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Using Surveys to Initiate Conversations at Events - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Using Surveys to Initiate Conversations at Events. Lani Carlson. Learning Objectives:. Create effective targeted surveys Gain theme ideas for future exhibits and interaction method Documenting outreach Results – what they can do for you. Why use surveys. What Makes an Effective Survey.

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Presentation Transcript
Using surveys to initiate conversations at events

Using Surveys to

Initiate Conversations

at Events

Lani Carlson

Learning objectives
Learning Objectives:

  • Create effective targeted surveys

  • Gain theme ideas for future exhibits and interaction method

  • Documenting outreach

  • Results – what they can do for you

What makes an effective survey
What Makes an Effective Survey

  • A topic they know about and are willing to talk about

  • Common theme to farmers and non-farmers

  • Data you can learn from, share and report

  • Data to determine new learning goals

  • New outreach areas to explore

Survey theme ideas
Survey Theme Ideas

  • Farmer health awareness

  • Boots and back safety

  • PPE

  • Noise induced hearing loss

  • Tractor safety & ROPS

The survey
The Survey

  • Focused questions

  • <10 questions

  • Best to have it on one side

  • ½ sheet looks less painful to reluctant survey takers

  • Multiple choice questions

  • Fill in the blanks get skipped

The basics
The Basics

  • Pencils & sharpener

  • Clipboards

  • Raffle tickets

  • Incentives

  • Signs

  • Place to sit down

  • Survey monkey or similar program


  • How does this document your outreach?

  • Get contact information to follow up with farmer

  • Tells you about audience and their interests


  • Starts a working relationship

  • Gather data

  • Generate rack cards, articles

  • Evaluate specific outreach

Boots and back survey1
Boots and Back Survey

  • FT farmers- half in constant pain

  • All respondents – 50% in occasional pain

  • Pain management?

    • OTC by FT farmers

    • Alternative ideas for others – stretching, hot/cold therapy, chiropractor

Boots and back survey2
Boots and Back Survey

  • Physical therapy retrained me in doing daily tasks – it was a lifesaver!”

  • “I now have custom-fitted work shoes – wish I had them 30 years ago when they would have done me more good.”

  • “positioning, pacing, prevention”

Ppe safety
PPE & Safety

  • Determine the safety awareness and attitude of agricultural workers

  • Demographics and type of farmer

Ppe safety1
PPE & Safety

  • Rate your safety attitude

  • Types of PPE they have available

  • How often do they use it

  • Most hazardous task at farm

  • What type of safety training interested in

Noise induced hearing loss2
Noise Induced Hearing Loss

  • “start young”

  • “use it all the time”

  • “keep hearing protection handy and in several places”

  • Nearly all felt that NIHL was preventable and could become a disability


  • Starts a conversation

  • Introduction to program

  • Gathers data for evaluation purposes

  • Data for publications