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March 10, 2005 Michael Hoad PowerPoint Presentation
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March 10, 2005 Michael Hoad

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March 10, 2005 Michael Hoad - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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March 10, 2005 Michael Hoad

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  1. Media Report Health Sciences Public Affairs March 10, 2005 Michael Hoad

  2. Creative Strategy Work Plan ROBERTS COMMUNICATIONS Job Name: USF Health Billboard… Cardiovascular Institute Brief Situation Analysis The USF Health Sciences Center (HSC) includes the colleges of Medicine, Nursing and Public Health and the School of Physical Therapy. These work together in conjunction with a network of major Tampa Bay area health care institutions. This network of physicians, nurses, educators, public health professionals, researchers and faculty members provide health care, educate future providers and conduct important research related to current health issues. The Health Sciences Center is based on the Tampa campus of USF, which is one of the largest metropolitan universities in the Southeast and among the 20 largest universities in the United States. USF was designated as one of the state's Research I institutions because of its strength in health sciences research. Cardiovascular disease has been identified as an important strategic growth area for the USF HSC in the next five to ten years. Heart-related disease accounts for almost 50% of all deaths in the State of Florida, surpassing the deaths due to cancer, which accounts for almost 25% of Florida deaths. Confrontation of these health problems calls for strong action on multiple fronts if alleviation of suffering, death, diminished productivity, and quality of life caused by heart disease and related illness is to be realized. Bringing together USF's resources in heart care, research and education will greatly enhance our potential in the fight against the state's and nation's number one killer.

  3. The USF Health Sciences Center is committed to play a leading role in the care, cure and prevention of heart disease through its clinical, research and education/training programs. A new integrated clinical and research program has been developed in heart health. Dr. Anne B. Curtis has been named CEO of Heart Services and Professor of Medicine at the University of South Florida College of Medicine. • Problem the Communications Must Solve • Develop a billboard that will inform the community that USF is now in the heart business with the creation of the new Heart Services initiative. • Objective(s) • The objectives of this single billboard: • Introduce the USF’s new heart services • Enhance reputation, trust and relationships with key audiences • Increase the recognition of USF Health Sciences Center and Web site • Target Audience(s) • Internal audiences are the most important for this communications initiative. The audiences are outlined below: 24. Patients – Potential patients will become aware of this new health care option at the University. Web site address will allow them to access general information. 35. Donors – Increasing awareness of this new initiative will assist development activities and awareness. 14. Community – This billboard will announce the arrival of the cardiovascular institute to the general public that drives the 275 route.

  4. Principal Competition Other major research institutions throughout the county and the State of Florida (most notably University of Florida.) Key Consumer Benefit USF HSC’s Heart Services provides the integration of heart care, research and education that will benefit the community and the fight against heart disease. The Reason Why (Explain how the consumer benefits.) USF HSC Heart Services provides integrated services that include research, education and patient care. Single Sentence (The one thought we want the audience to have about our product or service.) USF's Heart Services provides resources in heart care, research and education that will greatly enhance the fight against the state's and nation's number one killer, heart disease. Mandatories and Policy Limitations The billboard must include Web site information and USF HSC Logo. All logos can be accessed at

  5. Client Insight The client recommended this: Trust Your Heart to USF Across the bottom USF HSC logo                           Education Research Patient Care Including a clinical photo of Dr. Anne Curtis, our new CEO of the Cardiovascular Service line, doing something clinical Detailed Background and History (attach)PlannerClientAECreative Meet with creative: __X__ Yes ____ No

  6. Project Name: Media Relations Plan Company Name: Health Sciences Center Presenter Name: Lissette Campos Description The goal of this media relations plan is to launch USF's Health Sciences at the state & national level. This can be achieved by using new methods to showcase Colleges of Medicine, Nursing & Public Health, and the School of Physical Therapy. Project Goals Increase media coverage at the state and national level, and use monitor services to document results. Develop greater source list. Create a quarterly goal. Media training that includes internal "question & answer sheet" for staff, and relevant on camera coaching & behind the scenes briefing. Develop a b-roll tape of Health Sciences Center for media outlets to use. CREATION OF HSC NEWSLINE- recorded message would sound like a mini newscast, with :20-:30second recordings of stories of interest. Recording would be updated weekly and would become a "beat check" for medical reporters & media outlets looking for new stories. Reinforce USF "branding" in all media coverage.

  7. Description Effective media relations brings exposure to the university that can be measured in quantitive terms. Of equal importance, is how the media coverage helps to legitimize and elevate the status of USF and HSC in the minds of media managers & the general public. Key Resources NEWS BROADCAST NETWORK-"blast" fax to media outlets from local to national level. SATELLITE FEEDS- local production house or in house facility to feed video news releases, AKA "vnr's". MEDIA MAP SERVICES @ - provides a detailed list of medical/health reporters at media outlets nationwide. Data includes phone numbers, faxes, and email addresses. VMS-VIDEO MONITORING SERVICES - search newscasts across the country that broadcast our HSC stories. VMS then provides a detailed list of those media outlets, the story length, the newscasts in which the HSC story aired and the estimated viewership for that timeslot. With that information, VMS assigns a "media value" to each broadcasted HSC story. That dollar amount is the commercial rate to purchase that same amount of airtime at that station, at that time. NEWS BROADCAST NETWORK -multiple service provider. VNR Blast Faxing, Radio Feeds, TV VNR feeds. NBN health/medical stories on their feed gets picked up daily by John Hopkins Radio Program & Health Horizons. LOCAL NEWSPAPER/RADIO/TELEVISION - utilize English & Spanish language.

  8. Procedures The use of some or all of above named resources will guarantee a greater reach in media exposure, and quantify the media value of that added exposure. Resources come with user fees. Fees vary according to scope of service provided. Fees for radio satellite feeds of HSC stories will be lower than the cost of news releases. Both formats are important resources to use. HSC Public Affairs would be responsible for the writing, producing, photography & editing of VNR's. Schedule HSC should select which resources to utilize within the coming weeks. Once that selection is made, HSC Public Affairs can launch media relations campaign focusing on certain stories from different HSC colleges/school. HSC Media Relations to hold "brainstorming sessions" at each medical school. Goal is to flesh out potential story ideas.

  9. Related Documents Marketing documents - We need to review existing press kit materials. Establish a standard fact sheet on HSC Schools that is included with every press packet. Each College needs to have it's own LEAD RELEASE included in press packets about media events within their schools. That "lead release" will contain basic information on each medical school, brief information about the dean, student body population, date when the school was established, how much research money/grants school has received for fiscal year, and awards & distinctions. The lay out/design for online press releases & stories should include corresponding photos. The quality should be high resolution to facilitate downloading. Create a "B-roll" tape of HSC. The B-Roll tape, should preferably be on "beta" format and include a shot sheet. That sheet will include time codes, total running time, and one line description for each video clip.

  10. USF College of Nursing Disaster Drill