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Enterprise Solutions

Enterprise Solutions. Enterprise Solutions. Databases Microsoft SQL Oracle MySQL Groupware Systems Microsoft Exchange Server Lotus Notes Novell’s GroupWise Network Appliances Microsoft Internet Security and Acceleration Server Symantec McAfee . Microsoft SQL Server 2005.

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Enterprise Solutions

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  1. Enterprise Solutions

  2. Enterprise Solutions • Databases • Microsoft SQL • Oracle • MySQL • Groupware Systems • Microsoft Exchange Server • Lotus Notes • Novell’s GroupWise • Network Appliances • Microsoft Internet Security and Acceleration Server • Symantec • McAfee

  3. Microsoft SQL Server 2005 • What is Microsoft SQL Server? http://www.microsoft.com/sql/default.mspx • SQL=Structured Query Language • SQL Server 2005 is a comprehensive database platform providing enterprise-class data management with integrated business intelligence (BI) tools. The SQL Server 2005 database engine provides more secure, reliable storage for both relational and structured data, enabling you to build and manage highly available data applications.

  4. SQL Server Core Components

  5. Oracle • http://www.oracle.com/index.html • Oracle Database 10g database designed for grid computing. • Comparing with Microsoft • http://www.microsoft.com/sql/prodinfo/compare/oracle/default.mspx

  6. MySQL • http://www.mysql.com/ • MySQL 5.0 Community Edition is a freely downloadable version of the world's most popular open source database. It is supported by a huge and active community of open source developers and enthusiasts. The MySQL Community Edition is: • Freely available under the open source GPL license • Released early • Released often • Includes the latest bleeding-edge features that are under development

  7. Microsoft Exchange Server • Exchange Server, the Microsoft messaging and collaboration server, is software that runs on servers that enables you to send and receive electronic mail and other forms of interactive communication through computer networks. Designed to interoperate with a software client application such as Microsoft Outlook, Exchange Server also interoperates with Outlook Express and other e-mail client applications.

  8. Microsoft Exchange Server Supported clients

  9. Lotus Notes • http://www-306.ibm.com/software/lotus/ • IBM Lotus® Notes®, the integrated client option for IBM Lotus Domino® server, delivers e-mail, calendar and scheduling capabilities, integrated instant messaging, personal information management (PIM) tools, discussion forums, teamrooms and reference databases with basic workflow – along with a powerful desktop platform for collaborative applications.

  10. Novell’s GroupWise • http://www.novell.com/products/groupwise • Novell GroupWise is a complete collaboration software solution that provides information workers with e-mail, calendaring, instant messaging, task management, and contact and document management functions. The leading alternative to Microsoft Exchange, GroupWise has long been praised by customers and industry watchers for its security and reliability.

  11. Micrsoft Internet Security & Acceleration Server • http://www.microsoft.com/isaserver/default.mspx • Microsoft Internet Security and Acceleration (ISA) Server 2004 is the advanced stateful packet and application-layer inspection firewall, virtual private network (VPN), and Web cache solution that enables enterprise customers to easily maximize existing information technology (IT) investments by improving network security and performance. ISA Server 2004 is available in two versions: standard edition and enterprise edition. Information included in this product overview includes features and capabilities in both versions, unless otherwise specified.

  12. Symantec’s Gateway Security Series • http://www.symantec.com/Products/enterprise?c=prodinfo&refId=869 • Integrates stateful inspection firewall with antivirus policy enforcement, IPsec VPN, intrusion detection, intrusion prevention, and content filtering technologies. • Offers integrated networking functions including a multi-port LAN switch, a router, and Internet link protection with automatic detection and failover capabilities. • Provides protection for wireless LAN networks with an Access Point option that extends security protection to clients while allowing seamless roaming within a facility. • Other Symantec Security Appliances • http://www.symantec.com/Products/enterprise?c=prodcat&refId=1013

  13. Mcafee Security Appliances • http://www.mcafee.com/us/smb/products/network_intrusion_prevention/intrushield_network_appliances.html • Risk-aware intrusion preventionIntruShield appliances delivers prioritized risk management by identifying and blocking your most relevant alerts and attacks; these appliances import and correlate risk assessment information from market-leading vulnerability management solution, McAfee® Foundstone • Advanced Web client protectionThese appliances protect your Web browsers and desktops from attacks, spyware, and malware; they prevent downloading of unwanted programs while stopping unauthorized network access • Prevent next-generation DoS attacksAdvanced real-time protection against sophisticated denial-of-service attacks, including DoS, DDoS, and SYN floods • Defend against encrypted attacksIntruShield appliances proactively protect critical e-commerce infrastructure against encrypted attacks with real-time SSL decryption, and inspection technology  • Protect infrastructuresThey deliver preemptive, zero-day vulnerability protection against attacks targeting mission-critical routers, switches, perimeter firewalls, and DNS servers 

  14. Mcafee Security Appliances • Block malicious botnetsIntruShield appliances proactively block the installation, communication, and activation of malicious distributed botnets • Guard VoIP vulnerabilitiesThey also protect against underlying VoIP protocol vulnerabilities, while preserving VoIP application and voice-quality integrity • Description: The McAfee® IntruShield® family of Intrusion Prevention System (IPS) appliances enable small and medium-size business to reduce business risk by deploying the industry’s most comprehensive and proven network IPS solution. IntruShield’s ASIC-based appliances proactively protect end-points and critical network infrastructure from known, zero-day, DoS ,and encrypted attacks, as well as threats like spyware, VoIP vulnerabilities, botnets, network worms, malware, phishing, Trojans, and peer-to-peer applications. IntruShield is the industry’s first risk-aware IPS solution that maximizes security and increases efficiencies by identifying and blocking the most relevant threats and attacks that are targeting your network assets. IntruShield’s unparalleled technology and deep packet inspection preemptively block attacks before they reach their intended targets. It provides absolute accuracy, easy-to-use centralized management, out-of-the-Box IPS blocking and enterprise-class performance. IntruShield’s integrated and easy-to-manage platform delivers broad asset protection, maximizes business availability, and minimizes liability and security cost.

  15. And on and on and on!!! • http://www.aepnetworks.com/ • http://www.sonicwall.com/ • http://www.astaro.com/ • http://www.watchguard.com/ • http://www.checkpoint.com/

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