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EDUCATION. The iPad in . Peggy Reimers Director of Professional Development 512-450-5406 [email protected] [email protected] Your TCEA Membership. Free weekly Lunch and Learn webinars Member portal of resources Free monthly Legislative Update webinars

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The ipad in


The iPad in

Peggy Reimers

Director of Professional Development


[email protected]

[email protected]

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  • Free monthly Legislative Update webinars

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  • Become familiar with the iPad and its features.

  • Understand the differences between an iPad, an iPhone, and an iPod touch.

  • Differentiate between the three types of apps that will run on the iPad.

  • Understand the value of the iPad in education.

iPad Basics

  • 9.7” 1024x768 pixel LED-backlit display

  • 1GHz Apple A4 processor

  • Up to 10 hours battery life

  • 0.5 inch thin

  • 1.5 lbs.

Current Stats

  • Three million iPads sold in the first three months (one iPad every three seconds!)

  • More than 85 million iPhones and iPod touches sold thus far

  • 10 BILLION songs sold currently

App Stats

  • More than 4 BILLION apps sold so far

  • 11,000 native iPad apps in the App Store; 225,000 apps total

  • 15,000 new apps are received every week

  • The iPad went from zero to 25% of the digital book market in just 2 months.

Looking Inside the iPad

Data Plan

What is changing on the iPad?As of Monday, you will no longer be offered the $30 Unlimited data plan on the iPad. Opt for a $25, 30-day 2GB plan.

What about the iPad $15 250MB 30-Day Plan?The prepaid iPad $15 plan will not be affected at all by these changes. What happens if I use over 2GB in one month on the iPad now?You will be able to purchase another month for another $25, with the data clock starting a new 30 days when you do so.Will my unused data roll over?It will not, neither on the iPad prepaid plans nor on the iPhone (or other smartphone) postpaid plans.

Similarities to the iPhone/touch:

More Similarities:

  • Uses same cord for synching and charging

  • Multi-touch

  • Same basic apps included (Calendar, Contacts, Notes, Maps, Videos, YouTube, iTunes, App Store)

  • Same apps in dock (Safari, Mail, Photos, iPod)

  • Built-in microphone, accelerometer, and digital compass

  • Runs all iPhone/iPod touch apps

Differences from an iPhone/touch

  • Higher resolution screen

  • Larger virtual keyboard

  • iPad-specific apps

  • Larger screen area with more viewing options

  • Faster

  • iBooks app

  • Cellular Internet service with no contract (for 3G version)

More Differences:

  • Multi-column email in Mail

  • Separate iTunes video (Videos) and music (iPod)

  • Redesigned Calendar

  • Up to six apps in the Dock instead of four

  • Animated photo frame

More Differences:

  • iWorks apps (Pages, Keynote, Numbers)

    • View documents

    • Create documents

    • Edit documents

    • $9.99 each

More Differences:

  • HD for videos

  • Doesn’t charge while synching unless connected to a Mac computer

  • App pricing

    • Average iPhone app price: $3.10

    • Average iPad app price: $4.99

Three kinds of Apps:

  • Compatible - iPhone apps that run on any device (iPhone, iPod touch, iPad). When run on the iPad, they will only show in “compatibility mode.” You can choose between seeing them in their normal dimension, or double-sized with the 2x button.

  • Universal - Not compatibility mode; always full screen.

  • iPad only

The TCEA iPads

  • Screen 1: Basic Information

  • Screen 2: Travel and Recreation

  • Screen 3: Weather and News

  • Screen 4: Elementary and Special Needs

  • Screen 5: Research and Mathematics

  • Screen 6: Science and Social Studies

  • Screen 7: Fine Arts and Technology

  • Screen 8: iPad Games

  • Screen 9: Compatible Apps

  • Dock: Productivity

Turning It On

  • Hold down the Sleep/Wake button on the top right-hand corner of the iPad until you see the Apple logo appear on the screen.

  • Wait!

  • Slide the Unlock bar across the bottom.

Screen 1: Basic Information

  • Click on Settings (Screen 1).

  • Click on Wi-Fi (at the top).

  • Wait for the system to find wireless networks. Then click on Reg8 WiFi.

  • Wait for it to be checked.

  • Now you’re live!

iBookstore (free, included)

  • Browse, buy, and read books on a mobile device.

  • Once you’ve bought a book, it’s displayed on your Bookshelf.

iBooks Activity:

  • Select a book to view

  • Increase/decrease the font size

  • Change the brightness

  • Take notes (with next OS update)

  • Create a bookmark

  • Look up a word

  • Flip through pages

  • Sift through the

    table of contents

Reading PDF Files in iBooks:

  • Connect your iPad to your computer.

  • Drag the PDF to the Books icon in your iTunes Library, and drop it. (Note that you can edit the name and author(s) of the book if you don't like the way the file name is displayed.)

  • Click your iPad or iPhone in the Devices list, then click the Books tab.

Reading PDF Files in iBooks continued:

  • Make sure that the book title box is checked and that Sync Books is also checked.

  • Click the Sync button.

  • A new "PDFs" button appears on your iPad iBooks bookshelf, and a tap displays all PDF documents that are in your library.

Bloomberg (free)

  • Look at the Bloomberg app.

  • Find Apple Inc. in My Stocks.

  • Tap it and look at the graphed information.

  • How is Apple doing?

Screen 2: Travel and Recreation

  • Look at one of the three cookbooks (BigOvenLite, Betty Crocker Cookbook, or Epicurious). What might this mean for school textbooks?

