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The Zuccolo Rochet Group and Co Presents

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The Zuccolo Rochet Group and Co Presents. The launch of the Eva Zuccolo brand was not just down to luck… The Zuccolo Rochet Group and Co has a long standing jewellery history inherited from its founders Joseph Rochet and Edmond Zuccolo. .

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pure coincidence not so sure
The launch of the Eva Zuccolo brand was not just down to luck… The Zuccolo Rochet Group and Co has a long standing jewellery history inherited from its founders Joseph Rochet and Edmond Zuccolo..

Specialised in silver jewellery and gold plating, ZRC moved away from this field in the middle of the 1980’s to concentrate on the watch-bracelet market which was in full expansion.

In the year 2000, ZRC returned to its first love by launching one of the very first collections of stainless steel jewellery for men under the brand name “Rochet Bijoux”.

Powerful thanks to the success of its creations, the group decided to continue its development in jewellery: ZRC didn’t hesitate one second to do this and invested in a production unit where QUALITY was the key word. Nothing was left to chance ensuring the successful launch of Eva Zuccolo.

Pure coincidence ….not so sure!
why silver jewellery
The sales potential of silver jewellery is enormous, not only in France but also worldwide, and this for many reasons:

The metal is not so expensive (compared to gold or platinum),

It is in abundant supply and is easily crafted,

Silver is a precious metal with an excellent quality/price ratio.

Its weight and sheen fascinate.

Silver shares on the jewellery market are continually growing both in France as well as abroad, what’s more it’s one of the only current market niches which has known a strong increase and continues to grow; partly due to the increase in the market price of gold.

Despite strong competition, the silver market remains a territory where it is possible to express oneself thanks to exclusive collections.

Eva Zuccolo brings freshness and breathes oxygen into the jewellery world. The precision of its design, an attractive marketing concept and it’s aggressive politics make it a brand of primary importance.

Why silver jewellery?
eva zuccolo s positioning and target
Eva Zuccolo’s positioning and target

Eva Zuccolo accompanies you, the “woman”, at every moment in life

eva zuccolo s positioning and target1
Eva Zuccolo’spositioning and target
  • Eva Zuccolo’s target is the woman aged 20-40 yrs, in the general sense of the word, and in all situations of life.
  • Eva targets the summer time woman, the woman on vacation, relaxed but still elegant. She is young, cool and natural. She adorns herself with generously shaped, minimalist jewellery. She has style and originality but before anything else wants to seduce…
  • The urban/city woman is more classical, sophisticated and stylish, she is active and feels good in herself. She is proud, asserts her good taste and likes exclusivity.
  • The glamourous woman, at a social evening or cocktail, is more exuberant and loving. She bursts with sensuality and wears jewellery that is generously lined with precious stones.
aggressive marketing
Aggressive marketing…
  • Taking current competition and consumer buying habits into account, it was necessary to have an innovative concept for the launch of Eva Zuccolo.
  • An operational and aggressive marketing strategy with:
    • Ultra modern and easily identifiable POPs and packaging,
    • A luxurious catalogue showing the complete collection available in January with additional new references added in September,
    • Free give aways: T-shirts, silicone bracelets in brand colours,
    • Branded posters and flip charts for shops,
    • A luxurious presentation,
    • Presentation trays for consumers similar to those used in traditional jewellers,
    • Optimum price positioning between 60€ and 495€ with the main collection situated between 80€ and 120€.
eva zuccolo is 100 exclusive
Eva Zuccolo is 100% exclusive…
  • The Eva Zuccolo concept goes beyond marketing alone; it’s a revolution in the way of imagining jewellery for women. Eva Zuccolo accompanies women in every moment in life and throughout their entire lifetime…
  • In France, for example, the collaboration with Ingrid Chauvin illustrates the concept extremely well. As relaxed on a horse galloping across dunes, as on a film set or during a special evening, Ingrid Chauvin associates herself 100% with the image of the Eva Zuccolo products.
product quality
Product Quality…
  • Eva Zuccolo is determined to produce the largest number of pieces possible of the same quality as those you normally only find in some of the most well known jewellers. To do this, the group has invested in a manufacturing unit and has joined forces with an experienced partner who is known as one of the best amongst those in this speciality.
  • Direct collaboration between the design office and the manufacturing unit has resolved an almost impossible equation:
    • The quality of traditional jewellery at trade industry price,
    • Total exclusivity on all models,
    • Design in 3 dimensions (fun, fashion, tradition).
  • The greatest meticulousness surrounds this programme, with reinforced controls of production and of the metals used (silver, precious stones, semi precious and synthetic).
what makes the difference
The difference is felt or shows at once. The cellular shapes inspired by “Biomorphism” are both generous and minimalist.

Our collection is an ode to women, to her pure and sensual silhouette and her generous forms.

Products are “comfortable”, special care has been paid to this point.

Finishing touches are worthy of the most beautiful Silversmith’s pieces, the rings collection, fineness, delicate features of the precious stone settings, the beauty of the polishing: all this conjures up the world of luxury and exclusivity.

What makes the difference…

Shapes, comfort and finishing touches.

what makes the difference1
What makes the difference…

Our Know How

  • ZRC’s exceptional know how has been a major asset in the creation of this collection.
  • Establishing a new manufacturing process has ensured production of very high quality to an industrial scale, whilst maintaining products of craft industry standard.

- Creation of wax models thanks to CAD,

- 1st melting,

- manufacturing of moulds by vulcanization,

- injection of waxes,

- correcting of waxes,

- assembly of waxes,

- melting,

- correcting of pieces,

- pre-buffing,

- setting,

- final polishing,

- Plating,

an exclusive and complete collection
An exclusiveand complete collection
  • Eva Zuccolo offers a complete collection for its launch phase
    • 16 bracelets,
    • 12 earrings,
    • 12 pendants,
    • 18 rings,
    • 6 necklaces & chains,
    • charm bracelets & mobile phone jewellery.
  • In total there are more than 80 models declined with or without stones, around 500 references make up this first collection, with 5 complete sets.
  • The constantly researching R&D teams at ZRC are already studying trends for 2007 focusing on collections of silver watches.
  • Exclusivity is not a word to be used in vain: in fact, most silver jewellery is not exclusive and only gold or platinum pieces of the biggest jewellers are. Eva Zuccolo offers 100% exclusive designs just like the biggest jewellers at the Place Vendome in Paris.
minimum risks for jewellers
ZRC proposes a favourable sales universe with the Eva Zuccolo concept:

Dynamic & attractive POS,

A complete catalogue,

A young & fashionable collection,

Attractive prices,

Excellent quality,

Promotional articles

(T-shirts, silicone bracelets).

Minimum risks for jewellers
  • The window space necessary cannot be considered cumbersome in comparison with the sales potential that this concept represents. With a basic investment of around 2000€ for the concept and approximately 60 or so products, Eva Zuccolo positions itself amongst the most dynamic and innovative silver brands on the market.
  • The “classical” nature of the pieces reassures the jeweller as much as the consumer who “understands” and “feels passionate” about the collection.