u s and the vietnam war n.
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U.S.AND The Vietnam war

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U.S.AND The Vietnam war - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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U.S.AND The Vietnam war . Graph of Casualties. http://www.rjsmith.com/kia_tbl.html. War Support by Gallup Polls. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Opposition_to_the_U.S._involvement_in_the_Vietnam_War#1965.

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graph of casualties
Graph of Casualties


war support by gallup polls
War Support by Gallup Polls



This book talks about how the American involvement in the war, and the public’s reaction over the duration of the war. It points out that the primary reason for the United States’ involvement in the war can be linked to communism and the fear that if one country would fall to it then it would create a domino effect in Asia. It also talks about the progression of anti war protests and how the public began to question why the U.S. was in the war in the first place. This would eventually erupt into the biggest form of protest in American history. This ties in well with my statistics because of how the war began in a few short years to be despised. (The Vietnam War by Michael Burgan)

This book also portrays American involvement in the war. However it gives a great deal in discussing the ways that each side fought each other, such as booby traps and ambushes from the Vietcong and Search and Destroy missions by U.S. troops that would decimate both friendlies and hostiles. This ties in well by characterizing the numbers of casualties from each side.

(The Vietnam War by Douglas Willoughby


With comparing these two graphs one can see a strong correlation between the peak of casualties from U.S. troops and the strong drop of war support from U.S. citizens. In the beginning the support of the war went down in very small numbers but as the death toll reached its peak, the numbers drop significantly. And as the peak passes the support for the war continues to drop, but at a less rapid pace.



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