maintenance of fiber optic connectors n.
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Maintenance of fiber optic connectors PowerPoint Presentation
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Maintenance of fiber optic connectors

Maintenance of fiber optic connectors

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Maintenance of fiber optic connectors

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  1. Maintenance of fiber optic connectors New York. 2007

  2. Maintenance & repair concepts/ issues • Fiber optic contacts need to be inspected and kept clean, just like a camera lens • Maintenance is simple process of regular inspection & cleaning when necessary. • Fusion Splicing can be a cost effect and quick process for field solutions when accidents happen. • Did I mention Fibre optic contacts need to be inspected and kept clean, just like a camera lens? • REPLACE THE CAPS! • There is no replacement for care and cable awareness. Maintenance and repair of cable / connector infrastructure is of primary concern to users. New York. 2007

  3. Inspection • For reliable operation of the system it is essential for the ferrule end faces of any fiber optic contact to be clean and free from any debris • It is strongly recommended that ferrule end faces are regularly inspected by using commercially available video inspection microscope e.g. Lightel. FIS. • Essential to clean contacts on both sides of a mated pair if one is dirty. New York. 2007

  4. Cleaning Procedures The Process • Cleaning the LEMO contact is very simple using cotton buds. • If necessary, remove alignment sleeve using removal tool. • Clean ferrule end face using one cotton bud soaked in Isopropyl Alcohol, or Fiber Cleaning Fluid then dry the end face using a second dry cotton bud. • If alignment sleeve has been removed, replace the alignment sleeve. Note: It must “click” home. • Blister pack buds are pre-soaked • NOTE: Alignment sleeve is retained on the tool throughout the process, so it cannot become lost or contaminated. • 2 other common methods - FerruleMate and Aefos AFC3000. Useful for emergencies/OB use. • If such tools used, regular maintenance using cotton buds still recommended New York. 2007

  5. Cleaning Before and After Pictures Visual examples of cleaning using the four processes Dirty contacts before cleaning AEFOS AFC3000 S-G Ferrule Mate HUXCleaner Cotton Buds New York. 2007

  6. Maintenance procedures Conclusions • A good cleaning process is essential for the correct performance of any fiber optic system • The use of an inspection scope is vital to determine if cleaning is needed – Rule is “if your disconnect it, clean it” • Proprietary cleaners are available but produce mixed results. • The best (and lowest cost) solution is still the use of Cotton buds and Isopropyl alcohol or a Fiber Cleaning Fluid. • Remember: If the alignment device has been removed during the cleaning process it must be replaced and “clicked” home. New York. 2007