  • Get in groups of 4. Tallest person uses eClicker Host to create a one-question test. The other members of the group use eClicker to take the test. How would this work in the classroom?

Screen 3: Weather and News

  • WunderMap – Type in your zip code and press the Search key. How could you use this app in the classroom for a comparison and contrast lesson?

  • Look at the magazine articles available in Zinio and read something from National Geographic.

  • Check out the latest issue of Popular Mechanics magazine.

Screen 4: Elementary and Special Needs

  • Play with one of the first five apps on the page. How can this app help a young child learn to read?

  • Read one of the book apps (Miss Spider through Alice). How might this motivate a child?

  • Record your voice in ArtikPix, a great program for special needs students.

Screen 5: Research and Mathematics

  • Dive for treasure in the amazing free math app Pearl Diver (for grades 3 through 8).

  • Look up information on Abraham Lincoln in Simplepedia.

  • Figure out how Cramberry can help a student learn vocabulary words.

Evernote turns the iPhone, iPod Touch, and iPad into an extension of your brain, helping you remember anything and everything that happens in your life. From notes to ideas to snapshots to recordings, put it all into Evernote and watch as it instantly synchronizes from your iPhone to your Mac or Windows desktop.



Screen 6: Science and Social Studies

  • Examine a plant cell in iCell. Can you make it label the parts? Zoom in?

  • Use WorldFactbook to see the Cuban flag.

  • Take a quick Spanish lesson in Hello-Hello.

  • Check out the multimedia textbook Civil War: America’s Epic Struggle.

The Elements

1-The Elements iPad app


3-Highly interactive

4-Wolfram Alpha

The periodic table of elements comes to life when you touch your finger against any element.

Screen 7: Fine Arts and Technology

  • Make your own music with Air Harp, JamPad, Pro Keys, or Pianist Pro.

  • See the possibilities for enjoying Shakespeare with SIB R and J (Romeo and Juliet).

  • Discover your hidden Van Gogh with Doodle Buddy. How could you use this app in a language arts class? Math? Science?

The Dock: iWorks

  • iWorks apps (Pages, Keynote, Numbers)

    • View documents

    • Create documents

    • Edit documents

    • $9.99 each

Screen 8: iPad Games

  • Try your balance and tilting skills in Labyrinth Lite.

  • Compete in a race with RealRacing HD.

  • Tease the fish in Pocket Pond.

  • Check out the holograms in HoloToy (move the screen around and look at the pictures from different angles).

iPad-Only Apps in iTunes Account

iTunes puts iPad only-apps at the bottom of your apps list.

Share Documents

  • Pages, Numbers ,and other Apps that save files store their files under the Apps tab when you plug in your iPad. Scroll down and you'll see the File Sharing.

  • When you're ready to sync your files, use the Add.. button to add your files and work with them on the go.

Apps on Sale!

  • AppShopper (

  • Free App Alert (

  • BargainBin with Push ($.99)

  • AppSniper ($1.99)

For More Help:

  • iPad for Dummies Cheat Sheet (

  • List of iPad Apps from TCEA (

Troubleshooting (Technical Support):

  • Restart your iPad.

  • Force any frozen applications to quit.

    • Press and hold the Home button on the front of the iPad for 6 to 10 seconds. Then restart it (see Step 1).

  • Reset your iPad.

    • Press and hold the Sleep/Wake button while you press and hold the Home button at the same time. This forces your iPad to restart.

  • Reset iPad settings.

    • Tap the Settings icon on your Home screen, and then tap General→Reset→Reset All Settings. Resetting iPad settings won't erase your data, but you'll probably have to redo some settings afterwards.

  • Restore your iPad.

    • Connect your iPad to your computer as though you were about to sync. Then select the iPad in the iTunes source list and click the Restore button on the Summary tab.


  • Keyboard dock ($69)

  • Dock ($29)

  • Camera Connection Kit ($29)

  • Connector to VGA Adapter ($29)

  • iPad Case ($39)

Best as:

  • An electronic reader

  • A portable game machine

  • A video device

  • A web browsing machine

Uses in the Classroom:

  • Digital Storytelling with the iPad

  • Go-Sky-Watch Planetarium Curriculum

  • Flipboard Curriculum (for customized textbooks)

  • 70 Ways to Keep Kids Engaged


  • Not great for video content creation

  • Becomes heavy to hold after a while

What is Mobile Learning?

“Any sort of learning that happens when the learner is not at a fixed, predetermined location, or learning that happens when the learner takes advantage of the learning opportunities offered by mobile technologies.”

  • Wikipedia article on mLearning

What is it all about?

  • Mobile learning is about communicating.

  • Mobile learning is about connecting.

  • Mobile learning is learning on location and just in time.

Possibilities for Education:

  • Digital publications

  • Surfing the web

  • Research

Will it be transformational?

  • It will offer a more affordable tool than a complete laptop.

  • Its portability will encourage experiential learning. (Can’t you just envision a class standing out in the wetlands with their iPads, collecting data?)

  • It will offer new ways to engage students with text.

Will it be transformational?

  • It will encourage “paperless” classrooms.

  • It will ignite students’ interest levels (as most new technology seems to do… at least initially).

  • It’s “magical and revolutionary,” qualities that will evolve and become more apparent.


It will not be transformational

if we continue to do

the same old things

that we’ve always done,

just with

an expensive, shiny, new toy.

If Apple can do for the K-12 textbook market

what they did for music,

the iPad will change forever

the way kids are taught in school.