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10 Reasons of Failure of Your Brands on Social Media PowerPoint Presentation
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10 Reasons of Failure of Your Brands on Social Media

10 Reasons of Failure of Your Brands on Social Media

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10 Reasons of Failure of Your Brands on Social Media

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  1. 10 Reasons of Failure of Your Brands on Social Media

  2. Your Call to Actions don’t have appropriate time • Pick and choose the best contests that are valuable for advancement of your career. Mostly, votes are the thing every band driven contest is based on. Some can be valuable extremely – like perform with huge artists in festivals. When your new album has released and you are going on tour, yes, it’s completely good opportunity to encourage your fans to purchase it. Make sure you requesting out for action because if you don’t do this, your fans will tune you out eventually.

  3. You Are TOO Humble and Formal • Humble and annoying have very fine line between. Being humble is exalting other acts you love. Being annoying is paying tribute to fans for all their love and support.

  4. Do You Say What Fans Want To Hear • Fans don’t want to follow bands that are already safe. They want to known as rattle-brains who speak of their minds and who will stand by their belief. Sure, you may bugger a few people off, but you will increase your loyalists who will stand by your every word eventually.

  5. You Don’t Ask Questions • Asking questions is a way of interaction. These can be related to your brand like “where should we tour? Or they can be related to your personality and interest: “My favorite holiday destination is Switzerland is yours”. This will encourage interaction, engagement, between fans and is a good chance for you to get to what your fans want. You’ll get the regular comments. The comments are by your super fans. Assure to keep them in touch to promote your shows.

  6. You Don’t Post Shareable Content • You should maintain a balance between the posts related the band and the stuff that you are interested in. If you are interested in something and post that then your fans will also get interest in that and the chance of sharing will increase. You can say like “From Your Band” on Facebook– encouraging your fans to follow/ Like it.

  7. Enough Photos and Videos are not posted by you • Make sure you’re posting photos and videos regularly. Make your fans to tag friends on your photos. Make a room on your page for like “tag it”. Post videos and photos and ask questions about that make them to comment. • You can get your social media sits interconnected like connect your Instagram to your Facebook Page. I recommend that if you post on Facebook to say like “with Ari Herstand” with the Page tagged then edit that post Instagram-speak, “with @ariherstand,”.

  8. You don’t Post Photos of Your Fans • People like only their photos more than their favorite brand. Make your street team to send you their photos around your poster then post them to your Page and ask them to tag themselves. Creating a Street Team album will also encourage more people to sign up. Take a photo of the crowd from the stage (with you in it) when you are on tour but only if there’s a decent crowd. It can be made big moment of the show and say your fans that you’re going to post it on your FB Page and they can go on and tag themselves. Constantly tagging by your fans on your photos of them is good, it makes their friends from other towns to see this and it will encourage them to buy tickets of your show positively.

  9. Don’t post something to keep fans engaged? • Remember no one will wait for you. If you are not capable to engage your fans you will lose them. They will move on. If you intended to post about your upcoming album or tour assure you come back with some kind of quality content: a blog post, a video, a demo, a photo. Yes, tweet from the studio or somewhere else but post that encourages interaction and engagement. It may be a tour promo video. Don’t post something like “new album is coming soon! Stay tuned!” or like “We’re going on trip! Stay tuned for dates!” post dates when you have them.

  10. You Don’t Use the You Tube Properly • It is not meant by to use You Tube as a video hosting website. It is most interactive way and builds up channels of subscribers. If you think that just by using YouTube to post a shot live video in every 3 months you would gain subscribers then sorry you are in an imaginary world. For getting more subscribers you have to post high quality and captivating videos regularly may in a week. If it is not possible for you to post content regularly, then assure it that whatever you post on YouTube is deliberating and high quality. Always add linking tabs for people to Subscribe to your channel.

  11. YouTube is meant to get a deeper glimpse into who you are. You can post covers (that is an easy way to get others to find you), but you don’t have to. You can post music videos or high quality live videos. You can post vlogs on the road, in the rehearsal space or at a ball game. Get creative, but be consistent with the personality behind the content you post. You want your YouTube subscriber base to feel familiar with your channel and you.

  12. Your conversation is limited to your brand only • You are not needed to post something related to your brand only. It is true that, fans want to get to know you on an intimate level. They want to live through you indirectly. So post when you are doing something not related to your brand. Post something witty about you tour or about your leisure time. Highlight some fans who are going above and beyond to your just friends criteria.