Client Bundled With OS

Allows VM to distribute and manage maintenance and new SCO Update Service packs

OpenServer 5.0.7 New Features
openserver 5 0 7 new features3

2 – 4 GB PC-133

PCI 64/66 Hz

10 x 100 Ethernet

2xU160 (LSI)

Pentium 4 w/ 860 chipset – [CQ1-03]

2/6 GB DRDRAM/DDR266 – (support to 4GB)

PCI-X, without hot plug support

10/100 or Kenai-64

OpenServer 5.0.7 New Features

Processor and chip set support

openserver 5 0 7 new features4
Pentium 4 (845 Chipset)

No Native Graphics Support but VESA compatible

2GB DDR 200

32/33 PCI

(Kenai-32 Ethernet) – IDE

Xeon – E7500

6 – 8 GB Mem DDR200 – 16 GB DDR266 (support to 4GB)


GigE (Kenai-64) – 2xGigE (Anvik) [CQ1-03]

2xU160 (LSI)

OpenServer Supports:

Up to 4GB memory

Up to 4 CPU’s

Support is near linear to 4 CPU’s achieving an average 90% scalability

Greater than 4 CPU support has not been tested.

OpenServer 5.0.7 New Features
openserver 5 0 7 optional services
Optional Services

Windows 98 and Me emulation with new Merge 5.3




OpenServer 5.0.7 Optional Services
development systems for openserver
OpenServer Development System -OSR Base CD

For development of legacy apps and native device drivers

UnixWare Development Kit – Separate CD in OSR Media Kit

Cross development platform

GNUCompiler - OSR Base CD

For development of Open Source applications and New application development

Development Systems for OpenServer
openserver future plans
Update Pack 2 Candidates

Apache 2

Mozilla update

Sendmail update

Perl update

Samba 3

Printable Documentation

OpenServer Future Plans

Update Packs Available at regular intervals

(Target Quarterly)

  • Update Pack 1Candidates
    • Hyper-threading
    • ACPI (partial support)
    • BIND 9 (security)
    • CPU chipset support for 4ghz
    • SSE/SSE2/SIMD register preservation
nettraverse merge 5 3
Supported Releases

UnixWare 7.1.3

Open UNIX 8.0 (UnixWare 7.1.2)

SCO OpenServer 5.0.7

SCO OpenServer 5.0.6a

Runs Windows applications under OpenServer, UnixWare and Open UNIX

Brings Windows productivity applications to UNIX

Runs native Windows as a guest OS

Windows applications run exactly as native.

Multiple users each have own copy of Windows in a virtual PC

NetTraverse Merge 5.3
nettraverse merge 5 3 new features
Support for Windows Me and Windows 98

New and more flexible window resizing options

Automatic creation of D: drive for user data

DHCP over VNET with OpenServer

Serial line speeds up to 115,200 baud

Increased available Windows memory to 128Mb

Sound support with OpenServer

Wheel Mouse Support

NetTraverse Merge 5.3 New Features